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Succulents and Sunlight: What You Need to Know

Succulents Sunlights

Flowers are always elegant, but when you want something a little more edgy and modern, succulents are the way to go. There are so many things to love about these sculptural beauties. They’re low maintenance, totally eye-catching, and they come in a ton of interesting varieties, including stunning succulents that flower.

If you’re intrigued by succulents, but don’t know much about them it’s a good idea to do a little research on succulent care. These plants are pretty easygoing, but it’s always important to know some basics before diving into something new.

One question many new succulent owners ask is, “how much sunlight do succulents need?”. When you have succulents sunlight is an important consideration. Generally speaking, succulents love sunlight but prefer to get it indirectly. Of course, just like every person has their own set of likes and dislikes, every type of succulent has its preferences too. Here are some tips for discovering how much sunlight your particular type of succulent prefers.

Know Your Roots

No, we’re not talking about pulling up your succulent and looking at its actual roots. When you’re trying to find out how much sun your succulent needs it’s a good idea to look to the species’ area of origin. Succulents grow in a variety of different climates. Some come from tropical areas, others from desert areas, and still others from alpine locations. As such, they are accustomed to the type of light they get in those places.

For example, the popular Hens and Chicks variety originated in southern European alpine areas. This type loves to soak up lots of light, whether kept indoors or outdoors. In fact, if kept outside (in USDA zones 3 to 8) they can tolerate full sun. The Desert Rose, as suggested by its name, hails from a desert climate. It also relishes lots of sun, both indoors and out. Unless you’re in very warm areas (zones 11 and 12) though, this plant needs to get its light indoors through a sunny window in the winter. The tropically inclined Christmas Cactus is used to shady tropical forest settings. Place this beauty somewhere that will give it indirect light.

Color Cues

Your succulents come with more information than just the little tags tucked inside their pots. Their colors are actually giving you subtle clues about what type of light they need. Succulent varieties that are light colored, solid green, or variegated tend to like to be out of direct sunlight. If these types are placed in a bright, sunny window they’re in danger of getting singed. Red, grey, and blue varieties and ones that have lots of spines can usually tolerate a lot of sunlight.

Watch for Stretching

Outside, succulents don’t have much trouble getting the light they need, but when they’re kept indoors they sometimes struggle to get enough sunshine. Inside, when you place your succulents sunlight must be a top consideration. Succulents that aren’t getting enough sunlight will often start to spread out their leaves in an attempt to reach more light. They will also bend towards brighter spots. Learning to spot these signs is a key part of succulent care. Seen more commonly in colorful succulents, stretching happens more when these plants are kept indoors rather than outdoors. If you notice your indoor succulent spreading out then you need to find a sunnier spot for it.

Gentle Sunlight

Sometimes when people question, “how much sunlight do succulents need?” they forget to think about what kind of sunlight they need. A lot of succulents, whether they’re kept indoors or outdoors, will do well in a spot that receives direct light in the early part of the day and in the late afternoon. Being out of the direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day is usually best. If you just can’t find a spot in your house with ideal light for your potted friend, try moving it in and out of the light at different times of the day to suit its needs.

Succulents Make Unique Bouqs

If you’re looking for something truly distinctive to add to your decor, then a succulent is a wonderful choice. Even better, create or buy a pot that features several different types of succulents. Just be sure that the varieties you choose need similar amounts of sunlight. The Bouqs Co. offers a variety of gorgeous succulent bouquets and arrangements. Enjoy the whole bundle and when the flowers wilt away, plant the succulents and extend the love.

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