Valentine's Day

The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Party Guide

Galentine's Day Party

All the ladies out there can rejoice with a holiday made especially for them – Galentine’s Day! Preceding Valentine’s Day on February 13th, Galentine’s Day celebrates the beauty of female friendship and encourages everyone to get together with their special gal pals.

Every year, people become more and more creative with how they spend this holiday. You can choose to brunch it with your lovely lady friends, have a night out, or even throw a poppin’ party – and when it comes to partying, we’re your experts on hosting the best kind of soiree for the occasion!

Throwing a Galentine’s Day party doesn’t have to be difficult, not when we have some fun themed suggestions up our sleeves. Here are some of the best ways you can celebrate this lady-friendly holiday!


Glitz & Glam

If you and your gal pals are all about the “glitz and glamor” – like strutting down the streets of Beverly Hills or SoHo, red carpet events, a swarming entourage, and the likes – then consider dressing up your Galentine’s Day party with décor just as glamorous as that oh-so-dazzling lifestyle! Yes, this means metallic streamers, glittery wall stickers, and bling-ed out centerpieces. When it comes to decorating for your Hollywood-themed Galentine’s Day party, it’s important to think about all the symbols associated with this glitzy way of life!

And of course, you can’t host a party without providing a meal for your glamorous guests too! Whipping up a fancy three-course dinner may seem daunting to most of us, but we promise that it isn’t difficult. Everything – from the appetizer to the dessert – can actually be quite simple. This salad recipe makes the perfect start to your three-course meal, which can immediately be followed by a 5-ingredient salmon as your healthy entrée! Top off the supper with a batch of quick n’ easy caramelized baked custards – because who said crème brûlée had to be so complicated?

Let’s not forget all the glamorous activities you and your closest lady friends can partake in for the night! Test your Hollywood knowledge with a trivia game about all the classic movies that girls love. Then reward yourselves with watching some fan favorites about woman empowerment (Legally Blonde or Devil Wears Prada, anyone?)

Ride the Rustic Trend

If your overall aesthetic is more of a rustic-chic lifestyle, then we’ve got some décor inspiration for your upcoming party! Give your living space a homey feel with a photo wall filled with polaroid pictures or print-outs of your gal pals. Find small chalkboards and write encouraging, supportive messages about celebrating womanhood – talk about a warm welcome! You can even leave out wooden crates filled to the brim with floral stems or even just a batch of eucalyptus, which is always a favorite in our books. And of course, we can’t forget the string lights! Not only do they literally brighten up your space, but they provide that rustic ambience that would make anyone feel right at home.

The menu for the night can actually be quite minimal. You can either go for a rustic cheese plate or get creative with some miniature heart-shaped pizzas. Serve with some classic red wine and some finger desserts, and your rustic-chic supper is complete!

To up the fun factor for your rustic-themed Galentine’s Day party, you and the gals can play some nostalgic board games from your childhood. Then transition into a paint-off within your friend group; paint portraits of each other while sipping a glass (or two) of red wine – a paint-and-sip all in the comfort of your very own home!

Pretty in Pink

We know that Galentine’s Day can often be perceived as an anti-Valentine’s holiday, but that’s definitely not the case! All the ladies out there can celebrate all the love-filled aspects of both holidays – hearts and all! That’s why we think bringing in the best of both worlds can make a great theme for your upcoming Galentine’s Day party, especially for the gals out there who just can’t get enough of the color pink. That’s right, bring on the pink streamers, pink heart garlands, pink table-runners, and pink floral centerpieces! It goes without saying that you can’t host a pink-filled party without all the colored decorations fit for the occasion. And a rosé tower.

If you thought that finding pink food would be an impossible feat, we’re here to help make your job a little easier. Ride on some Galentine’s Day traditions by serving up some waffles, but not just any waffles: pink heart-shaped ones for all your gal pals! Just add a tiny bit of red food coloring to the batter and add the mix to a heart-shaped waffle press. Top off your finished work with a scoop (or two, we won’t tell) of strawberry ice cream and maple syrup. If waffles aren’t really your thing, you can opt for some pita bread with a batch of beet hummus. This rose-colored mix might sound a bit strange, but we promise it’s nothing short of delicious! Oh, and did we mention rosé?

To top off your Galentine’s party with even more fun, you and your gal pals can play beauty guru for a day by pairing up and putting on your best pink makeup look on your besties. Then have a cocktail-making contest: whoever makes the best boozy mix takes home the pink drink crown!


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