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Fall Wedding Flowers and Trends in 2023

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Fall is a stunning season to get married, but if you’re planning autumn nuptials, you may be wondering which flowers are in season during the fall. Don’t fret that you’ve missed prime flower season by setting the date in the fall. A cornucopia of seasonal, gorgeous blooms awaits you to make your fall wedding as showstopping as you want it to be. With warm color palettes and romantic sunsets, fall weddings come with a natural charm and the perfect blooms to showcase that natural beauty.

Stems perfect for an autumn wedding floral spread include jasmine, king protea, garden roses, andromeda, textured grasses, white anemones, alstroemeria, coxcomb, sunflower, and calla lilies, and that’s just a small sampling. You can opt for harvest hues or pastels, neutrals of colorful blooms. Purples, yellows, oranges, and reds make for wonderfully festive autumnal hues.

Depending on your knowledge of flowers, you might not have any idea where to start. You’re in luck. Our expert floral designers are here to help you take a look at fall flower trends and which focal flowers work to make your seasonal vision a reality. Read on for the insight to help you narrow down your options for your special day.

Fall Wedding Flower Trends

Greenery and Foliage

All green and majority green bouquets and centerpieces have been in vogue for a few years now and that trend even applies to fall weddings. Wreaths, garlands, and green bouquets are excellent additions to a fall wedding whether you are decorating the aisles for the ceremony, adding accent decor to the reception, or complementing or replacing the centerpieces at the dinner tables. Plus, you can incorporate all your favorite fall foliage from dusty miller to baby blue eucalyptus.

Seasonal Flowers

Autumn offers some wonderful seasonal flowers to choose from. While you shouldn’t feel bottled in picking from only seasonal fall flowers, you should definitely consider them. Popular in-season fall flowers include dahlias, zinnias, and garden roses.

Choose a Unique Color Palette

Fall weddings are great because you can select from a seemingly endless range of color palettes and you make it work. While burnished foliage, burgundy, and burnt orange blooms will seem natural, don’t feel limited. Fall weddings can accommodate pastel hues, bold and beautiful primaries, classic white and ivory combinations, and creative ideas like color-blocked palettes.

Vintage Influences

Fall feels like a nostalgic season. The changing color of trees naturally invokes a feeling of melancholy and remembering the past. It’s particularly suited to vintage and retro touches. If you aren’t going for a full vintage wedding theme, you can still incorporate a lot of vintage touches that complement whichever theme you’re going for.

Flowers for Fall Weddings


If you love the idea of leaving an alluring fragrance behind as you make your way down the aisle, then jasmine may be the flower for you. The scent of jasmine is legendary, and its beauty is delicate and romantic. Jasmine blooms grow on a vine-type plant, so using them in a bouquet or arrangement creates a fanciful, untamed look. Typically jasmine is in season through the early fall.


There’s a certain rustic vibe associated with fall, and it can be a lot of fun to weave this feeling into fall wedding flowers. Andromeda is one of those blooms that can really up the rustic charm of your decor. Andromeda flowers are tiny, bell-shaped blooms that dangle from delicately twisting branches and look beautiful woven into a bundle of autumn blooms.

Garden Rose

Fall brides who love the look of peonies should give some thought to using garden roses instead. Unlike standard roses which have a much more structured and rigid look, garden roses are soft, lush, and frilly, much like peonies. Another plus is that they come in a wide variety of shades and you can get them at a much lower price than peonies.


The graceful alstroemeria has a sassy, speckled appearance. This flower is often used alongside other blooms, but can also work well on its own. It’s scentless, so is a good choice if you’re concerned with keeping fragrance to a minimum. Alstroemeria typically comes in shades of pink, purple, yellow, white, orange, and red.


If you search for which flowers are in season during the fall, you may miss this beauty; it’s a somewhat unexpected, but absolutely striking choice. To add a rich, luxurious feel to a bouquet or centerpiece incorporate some coxcomb (also known as celosia). These flowers have a velvety appearance and come in some stunningly saturated hues (think fuchsia, coral, pink, mustard, and orange).


You don’t get much more traditionally fall than the sunflower. Sunflowers are big, bright, bold and they always put a smile on everyone’s face. They tend to be a little less stuffy than some of the traditional wedding flowers, and you can actually find them in some shades you may not have seen before. An arrangement of sunflowers in shades of yellow, orange, burgundy, gold, red, and brown is the epitome of fall splendor.

Black Cosmos

Anyone who wants to add a touch of deep, dark elegance to their wedding flowers will adore black cosmos, sometimes called chocolate cosmos. Due to their rich, broody color, you don’t need a lot of these beauties to create a major impact. They come in varying degrees of color (dark reddish-brown to almost black) but are all quite spectacular.

Our Picks for Fall Wedding Bouquets

When you’re looking for a perfect autumn bridal bouquet you have a lot of things to consider. You can opt for fall hues like burnt orange, include some spectacular fall flowers like yellow ranunculus and opt for an unexpected pop by complementing your seasonal blooms with fall leaves and pampas grass. While these are our picks, don’t forget you can mix elements from all our fall wedding flower collections and other collections to create the perfect wedding flowers for your special day.

Benefits of Farm-Direct Wedding Flowers for Fall

With the innovations that The Bouqs Co. has made to revolutionize flower delivery, you aren’t only limited to the blooms that are in season near you. The Bouqs Co. was created around innovating how flower delivery operates. We are based on a farm-to-wedding table model where you receive the freshest blooms to make sure your wedding decor shines. We source our flowers from farms located in some of the best locations for growing flowers. Ecuador and Columbia offer some of the best conditions to grow big and beautiful blooms. The high elevation combined with a tropical climate means flowers like roses grow larger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Order Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding

Don’t panic about which flowers are in season during the fall or question your decision not to be a June bride, don’t worry. There is a multitude of exquisite options for fall brides, and there are so many showstopping ways you can use them. If you’re planning a fall wedding, be sure to browse The Bouqs Weddings for wedding flower inspiration. Our flowers are shipped direct from our flower farm partners, so they last longer and look more vibrant on your big day.

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