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25 Best Fall Flowers: Autumn Garden Flowers

Collection of fall-colored flowers

Many people associate spring and summer with fresh flowers, but plenty of flowers bloom in autumn, as well. Whether you’re looking for bright yellow flowers to decorate your garden or romantic blooms for fall flower bouquets, you can find a flower that fits your needs.

We’ve listed 25 of the best fall flowers, each of which bursts into bloom as the days shorten and help to light up the garden with color. Choose a few of these autumn flowers to create a garden that’s full of blooms from spring through fall.

1. Amaranth

Purple amaranth flower growing outside

Gardeners around the world grow amaranth for its edible leaves and seeds. But if you’re after the best fall flowers for your garden, you’ll be after the tassel-like clusters of tiny flowers. Amaranth can tolerate lots of heat, so you can pop it in the ground in late summer and enjoy the flowers in the fall. Look for amaranth in shades of burgundy, peach, green, and gold.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

2. Asters

Purple aster flowers growing outside

The term aster refers to a group of plants that consists of hundreds of different species, many of which produce fall-blooming flowers. All of these flowers are round with a distinct center surrounded by petals. You can find purple species like the New England aster and aromatic aster brightening woodland edges and meadows come fall. And planting annual asters like ‘Valkyrie Chamois’ and ‘Matsumoto’ in the spring or early summer can fill your garden with gorgeous flowers a few months later.

Sun: full sun or part shade

Soil: moist and well-drained

3. Calendula

Bright yellow calendula flower blooming outside

Calendula is a workhorse flowering plant that performs well in just about every season, including the fall. The flowers come in a range of warm colors, including orange, salmon, and mustard, which makes them fit right in with autumn’s palette. And as long as you deadhead spent blooms, plants will continue to produce new blooms up until the first frost.

Sun: full sun or part shade

Soil: rich and well-drained

4. Chrysanthemums

Dark pink chrysanthemum flowers blooming outside

When you think of autumn, you may imagine changing leaves, trick-or-treaters, or warm meals with loved ones. And people had to pick from a long list of fall blooming flowers, many would often point to the chrysanthemum! That’s because just as pumpkins begin appearing at markets and on porches, mums arrive to provide some color and style. Although hardy mums are the most popular type when it comes to porch decor, you can also find exquisite spider mums and little pompon mums. You can even order a bouquet of chrysanthemums for delivery today!

Sun: full sun or part shade

Soil: well-drained

5. Coreopsis

Bright yellow coreopsis flowers blooming in a field

Coreopsis, also known as tickseed, begins blooming in the summer and continues to produce bright, wispy fall flowers throughout the season. There are lots of different coreopsis species, including pin coreopsis and lanceleaf coreopsis. Since these flowers are relatively low maintenance, they work well in areas you don’t want to pay much attention to.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

6. Dahlias

Orange-yellow dahlia flowers blooming outside

Dahlias are some of the showstoppers of the cut flower world, and for good reason! These flowers have perfectly spaced layers of petals, and you can find a wide variety of dahlia colors and shapes. The tuberous plants start producing flowers in the heat of summer and continue pumping out blooms until fall frost arrives.

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich, moist, and well-drained

7. Dianthus

Purple dianthus flowers growing outside

The dianthus genus includes flowers like carnations, Sweet William, and cheddar pinks—all of which can bloom from summer through fall. Some types of dianthus are annuals and others are perennials, so make sure you pay attention to which type you’re planting. Many of these blooms come in some combination of pink and white.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

8. Flowering Kale

Purple flowering kale growing outside

Along with being great in the kitchen, kale can also bring color and texture to the fall garden. While many types of culinary kale are beautiful in their own right, ornamental varieties were bred solely for their good looks. Before you purchase one of these plants, you should realize that the name can be a little deceiving. The beauty of these plants lie in the plant’s colorful foliage rather than flowers.

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich and well-drained

9. Goldenrod

Goldenrod flowering outside

Just before forests change from green to golden in the Northeast, goldenrod bursts onto the scene with bright yellow fall flowers. There are many different goldenrod species with flowers that appear in spikes or clusters. And if you’re concerned about allergies, don’t worry. While many people claim that goldenrod is what’s causing their dry eyes or runny noses, it’s more often the ragweed that flowers at the same time.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

10. Ironweed

Purple ironweed flower growing outside

Ironweed is a late-blooming wildflower that provides a burst of bright purple to meadows and garden edges. The purple flowers first appear in late summer and continue blooming for about a month into the early fall. Since the plants can reach up to six feet tall, they make a great eye-catching addition to your garden.

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich, moist, and well-drained 

11. Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemones flowering outside

A member of the buttercup family, the Japanese anemone grows in clumps and produces handfuls of cute, delicate flowers. Their flowers appear in the late summer or early fall and continue blooming for multiple weeks. Some popular types of Japanese anemones include ‘Honorine Jobert’ and ‘Whirlwind.’

Sun: part sun

Soil: well-drained

12. Joe Pye Weed

Joe pye weed flowering outside

Depending on where you live, Joe Pye weed may bloom anytime from midsummer through mid-fall. This perennial plant produces clusters of small pink flowers atop stems that often tower overhead. There are a handful of different species of Joe Pye weed that are native to the United States, so look for a variety that will thrive in your climate.

Sun: full sun to part shade

Soil: moist and well-drained

13. Marigolds

Orange marigold flowers outside

Need some orange and yellow in your fall garden or autumn arrangements? Then look no further than marigolds! These warm darlings of the flowering world come in all sorts of flower sizes and colors, but oranges, yellows, and reds rule their palettes. If you want to enjoy fall-blooming marigolds, plant seedlings outside in late summer. And don’t forget that the marigold is one of the October birth flowers.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

14. Mexican Bush Sage

Close-up of mexican bush sage flowering

This type of sage produces tall flower spikes in late summer and early fall. The flowers are frequently deep purple or white, and they attract pollinators of all kinds. Since this plant is drought-tolerant, it works well in regions that have hot, dry summers.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

15. Pansies

Violet pansies growing outside

If you want a flower that thrives even after the first fall arrives, pansies will do the trick! While these small flowers may appear delicate, they can handle cold weather and even snow. If you plant pansies out in the early fall, you can expect to enjoy their colorful blooms throughout the fall. And since they’re edible, they’re a chef-favorite for in-season fall flowers.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

16. Russian Sage

Russian sage flowers growing outside

A hardy perennial that’s tolerant of drought and deer, Russian sage is an excellent addition to many fall gardens. It begins producing tall spikes of bluish-purple flowers in the summer and then continues to bloom through the fall. While it’s drought tolerant, it hates saturated soils, so well-draining soil is a must.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

17. Snapdragons

White snapdragons growing outside

While you may think of snapdragons in the spring, these cool weather loving plants can also thrive in the fall. However, since there are multiple types of snapdragons, you should look for group 2 varieties that bloom well during shorter days and lower temperatures. And once your plants start blooming, make sure to remove dead flowers for a continuous supply of colorful blooms.

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich and well-drained

18. Sneezeweed

Sneezeweed flower blooming outside

This group of perennial plants is known for disc flowers that form an almost spherical form and bright ray flowers. They flower in the late summer and fall, making them a great choice if you’re looking for a unique fall flower for some late-season color. As far as the name goes, these plants aren’t particularly sneeze inducing. However, people used to snort the dried leaves to induce sneezing that would cleanse the body.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

19. Strawflowers

Pink strawflower blooming outside

Strawflowers are rockstar annual flowers that can be grown from spring through fall. If you want the plants to produce flowers through the fall, it’s best to plant them in late summer. As their name suggests, these plants produce flowers that are stiff and resemble the texture of straw. While they’re beautiful as fresh flowers, they also dry exceptionally well. Just make sure to remove opened flowers if you want the plants to produce new blooms.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

20. Stock

Stock flowers growing outside

Credit: Wiki Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Matthiola_incana_Vintage_Burgundy_0zz.jpg

If you’ve never smelled stock flowers, you’re missing out. These plants produce tall clusters of fragrant flowers that smell as good as they look. And since they prefer cool weather, they’re certainly one of the best fall flowers you could choose. Stock comes in a wide variety of colors, including pink, purple, white, peach, and yellow. It’s important to note that this plant is a brassica, so it’s susceptible to common garden pests, including flea beetles, cabbage worms, and harlequin bugs.

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich, moist, and well-drained

21. Stonecrop

Pink flowering stonecrop

The term stonecrop refers to a large group of drought-tolerant plants in the Sedum genus. There are low-growing, trailing sedums and taller, upright sedums, and all are beautiful. However, the taller varieties tend to produce flowers that bloom in fall. If you want a fall-blooming stonecrop, check out ‘Autumn Joy’ and ‘Matrona.” Since stonecrops are so drought-tolerant, they work well in rock gardens and other dry areas.

Sun: full sun to part shade

Soil: well-drained

22. Sunflowers

Four focal sunflowers in a field

You may think of sunflowers as warm-weather plants, but these plants will produce flowers up until the first frost. That means you can plant them in late summer and enjoy some beautiful autumn flowers. While big yellow and black sunflowers remain a popular choice, you can also find sunflowers in shades of orange, red, pink, and green. If you’re in a pinch for time, it’s best to choose the faster maturing single flower varieties as opposed to branching types.

Sun: full sun

Soil: well-drained

23. Sweet Alyssum

White sweet alyssum growing outside

Sweep alyssum is a low-growing flowering plant that thrives in cooler weather present in spring and fall. When the weather is right, these plants produce hundreds upon hundreds of tiny white or pink flowers. Not only are these flowers beautiful, but they are also beloved by many types of beneficial insects. Try planting it in your garden to attract green lacewings, hoverflies, and parasitic wasps.

Sun: sun or part shade

Soil: moist and well-drained

24. Turtlehead

Turtlehead plant flowering outside

Turtlehead is the common name for perennial plants in the Chelone genus. These plants produce fall blooming flowers that appear just as summer has said its goodbyes for the year. Turtlehead grows in clumps and can spread to take over sizable areas. Their name comes from their flowers, which many people say resemble small turtle heads.

Sun: full sun or part shade

Soil: moist and well-drained

25. Zinnias

Yellow zinnia flower blooming outside

Zinnias are one of the workhorses of the annual cut flower world. As long as you keep picking, they keep blooming! While spring-planted zinnias can sometimes bloom all the way from summer to fall, you can also replant zinnias in the late summer for more reliable fall flowers. Some beautiful types of zinnias to look out for include ‘Queeny Red Lime,’ ‘Zinderella Peach’, and ‘Benary’s Giant.’

Sun: full sun

Soil: rich and well-drained

Holidays to Send Fall Flowers

Now that we’ve listed 25 of the best fall flowers you can find throughout the season, we figure it’s a good time to go over various autumn holidays that you may want to send flowers for.

Grandparents Day: First Sunday After Labor Day

Grandparents are the best! They spend all of their silver years spoiling their grandchildren, so why not take some time to spoil them? Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day and is the most ideal of all the fall holidays to have some family time. Whether you can be with your grandparents in person or you have to send the flowers from afar, this holiday is a perfect excuse for some holiday flowers!

National Pet Memorial Day: Second Sunday in September

Our pets are our family, and losing a family member is never easy. This is one of those fall holidays that is meant for flowers. Maybe you or a family member just lost one of their furry loved ones. Send them some flowers for National Pet Memorial Day!

Rosh Hashanah: First Day of the Seventh Month in the Hebrew Calendar

Rosh Hashanah will almost always fall in September or October. It’s the holiday for the Jewish New Year and focuses on repentance for the year gone by and celebration for the upcoming year. Apples and honey are traditional food for Rosh Hashanah. But what about flowers for Rosh Hashanah? White or seasonal flowers make an excellent gift if you’ve been invited to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a Jewish family. They can also be chosen for centerpieces

Positive Thinking Day: September 13

Positive Thinking Day is one of the holidays in the fall that is dedicated to trying to stay positive. Life can all too easily get you down. Whether you are in a rut or just had a bad day, everyone needs a reminder to stay positive. Send yourself or a friend some holiday flowers for Positive Thinking Day!

National Women’s Friendship Day: Third Sunday in September

Your female BFF’s are so important! Your girlfriends are your rocks, your free therapists, and your confidants. You should use any excuse you can get to shower your lady friends with love, affection, and flowers! The third Sunday every September is National Women’s Friendship Day, and it’s the perfect of all the fall holidays to send your friends flowers!

Wife Appreciation Day: Third Sunday in September

Spouses best not forget this holiday! While you do not really need an excuse to tell your wife you appreciate her any day of the week, why not use this holiday to send her some holiday flowers? Wife Appreciation Day is the third Sunday every September – mark it in your calendars!

National Boyfriend Day: October 3

Boyfriends deserve lots of love and appreciation too. National Boyfriend Day is lesser known than other fall holidays, but it still deserves to be celebrated. If you’re lucky enough to have a guy in your life who loves flowers, consider sending him a bouquet to surprise him with an unconventional gesture. This holiday is your excuse to shower your man with some love!

Do Something Nice Day: October 5

This holiday is exactly what it sounds like – a day dedicated to doing something nice and spreading cheer. Have you heard a better excuse for holiday flowers? Spread some kindness to your friends with a fresh Bouq. They’ll feel nice and you will too!

World Teachers Day: October 5

Teachers deserve to be better taken care of. They spend all day with our kids and teach them how to be educated adults. That’s no easy task, especially this year after distance learning! Teachers go above and beyond, working after school to prep lessons and grade papers and tests. That’s why teachers deserve some thanks, and some flowers, on World Teacher’s Day on October 5.

Bosses Day: October 16

Whether you and your boss are close or not, Bosses Day provides a great opportunity to show appreciation for the leaders in your life. Have your coworkers pitch in and send your boss a big, beautiful thank you bouquet to show them you notice their hard work!

Mother-in-Law Day: Fourth Sunday in October

Your in-laws can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. No matter where your in-laws lay on that scale, it can’t hurt to offer an occasional olive branch – or should we say flower stem? The fourth Sunday in October is Mother-in-Law Day, and it’s the perfect fall occasion for some holiday flowers!

So, holiday lovers, forget your end-of-summer blues – there are plenty of reasons to shower your friends and loved ones with surprise gestures of affection and appreciation. Luckily The Bouqs Co. can help you send fresh flowers for every holiday!

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