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Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Moms Out There

Eco Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Going green has definitely become a movement worth following, not just for ourselves but for the planet! More and more people are on board with becoming eco-conscious and creating less waste, which is something we definitely support.

No Mother’s Day is complete without a thoughtful gift to let mom know you appreciate her for everything. If your rockstar mom is thinking of turning over a new leaf and starting an environmentally friendly lifestyle, we got your back! Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly gifts – because we think the earth deserves a little “thanks” too.


Stay Shady

Every mom wants to be a cool mom (though chances are, they are the cool mom) – that’s why equipping them with some new, trendy shades. Sunglasses have always been the accessory of choice when it comes to completing your daily look, but sunnies from Warby Parker allow you give back a bit to the environment too!

Warby Parker sees that there are a vast amount of people in the world who can’t learn or work to their full potential due to visual impairment. That’s why when you buy a pair of these stylish glasses for yourself or a loved one, you’re basically gifting vision care and glasses to a child in need!

Beauty Queen

If your mom is a fan of all things beauty and makeup-related but also a fan of protecting the environment, then we’ve got some news: vegan makeup brushes! That’s right, EcoTools prides itself on selling affordable beauty tools that don’t hurt the Earth.

EcoTools is cruelty-free, and their products and packaging are made from recycled aluminum, plastic, or bamboo. Everyone, including your mom, should feel beautiful without worrying about damaging our wonderful ecosystem!

Warming Up

It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that conserving energy can do wonders for the environment, but not many people know how they can do so. Thankfully, Nest can help any eco-conscious mom get started! Their smart learning thermostat can limit energy usage and adjust to your preference, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Who knew saving energy could be so simple?

Put It In Writing

When you look at a pencil, you probably wouldn’t think twice about just how much it can do for the environment. Like the sustainable ones from Spout, for instance. Pencils that turn into plants may seem like a far-fetched idea for most people, but they’re a reality – and we’re all for it!

Once you’re done using your Sprout pencil, you can just plant it and end up with fresh herbs, flowers, or even vegetables. Pretty cool, if you ask us. And the pencils are sourced sustainably, of course!

A Green Getaway

If you and your mom are the best travel buddies out there, we definitely recommend you try staying in an eco-lodge for a memorable Mother’s Day staycation! What’s an eco-lodge, you ask? They’re basically your typical, run-of-the-mill lodge with the sole purpose of minimizing the negative impact lodging has on the environment. This means they focus on using renewable energy sources, recycling and reusing, providing organic household items, offering non-toxic natural cleaning supplies and locally sourced food.

Having a staycation in an eco-lodge doesn’t just help out the environment, but it’s also a wholesome and life-changing experience you can share with your favorite person in the world!


Going green is both an environmental and a lifestyle change, which is why it’s so important to understand why we should be more eco-conscious for the sake of both the earth and ourselves.

Join The Bouqs Co. this Mother’s Day in turning over a new leaf with the best women in your life! Choose some unique flowers on Mother’s Day to go along with our picks for environmentally-friendly presents today.

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