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How to Arrange Flowers Like a Designer – Bouqs Care 101

Flower arrangements are a wonderful way to liven up any space and make the space pop with fresh colors. While farm-fresh flowers are gorgeous right out of the box, styling them enhances their beauty. Even if you aren’t a professional florist, we know you can arrange your flowers like a pro and create a stunning display. We promise it’s easy!

So read our tips, order your favorite flower arrangement, and get ready to liven up your home with a farm-fresh bouquet. Who knows, you might even have some fun!

Organize Your Floral Arrangement

After you’ve unpacked your flowers and given them the care they deserve, it’s time to use your new floristry skills to create a beautiful arrangement. But before you dive into the artistic process, get organized.

Lay your Bouq on a flat surface and group the stems together. When you’re done, you’ll have a pile of greenery as well as small clusters of different types of flowers.
Make sure to grab a vase of your choice as well.

Start with Greenery

While flowers might be the stars of an arrangement, don’t underestimate the importance of greenery! Arranging leaves forms a stable base for the rest of your Bouq to shine. And if you ask us, these leaves are beautiful in their own right.

To start building your arrangement, grab your vase, and add in the greens. Don’t forget to trim each stem at a 45º angle so it can sip fresh water.

When you add greenery, you want to aim for a vase full of stems of similar lengths. We’re not saying every stem has to be exactly a foot long, but hold off on playing with drastically different heights.

Here’s an insider tip: while eucalyptus is technically greenery, we think it looks great jumping out from the top of a Bouq. So keep some stems long to add in later.

If your flower arrangement doesn’t come with any greenery, just skip this step. Longing for some greenery in your life? Order a potted house plant.

Create Texture

After you’ve got a green base, it’s time to liven up the texture with subdued flowers such as asters and hydrangeas. We like to think of these texture pieces as somewhere in between greenery and blooms.

Like all things in life, your arrangement benefits from balance. Rather than stuffing one side with asters and another with hydrangeas, sprinkle these two textures throughout. Give your vase a slow whirl to make sure it looks great from all sides.

Add in the Accent Flowers

Once your arrangement looks nice and full, it’s time to add in accent pieces. These stems act as supporting cast members ━ they’re a crucial and noticeable component of the whole Bouq, but they don’t take center stage.

When you’re adding these accents, don’t be afraid to play with height. Cut some stems short to place near the base of your arrangement, and leave others tall to jump out from the top. Spiked flowers as snapdragons and Bells of Ireland look especially stunning as long stems.

Take a step back and give your floral arrangement a good look. If it appears flat or round, rearrange some stems to create a more interesting shape.

Boost with Blooms

While your Bouq already catches the eye, it’s time to make it truly blossom! If you’re thinking it’s time to add show-stopping blooms, you’re right.

Since these blooms are the stars, make sure you give them room to shine. Many flowers arrive in bud form, so they may not look like they do on the website when they arrive. But don’t be fooled ━ your roses, lilies, and other flowers will open into large, impressive blooms.

Keep the stems of your focal point blooms long. This allows you to place these flowers on top of your arrangement, where they have room to grow. Plus, they won’t crowd out the supporting cast when they open into full blooms.

After you place a few focal flowers at the top of your bouquet, take a step back. Look for any gaps, and use your remaining stems to fill in these holes. By observing the display from multiple viewpoints, you can create an arrangement that’s stunning from every angle.

When you’re finished, you should have an arrangement that bursts with an inspiring display of textures and colors.

Arranging Flowers: Tips and Tricks

When you style your flowers, keep in mind these expert tips.

  • Choose a vase that complements your arrangement. A clear vase is a good choice for a bright bouquet.
  • Cut each stem at a 45º angle to keep the blooms hydrated.
  • Add the enclosed flower food to the water to keep your flowers fresh.
  • Don’t forget to remove any leaves that fall below the water’s surface.

Get Ready to Enjoy

See, designing a beautiful flower arrangement can be fun and easy! To keep improving your styling skills, read more about our tips for floral arrangement and order a diverse array of Bouqs. If you have pets, make sure your flower arrangements are pet safe. Each mix of flowers will give you fresh opportunities to flex your creative muscles and design a masterpiece that your friends will rave about.

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