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How to Make Your Cut Orchids Last Longer

Orchid Cut Flower Care

Orchids definitely aren’t your typical houseplant… Nine times out of ten, they are just way more stunning and unique than any other flower you have sprucing up your home.

But their incredible beauty doesn’t come without downsides. One significant drawback is that orchids tend to be much more delicate in nature than other types of blooms. And due to their fragility, caring for orchid cut flowers requires both gentle and loving handling as well as a bit more time and attention to detail.

A complete rundown on proper orchid care is for a different day, though. Right now, we’re going to make sure you don’t go making any of the same boo-boos that we see far too often from other orchid owners—hardcore enthusiasts included. That way, your orchids will live a long and happy life in your home—and stay ridiculously attractive. So buckle up for some pro tips on avoiding basic mistakes, from how much to water orchids to where to place them in your home.


Never, Ever, Ever Overwater Your Cut Orchids

Orchids are anything but boring or basic—or easy, for that matter – and that’s never more true than when it comes to how much to water your orchids. Put simply, they march to the sound of their own tune and have been known to cause a few headaches in their time. They’re pretty much the flower world’s biggest divas!

That’s why, unlike other blooms, orchid cut flowers are not the biggest fans of H2O (crazy, right?). Giving them a little bit of water will do! But, quite reasonably, most people just assume that they should treat their fresh-cut orchids like any other flower. A huge no-no! Unless you want your orchid to have a severe case of root rot!

So instead of giving your eye-catching orchid cut flowers half a vase full of water or even a third of a vase full, give it around 1/4 cup to sip on. Trust us – it’s enough to keep even a full-sized orchid bloom in tip-top shape.

Under-Watering Your Orchids Will Also Kill Them

Just because orchids don’t like water much doesn’t mean under-watering them is a good idea, either. Even if they don’t always act like it, they’re still a flower and need a constant—albeit small—supply of clean water to maintain their allure. But, we get it… Knowing exactly how much to water your orchid isn’t always easy.

One quick way to tell if your orchid needs more water is if the leaves, stem, or petals start losing their vibrancy or start turning grey or yellow. Orchids are naturally bright and colorful, and with the proper amount of water, should stay that way for up to a week.

Don’t Place Your Cut Orchids in Direct Light

Yes, orchids evolved in the sweltering heat of tropical environments and, of course, they thrive in those conditions. So it is logical to infer that they would love a good ol’ fashioned sunbathing experience. Well… hate to break it to you, but we did warn you orchid care wasn’t easy.

Sure, orchids did spend most of their existence in extremely sunny locales, but they mostly grew in lush jungles and forests where a thick canopy protected them from direct exposure to the sun.

So for best results, place your orchid in a room that receives a lot of natural light, but keep it well away from the window. Not doing so will most likely cause your orchid to dehydrate and lose its stunning colorfulness.

Keep Your Vase of Orchids Away from Low Humidity Areas

On the same token, you never want to put your orchid in an area that is overly dry or cool (they’re from the tropics, remember!?). For most homes, this isn’t really an issue (unless you live in a dry, arid environment or it gets extremely cold in the winter), but still… you want to do your best to match the humidity levels in which they’ve evolved to be most comfortable.

And since orchids love high humidity, they’re pretty much the perfect flower for bathrooms with a shower. While most flowers would hate being bombarded with steam on the regular, your orchid cut flowers will absolutely dig it. Just make sure you place them in a bathroom with a lot of foot traffic so the light isn’t constantly turned off.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling to keep humidity levels between 55-75% in your home, try misting your orchid’s leaves or running a humidifier. Both can work wonders!

And voila! Now that you know the major pitfalls of cut orchid care, you can hopefully avoid them with a few simple tricks and tips. When you’re ready to let those skills shine and order fresh flowers online, head over to The Bouqs Co. and send orchids today.

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