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Dried Wedding Flowers Are a Must in 2023

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Every trend comes back in style, and this time around, dried flowers are the once-favorite decor on everyone’s mind — and Pinterest board. Known for their rustic look and old-timey charm, dried flower wedding bouquets are becoming more versatile than ever. Dried florals add touches of texture to all wedding elements from bridal bouquets to boutonnieres to archways. So what exactly are dried florals and why are they so popular for weddings in all seasons? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Dried Florals for Weddings?

Dried florals are exactly what they sound like: your favorite seeds, leaves, or buds, dried out instead of watered. While your first thought might be, “Why would I dry my bright, lively arrangements?” read on to learn the benefits of using a dried flower bouquet on your big day.

The Difference Between Dried and Fresh Flowers for Weddings?

Dried flowers are just as beautiful as their hydrated originals, but offer a distinctly different look. While typical flowers are exuberant and lush in color, dried arrangements have deeply warm hues (think putting a sepia filter over your bouquet). Secondly, dried pieces come in a vast variety of textures, from dried grasses, like pampas grass, to palm fronds to wispy branches. Going hand and in hand with texture, dried florals create a more natural presence.

Benefits of a Dried Flower Bouquet

Alongside its beauty benefits, dried florals also boast an incredible shelf-life and could possibly last decades if well-kept. That comes in handy for brides looking to prepare their flowers weeks in advance to have less to worry about on the day of (which is always a benefit), and for couples wishing to keep their bouquets and boutonnieres as mementos.

Couples planning ceremonies of every theme, from boho beachy to white-chapel wedding to barnyard chic to the ‘70s retro weddings should consider the benefits of incorporating dried arrangements into their reception and ceremony aesthetic. Dried flowers can fit with vintage wedding arrangements as well as chic, modern decor.

The Bouqs Co. understands the magnetic appeal of dried florals, which is why they’ve dedicated an entire category to them. But there’s a bonus: For brides who love the natural organic look of dried florals but still want the pops of vibrancy afforded by original buds, Bouqs mixes the two in expertly curated collections so couples don’t have to choose.

What Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet Should I Select?

The Lace and Silk collections invoke a delicate, Earthy palette to create an air of romanticism, while the Velvet collection combines organic textures and fall hues into a bouquet reminiscent of a seasonal harvest. If certain couples have a specific vision in mind, all of these collections can be customized to capture their dream arrangements with ease and affordability.

DIY Dried Florals for Weddings

DIY-ing your own dried flowers is also an option if you’re looking for a hands-on experience. There are multiple ways to dry your own flowers, but here are the tried-and-true methods: hang dry, microwave, and silica sand. To hang dry, gather fresh-cut flowers, remove the leaves, tie the bundle to a stick, and hang dry (stems up) in a safe location for 3-4 weeks.

If you don’t have a month to naturally dry your florals, a microwave will do the trick. Trim the leaves and stem of your flower and set atop a layer of silica sand in a microwave-safe dish. Placing a cup of water alongside the flower dish, heat in 30-second bursts for approximately 2-3 minutes. Remove from the microwave, then leave the flower in silica sand for 24 hours. Then voila! The next day, your flowers are dried, and oh so beautiful.

Zapping your flowers is quick, but for those who want to keep their bud’s color as intact as possible, consider using silica sand by itself. Covering a floral in silica sand for 3-7 days depending on the variety (this chart will help), you’ll get the same effect with an even richer color.

All Your Wedding Flower Needs

Whether you choose to make your own dried florals or order professional pieces, the once-rustic look is promised to fit right in with your nuptials, adding a touch of warmth, texture, and elegance that traditional wedding flowers just can’t match. And if you’re planning for a destination wedding, dried florals make a great choice as well.

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