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#BouqTips: What Flowers are Best for Your Recipient

Vibrant Assorted Bouquet

Sometimes, you might find yourself thinking, ‘I am tired of giving gift cards.’ Ok, good start on getting out of the gift-giving rut. Next, you decide that you want to send flowers. Fantastic idea, kudos to you!

The tricky part is that now, you don’t know which flowers to send. There isn’t an easy one-size-fits-all bouquet, but that is why you chose to go with flowers in the first place; they are unique and real!

When it comes to who you choose to help you send flowers, we suggest picking flowers with a story– when you shop with us you’ll know exactly where your Bouq comes from. Plus we cut-to-order, which eliminates up to 90% of unnecessary waste. Now that’s something you and your recipient can feel good about!

Check out our recommendations for pairing the best flowers with your recipient.

@sydnesummer's colorful roses!

@sydnesummer’s colorful roses!

BFF: Bright big roses. She is your bestie and deserves something grand. A generous bunch of hot pink roses that will fill her place with a sweet aroma, might be just what she was needing. This is your chance to be the better version of the boyfriend you two talk about.

Grandma: Alstroemeria. Long-lasting, easy to care for, non-romantic associations, and available in a multitude of colors! Alstroemeria have a long vase life, even if your grandma ignores our flower tips. The blooms looks like butterfly wings, and we love their light-hearted heartiness!



@jkdevine13's opening lilies

@jkdevine13’s opening lilies

Elegant Mom: Lilies or pastel roses (or go with the combo of roses and lilies, OR rose-lilies, the hybrid flower!). We can’t decide for this one, simply because some people are sensitive to the strong floral scent of lilies. Lilies will also arrive in tight buds, which based on the occasion, can be underwhelming. However, roses can have a romantic connotation, so the color really needs to be right. Light pinks and whites are what we would recommend. Mixing them together or keeping it one flower depends on you. Either way, both are wonderful options for the mom that doesn’t like to make a scene, but prefers to be subtly classic.

“I’m Not Like The Other Moms” Mom: A fun selection. She doesn’t need just one type of flower, she needs lots of types! Send her a curated mix of flowers. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 

Our favorite mixed Bouq: Wild About U.



@athinginmotion's bucket of blooms

@athinginmotion’s bucket of blooms

A Man. (Dad, Boss, Teacher, etc): Sunflowers. Sunflower seeds, farms life, etc. These are slightly more masculine themes for a flower to be associated with. Plus, they are yellow, like the yellow tractor they have wanted since age seven.

Our favorite sunflower Bouq: Hello Sunshine

Girlfriend: Spray roses. They are still roses, but are not roses. These are cute and fun, and smell sweet. They don’t come with baggage or heavy emotions. They just say I like you, and I care.

Our favorite spray rose Bouqs: Santa Cruz’n and Frisco’d

@kgoebel22's fully opened garden roses

@kgoebel22’s fully opened garden roses




#GirlBoss: Garden roses. These frilly flowers are classic with a twist, just like your boss’s power suit. They are similar to peonies in color, and size, but are available year-round!

Our favorite garden rose Bouq: Precious





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