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Fourth Anniversary Gifts: Flowers and Fruit

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Whether you’ve been with your partner for two or twenty years, celebrating an anniversary should always be special. And the fourth anniversary is no different! While this may not seem like a big or important number, many people think of the fourth year as the time when your relationship really begins to blossom and produce fruits of your time spent together. Depending on your relationship, that may mean kids, a new home, the ability to support others who are struggling, or new jobs.

This symbolism of growth and production is why the traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. However, knowing the traditional gift doesn’t necessarily make choosing the perfect present any easier! That’s because there are hundreds of different blooms and fruits to choose from. With that in mind, think about your relationship and your partner then choose options that will symbolize your time together and make your special person smile.

Traditional Fourth Anniversary Gift: Fruit and Flowers

By the time you reach year four, your relationship has bloomed into something beautiful. That’s not to say that growth and improvement aren’t in the future, but rather that the hard work and love you’ve put into each other have turned into something admirable. Just like flowers require fertilizer, water, and sunlight to produce stunning blooms, relationships require care, commitment, and sacrifice to produce a strong and healthy partnership. Any type of flower will represent this growth, but hydrangeas are the classic fourth anniversary flower.

While you can opt for either flowers or fruit for a fourth anniversary gift, you can also combine the two! One idea is to start with two cylindrical glass vases—the skinny vase should slip inside the larger vase so there are a few inches of space between the two. Fill this empty space with lemons, limes, clementines, and other small citrus, and then tuck a bouquet into the interior vase. Voila! A stunning display of fruit and flowers.

Suggestions for Decorating the House with Fruit and Flowers

If you want some specific ideas for decorating for your fourth anniversary, check out these ideas.

  • When you send anniversary flowersyou may be tempted to skip the vase. However, pairing the bouquet with a fruit-patterned vase will really help the gift hit the checkboxes of a fourth anniversary gift.
  • Try starting with a beautiful bouquet and then tucking in some dried citrus slices for extra intrigue. You can place the citrus on wooden skewers and then add them to the arrangement.
  • Don’t forget that you can separate flowers after they arrive! Placing one stem in a series of skinny vases allows each flower to shine. Try placing these vases down the length of a table and then adding additional interest with a smattering of fresh fruit.
  • For a relaxing and sensory experience, decorate your shower with lavender and citrus slices. As steam forms, the room will become filled with a fragrance that is both relaxing and energizing.

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’d like to stick with traditional gifts, you can’t go wrong with flowers and fruit. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

A Strong and Stunning Bouquet

By the time you’ve reached your fourth year together, you’ve found a routine. Things that used to seem difficult have become easier and you’ve learned quirks and details about each other. However, this comfort with each other doesn’t mean there’s a lack of beautiful moments!

The Love You A Latte bouq combines white mums, peach roses, and strong greenery to produce an arrangement that’s calming and strong. While this bouquet lacks the in-your-face beauty of more colorful bouquets, its mix of delicate textures and colors leads to a gorgeous result.

A Rotating Selection of Fresh Fruit

As chef Alice Waters once said “The things most worth wanting are not available everywhere all the time.” While this may sound bleak, it’s rather a reminder to appreciate things when they occur rather than wishing for something that isn’t available.

Giving your partner a fruit box subscription will let them enjoy a rotation selection of seasonal fruit grown at Frog Hollow Farm in California. They’ll get to enjoy peaches, plums, and nectarines in the summer, apples and pears in the fall, and oranges and lemons in the winter.

A Trio of Farm Fresh Flower Arrangements

Is there a thing as too many flowers? We don’t think so! While one bouquet is nice, gifting your partner a flower subscription will let them receive three farm-fresh bouquets over the course of three months. Each bouquet is different, but all of them are crafted with sustainably-grown and responsibly-sourced blooms.

A Trip to an Orchard or Berry Patch

If your partner enjoys quality time together and sharing new experiences, plan a date they won’t forget! Start by looking up pick your own farms in your area and then head out to grab some apples, strawberries, blueberries, or other fruits. To make the day extra special, pack a picnic lunch to enjoy after you’ve filled your baskets and bellies with fruit.

Other Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’d like to step outside the traditional gifts, you have a handful of other options to choose from. The modern fourth anniversary gift is electrical appliances—just pick out a gadget your partner will enjoy! Some countries also have their own gifts for this anniversary. Linen and silk are traditional gifts in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, as these materials symbolize a strongly woven relationship. And if you’re looking to pick out a necklace or ring for your partner, keep in mind that the fourth anniversary gem is the blue topaz.

With these traditions in mind, check out these alternative fourth anniversary gifts.

A Simple Blue Topaz Necklace

If you know your partner loves jewelry, then give them what they want with a fourth anniversary twist! This necklace features a simple yet stunning blue topaz stone and allows you to customize both the chain length and color.

Electric Tea Kettle

The great thing about electric kettles is that you can take them anywhere. That means your partner can make tea in their office or pour over coffee in the home kitchen. While there are many great products available, we love the sleek gooseneck design and temperature control of this kettle.

Linen Napkins

There’s something about cloth napkins that elevates even the simplest of meals from ordinary to something special. The linen napkins are strong yet soft and work equally well during casual lunch and fancy dinner parties. Mix and match your partner’s favorite colors for a great gift.

Remember The Bouqs for Flowers for Any Anniversary and Occasion

No matter what anniversary or occasion you’re celebrating, The Bouqs Co. is here for you. We have a large selection of anniversary flowers by year as well as bouquets for birthdays, graduations, funerals, and more.

All of our flowers are grown with love and responsibly sourced from farms in places including Ecuador and California. That means your anniversary bouquet will let your partner know you care while also showing a little love to the earth and farmers.

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