Best Annual & Perennial Fall Flowers

Perennial Fall Flowers

Are you looking to revamp and revive your garden this fall, and on the hunt for some luscious fall flowers to fill the harvest season with joy and beauty? If you are in the search for the best annual and perennial fall flowers to add to your garden, these are some of the best options:


Perennial Flowers:

  • Russian Sage
  • New York Daisy
  • Mums
  • Japanese Anemone
  • Balloon Flower
  • Helenium (Sneezeweed)

Annual Flowers:

  • Pansies
  • Strawflowers
  • Calibrachoa
  • Flowering Kale
  • Ornamental Peppers

What’s the Difference Between Annual and Perennial Flowers?

An annual is a plant that lives for just one season. Within one year, an annual will sprout, flower, seed, and then die. Annuals will need to be replanted the next year for the most part. A perennial will live for a few years, but their blooming period is shorter than annuals. Because of this, gardeners will usually plant them in pairs with other perennials that will bloom during a different season so there is always a new flower in bloom.

The Best Perennial Flowers:

Russian Sage

Russian Sage is a bluish lavender colored bloom that grows in full spiky clusters. Not only is it a beautiful filler for any garden, but it also has that refreshing sage-like scent that you can’t help but to stop and smell these flowers. If you decide to plant Russian Sage in your garden, be sure to give this plant full sun and really solid drainage.

New York Daisy

Talk about adding a pop of color and fun to your fall garden! The New York daisy comes in a pretty purple, light pink, or white and yellow colored flower and are great if you are trying to get some birds and butterflies in your garden. These perennial flowers will bloom from late in August until frost season.


Major heart eye emoji alert! Mums come in a close second place as far as fall must-haves go, second only to the famous pumpkin spice latte. They should be planted in the spring for best results in the fall, however if you decide to buy and plant them in the fall (sometimes you just have to go with your last-minute idea!), make sure to get them in the ground immediately to ensure they are more likely to last.

Japanese Anemone

This flower is great because of its long blooming season; it can bloom for six to eight weeks! The Japanese Anemone comes in pink or white and is a beautiful and delicate flower that is perfect for any garden. These flowers take a few years to become established, but once they do, they are fairly low maintenance.

Balloon Flower

The flower gets its name because its buds just balloon open into beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Balloon flowers bloom in lavender-blue, pink, or white. These perennial fall flowers are perfect to add color to your garden every year!


This flower comes in beautiful, rich oranges, reds, and yellows so they really just look like they belong in the fall season. These daisy like fall flowers are nicknamed the Sneezeweed, but allergy sufferers do not fret. The name comes from the fact that Native Americans would dry the leaves of the sneezeweed out to make snuff, which would cause excessive sneezing.

The Best Annual Flowers:


Pansies are a classic and colorful of the fall flowers that comes in purple, orange, yellow, white, red, and blue. Not only will this flower add beauty and color to your garden this fall, but they will add flavor to your kitchen. That’s right, pansies are edible! They have a somewhat minty and refreshing flavor and go well in cocktails.


The strawflower looks like a pom pom cheering on the fall season! Strawflowers are an annual fall flower that blooms in pink, yellow, orange, and white. Strawflowers belong in the daisy family however they have papery like petal.


This flower is a double whammy in wonderful flowers: bright color and low maintenance. They can tolerate the cold weather really well so no need to worry if fall is cold where you live. They make great flowers for your fall containers as they will cascade out of them in a really lovely way.

Flowering Kale

Yes, it is a variety of kale which you typically think of as a salad and not a pretty plant or fall flower to add to your garden. However flowering kale is more for decoration than eating and is a seriously beautiful deep purple and pink leaved plant and will really make your garden pop this fall.

Ornamental Peppers

Are you looking to add some spice to your garden? Ornamental peppers are just the annual to do that! The peppers come in a variety of colors and a variety of flavors. In fact, some of them are a bit fruity so they are safe to grow around curious children.


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