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How to Make Your Home a Tropical Plant Oasis

Tropical Indoor Houseplants Decor

Raise your hand if you feel like you could use a tropical vacation right about now! You know, the kind of vacation where you could put your feet in the sand, grab a piña colada, and enjoy the sunshine with not a care in the world (other than grabbing your next piña colada when the one you already have is empty). Everyone should be raising their hands! But the reality for most of us is that our next tropical vacation is far off in the distance.

Parenting some tropical house plants have always been the best way to bring home some of those island vibes. Whether you want to deck out your living space into a full-on urban jungle or you’re just looking to freshen up the atmosphere with a few exotic greens here and there, tropical plants are definitely the way to go!

Turning your home into a tropical oasis can be easier than you think, and here are some ways you can make it happen!


Tropical Houseplant Shelf Decor

It goes without saying that placing some potted tropical plants on your shelves can instantly transform any space into an indoor greenhouse! It may seem like a simple look, but you can always add character to your home with floating wooden shelves for a rustic feel or metal ones to match the urban vibes.


Tropical Houseplant Stool Decor

If you have some medium-sized tropical beauties lying around that deserve some love, putting them on a peda-stool can make a difference in your home!

Window Sills

Tropical Houseplant Window Sill

What’s a better way to make sure your tropical plants are soaking in all the sun than to put them on your window sills? But remember to look into whether or not your window friends can take the heat before situating them in their new spot!


Tropical Houseplant Staircase Decor

Stairs looking a bit bland lately? Decorate your steps with some of your favorite potted friends or even hang some cool vines from the rails for a jungle-like feel!


Tropical Houseplant Basket Decor

Sometimes, just switching up the planters that house your greens can make a much-needed difference to how it looks in your overall space. These basket ones, especially, add such a rustic-chic touch to the great indoors!


Tropical Houseplant Wall Decor

Putting things against walls may seem like a no-brainer for most of us, but have you considered putting them in your walls? You can have an entire vertical garden growing in your home with a tropical oasis filling up the walls!


Tropical Leaves Glass Decor

Have some extra test tubes or other types of dainty glassware lying around? Pop a few of your favorite tropical leaves into them and display them around the house. You can use them as simple, minimal centerpieces or have them keep you company at the coffee table!

And there you have it: some simple ways to turn your living space into a tropical oasis! Tropical plants not only provide a wonderfully exotic environment for you to come home to, they just make everything fresher and better than ever. Need some help with tropical plant care? We got you covered!

Bonus: tropical houseplants are typically really easy to care for. Most of these plants have very basic needs and are very relaxed when it comes to regular maintenance. What this means is when you add a tropical houseplant to your life, it’s not another rigorous chore to be added to your to-do list. It’s a lot of pretty and relaxing views with very little work. Plus, you might learn some fun facts about tropical houseplants.

Here at The Bouqs Co., we have our very own collection of tropical flowers and plants that are sure to wow you and any guest you decide to bring over. Check out some of our favorite exotic beauties and start decorating today!

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