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Flower Backgrounds For Zoom

copper colored dried flowers in a black vase

Looking to add some interest to your Zoom meetings? Then download one of these free flower and plant Zoom backgrounds! Just click on each background image then right-click to save it to your computer.

To add a background on Zoom, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the up arrow icon to the right of the video camera icon.
  2. Select “choose a virtual background.”
  3. Click on the plus icon to add your new background.

Download a Free Flower Zoom Background

yellow and white flowers in a vase filled with lemon slices

6 potted plants set around a fireplace

close up image of peach roses

close up image with yellow and peach flowers

bouquet with pink, lavender, purple and white flowers

bouquet with succulents, pink roses and lavender flowers in a white artisan vase

close up image of white and pink flower bouquet with pincushion

Pink, white, and peach roses in a pink vase on a wood table

Red, pink and white roses in a pink vase

close up of pink flowers and a succulent

white flowers in a vase on a wood shelf

dried purple flower bouquet in a taupe vase

yellow and pink peonies

white and ivory flowers in a white vase on a kitchen counter

two yellow, orange, pink and pastel flower bouquets

purple and pink flowers on a table outdoors

red, yellow, white, blue and purple flower heart

yellow, pink, red tulips next to graduation hat

red and yellow flowers in metallic vase next to christmas treats and candies

close up white and yellow flowers

white dried flowers in a white vase

bright yellow, orange and pink flowers next to cupcakes

close up of pink roses and eucalyptus

copper colored dried flowers in a black vase

white and peach flowers in a copper vase on a dining room table

four white wedding centerpieces on a wedding table

white and pink orchids on a shelfround leafed plants in a geometric planter on a shelf

white and peach flowers in a yellow vase with a pink background

close up of purple and yellow flowers with greenery

white flowers in a rustic metal vase next to picnic basket

two snake plants in a yellow and pink vasered and orange flowers on a table with orange napkins

close up white flowers with eucalptus

Bloom Your Zoom With Flower Backgrounds

Now that you’ve seen all your choices, let’s get into why you’d even want to download one of these free Zoom backgrounds in the first place.

Maybe your Zoom meetings are getting a bit boring. Or perhaps you’d like to hide the background of the coffee shop you’re working in or the personal belongings scattered around your home office. No matter the case, free Zoom backgrounds can help hide the space you’re working in while also adding some style to your virtual meetings. And nothing adds brightness like flowers, plants, and the outdoors!

Whether you opt for flower fields, flower arrangements, or potted houseplants, adding natural elements will make your meetings feel a bit more alive. And they may even help you feel rejuvenated and a bit more focused! Plus, since the above backgrounds are free to download and easy to use, there’s no reason not to add some life to your screen.

The hardest decision will be choosing which Zoom background to download! Fortunately, you can download more than one.

Choose Seasonal Zoom Backgrounds

While any type of flowers and plant background will make your virtual meetings more exciting, it’s fun to mix things up with seasonal backgrounds. These backgrounds work well on Zoom, but they can also work with other video platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, and more!

By rotating your Zoom background with the season, you’ll help keep things fresh. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will also benefit your fellow meeting attendees.

And don’t think seasonal backgrounds are just for work! If you’re attending a social video chat like a virtual birthday party or virtual graduation ceremony, pick out a Zoom background that celebrates the occasion. When you can’t be together in person, these little touches go a long way.

Here are some of the free seasonal and holiday backgrounds you can download and enjoy.

  • Zoom backgrounds for spring
  • Zoom backgrounds for summer
  • Zoom backgrounds for fall
  • Zoom background for winter
  • Zoom backgrounds for Valentine’s Day
  • Zoom backgrounds for Mother’s Day
  • Zoom backgrounds for Halloween
  • Zoom backgrounds for Thanksgiving
  • Zoom backgrounds for Christmas
  • Zoom backgrounds for birthdays
  • Zoom backgrounds for graduation
  • Zoom backgrounds for anniversaries
  • Zoom backgrounds for celebrations

Create Your Own Flower Zoom Background

While downloadable Zoom backgrounds are an easy way to add some style to your online meetings, you may want to use your background to express your creativity. Fortunately, it’s easy to do just that!

If you want to create your own background but don’t know where to start, look to the flowers and plants for guidance. Many flowers and plants come with storied histories and interesting meanings, so don’t be afraid to use plant symbolism for inspiration,  flowers in mythology, or a rare and unusual flower when choosing or creating a background.

Using this symbolism as guidance, head to a nature center or order a few bouquets. Once you’ve found some aesthetically pleasing options, snap a photo and upload it to your computer. With a bit of editing, you can turn this photo into a Zoom background.

While creating a background on your own can be fun, it may seem a bit overwhelming. If that’s the case, call on the professionals for help. If you’re in Southern California visit our Flower Studio in Beverly Hills to create your own flower background.

Use Your Favorite Flowers in a Zoom Background

If you’re not into the idea of choosing a seasonal backdrop, you can always rely on your favorite flowers and plants as inspiration. Not only will this help you choose a background you love, but it will also give others a taste of your personality and likes.

When you’re choosing flower backgrounds, you’ll have lots of options. You can choose from zoom backgrounds of flower fields as well as backgrounds that highlight bouquets or cut flowers.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of floral zoom backgrounds available, including the following.

  • Rose Zoom backgrounds
  • Daisy Zoom backgrounds
  • Dried flower Zoom backgrounds
  • Peony Zoom backgrounds
  • Sunflower Zoom backgrounds
  • Tulip Zoom backgrounds
  • Plant Zoom backgrounds
  • Lily Zoom backgrounds
  • Mixed flower Zoom backgrounds

Zoom Background Tips

Changing your Zoom background is quick and easy. While you don’t need a green screen to use a Zoom background, it does help to have uniform lighting and color. This will help distinguish your body from the space behind you, allowing the virtual background to come through clearly.

If you’re working in a low-light environment, your background may not shine. However, Zoom has a feature that can help with this. First, select “Preferences” and then “Settings.” Next, click on “video” on the navigation menu on the left. Check the box next to “adjust for low light” to improve your video.

As with all video chats, a high-quality webcam will help your virtual background look good. If your laptop has a good built-in webcam, that’s great! However, if you find your video looking a bit grainy, it may help to invest in a stand-alone webcam.

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