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Flowers That Say “I Messed Up” – Popular Apology Flowers

Im Sorry Flowers

People make mistakes all the time, no-one’s perfect and nobody would believe you if you said you were. The important thing is how to learn from those mistakes and rebuild the bridges you knocked down. One of the best ways to do this is through flowers, as everyone likes flowers, but what flowers say I’m sorry? What Bouq is going to say “I messed up” and I want to make things right?

Luckily for you, here at Bouqs.com, we are kind of obsessed with creating the perfect Bouq for every occasion. And what more important scenario is there than someone playing their final card in the last-chance saloon? Of course, flowers can’t fix everything, but sending your friend, BAE, or ex (yikes! what did you do!?) a gorgeous Bouq of “I’m sorry flowers” might just help get you out of the doghouse.

The Best I’m Sorry Flowers

Blue Hyacinths

While hyacinths may not be the first flower that comes to mind for a bouquet of “I’m sorry flowers” they actually show that you’ve put a serious amount of thought into your selection. They are considered as being representative of “making peace” so they really fit the bill if you’ve just had a major blow-out with someone and need to send the message that you want to patch things up.

Pink Carnations

Stand a friend up for a coffee date? Leave your partner sitting at home alone on your anniversary? Forget to send your mother flowers for her birthday? However you managed to forget about someone important in your life, the best way to make amends is by sending pink carnations. Why, you may ask? Well, because they’re the flower that says: “I’ll never forget you.” While we can’t guarantee that you won’t forget them again in the future, for the time being, pink carnations are exactly what you need.

Roses (especially pink ones)

As the global symbol of love, roses are always a way to show someone how you truly feel about them and get back in their good graces. Pink roses are especially fitting if you’re looking for “what flowers say I’m sorry”. That’s because they are the rose that most expresses gratitude and appreciation. So, if you’ve been taking someone for granted and they’ve let it be known they’re far from happy with the situation, then pink roses are a fabulous and fragrant way to tell them that you really do actually appreciate them.

Lily of The Valley

Traditionally representing rebirth and rejuvenation, Lily of The Valley makes an excellent make-up Bouq. After a particularly damaging fight with a loved one, giving Lily of The Valley is a sign that you want to leave the troubled past behind, let the water flow under the bridge, and make a fresh start. They are beautiful yet simple, showing that all-important humility which is vital for restoring a fractured relationship.

White Orchids

One of the most important feelings you want to impart with your bouquet of “I’m sorry flowers” is that you actually really mean that you’re regretful. That’s where orchids come in, as they are the flower most associated with sincerity. Not only that, but they also look spectacular and with the bonus of white being a symbol of peace and agreement, they say, “I’m really sorry, and this time I actually mean it,” perfect for all those serial apologizers out there.

Everything is always said best when it’s said with flowers, and that definitely includes saying sorry. If you’re looking for what flowers say “I’m sorry”, then we’re definitely the people to talk to. Not because we’re awful people who have to say sorry all the time, but because we absolutely love handcrafting meaningful messages through flowers. Find the perfect Bouq for your particular apology and make an online flowers order today!

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