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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

Valentine's Day Long Distance Gifts

Browse through lists of ideas for Valentine’s Day and you’ll see options like pulling up a movie and snuggling on the couch or donning your finest garb and heading out to dinner. While these ideas sound great, there’s one catch: you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Sure, you’re thankful for your partner on Valentine’s Day as much as on any other day. But this holiday can also be a reminder that your relationship isn’t exactly where you want to be – physically speaking, that is. Rather than focus on the miles separating you, use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate everything that brings the two of you together. Pick a gift from this list, plan an activity you’ll both enjoy, and get ready to celebrate your love.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Long-distance Love

We’d argue that gifts are even more important in a long-distance relationship. Since you won’t be able to spend the day in person, a thoughtful gift can provide that necessary spark.

A Modern Take on the Classic Mixtape

While it’s hard to share earbuds when you’re in an LDR, you can still give your partner some insight into your musical collection. Sharing songs that hold special meaning as well as tunes that remind you of your loved one will help bring you closer together. Sure, you could just share some YouTube links or a Spotify playlist. But what fun is that? Instead, take an ode from the past and send your partner a custom mixtape.

Milktape offers a USB cassette tape for you to store all your favorite songs and send them along to your romantic partner. You can choose between 128 MB of storage (which holds about 15-20 songs) or 16 GB (which holds over 3,500 songs or even larger files like videos). The tape itself also comes with a blank cover, giving you the freedom to decorate it with some love-filled messages and designs!

Flowers On the Regular

Sure, you’re thinking of your loved one on Valentine’s Day. But they’re also in your mind every other day of the year!

To let them know you’re thinking of them all year long, give them a monthly flower subscription! Each month they’ll receive a gorgeous bouquet crafted from farm-fresh flowers.

If you’d like to send flowers more or less often, you can always opt for a weekly or bi-monthly subscription. No matter what option you choose, your partner will enjoy a fresh reminder of your love!

A Candle for When Home Feels Far Away

Oftentimes, you not only miss your partner, but you also miss the place where cherished memories took place. Maybe the two of you met in a small college town during your undergraduate years or while you were working a temporary job in a bustling city. Even if you never lived in the same city, maybe you made a mid-way point your cherished meeting place.

In case you didn’t know, certain smells can instantly bring you back to a point in time. That means a candle isn’t just a way to fill your partner’s home with fragrance, it’s also a way to transport them to treasured times.

Homesick Candles offers candles that are designed to help your loved one take a nostalgic walk down memory lane. These candles successfully capture what makes states and major cities unique and turn this into a fragrance. They even have a collection dedicated to imitating certain memories we never want to forget – like scenic road trips, Friday nights, and even Grandma’s kitchen!

Your Own Love Story

If your long-distance partner is a fan of a good ol’ love story, then you might want to gift them the best tale of all: yours! Whether you started off as friends and gradually realized your feelings for each other or made eye contact at a bar and the rest was history, every story deserves to be told.

Don’t worry if writing and illustrating aren’t your strong suits. LoveBook can help you turn your love story into an illustrated book! Just choose a personalized cover – hard or soft – and edit the title to your liking. They’ll help you create characters that look like you and your beau as well as help you personalize the pages.

Connecting Online

No matter how creative you try to be, your LDR probably relies quite a bit on video chatting. Seeing your partner’s face as you start or end your day is one of the things that makes the distance (and your life) a bit easier. However, as you probably know, a poor connection or subpar equipment can quickly turn a joyous moment into pure frustration.

The Razer Kiyo is one of the best webcams out there when it comes to having your loved one see the real you! Equipped with a light ring, this device makes sure that your significant other catches you in the best lighting possible. And yes, that definitely means no more blurry, pixelated video quality! This camera also ensures that your partner will remain in focus throughout the call, so you can see them as if they were right in front of you.

Long-distance Activities You’ll Actually Enjoy

As you scroll through photos of your friends snuggling on the couch with their partners and pick up yet another phone call from your lover, you realize there must be a better way. While long-distance relationships are never a walk in the park, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for uninspired video chats and dull phone calls.

To add some excitement to this Valentine’s Day, pick an activity that will bring you and your partner closer together. While you still may be thousands of miles apart, spending a night laughing together and learning something new will make that distance feel a bit smaller.

Learn a New Hobby Together

Spending time learning something both of you know nothing about is a great way to grow. After you’re done laughing at each other’s first attempts – nobody’s first hip-hop routine or acrylic painting is perfect – you’ll share a new hobby you can check in on and connect with.

Whether you’re interested in knitting, pasta-making, or belly dancing, you’ll be able to find an online class you can attend together. Once the class is over, make it a regular occurrence to touch base about each other’s progress.

Play Your Favorite Board Games

After attending a Superbowl Galentine’s Day party or enjoying the big game at home, you might be in a competitive spirit. Why not tap into that energy by playing a round or two of your favorite board game?

Even if you can’t unfold a board with your partner, you can still enjoy playing some of your favorite games together. Check out Boardgame Arena and you’ll be ready to dive into a game of Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, and other favorites.

While the roll of virtual dice might sound a bit different than the clattering of the real things, you don’t have to worry about chasing runaway cubes under your couch. And since these games are easy to pause, you can take a break if one of you has to run.

Create a Floral Craft

It’s true, flowers are a critical part of any great Valentine’s Day. While you’ve probably already planned on sending your partner a bouquet, you might not realize flowers can be the center of your time together. That’s right, there are all sorts of flower hacks for Valentine’s Day!

Pressed flower cards and flower seed bombs are two fun ways to give your flowers a new life. To make sure these activities are a success, send your partner a list of the necessary supplies ahead of time. Or if you want to go above and beyond, have the items delivered to their door.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, No Matter the Distance

Whether you and your partner live states or countries apart, you can still create a Valentine’s Day you’ll remember. Pick out a gift, plan a fun activity, and remember the love you share is the most important part of this day.

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