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Sagittarius Birth Flower: Carnation

Bouquet of red carnations

Sagittarians are energetic and bold, and approach the world with a positive disposition. It’s a good thing, too, because with their birthdays falling between November 22 and December 21, they’re used to hearing, “here’s your birthday/(insert holiday here) gift!” That’s right, they notice. So if you have a Sagittarius in your life, be sure to celebrate them on that special day. As strong willed and independent as Sagittarians are, they are equally loyal to friends and loved ones. The Sagittarius is a friend for life, trustworthy enough to keep your deepest secrets.

Bright, bold carnations symbolize longevity and resilience, traits that are fundamental to Sagittarius, so they’re a perfect march as the Sagittarius birth flower. Carnations also represent love and passion, capturing Sagittarius’ exuberant passion for life and loved ones. Flowers hold a time-honored place in birthday and astrology traditions, and just like birth months, zodiac signs are represented by more than one flower.

With the variety of bold flowers associated with Sagittarius, there’s no excuse for leaving this fire sign to share their birthday with a major holiday. Sending a bouquet of Sagittarius birth flowers is a breeze with options that are made to mix and match. Striking liatris and fiery mums make a bold statement in a birthday bouquet. Crocus is a Sagittarius zodiac flower too, sharing the star sign’s pioneer spirit. 

Carnations are the main event, Sagittarius’ primary birth flower, in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, purple, and blue. The adventurous Sagittarius is open-hearted and appreciates attention, so a vibrant bouquet of Sagittarius birth flowers that say “today is all about you” will warm their heart, not go to their head, and chances are, they’ll remember and reciprocate when your birthday comes around.

Carnation Symbolism

Carnations symbolize love and devotion, and were associated with engagement during the Renaissance, when painters commonly featured carnations in engagement scenes. They are always appropriate in wedding bouquets because of this meaning. Sagittarians are energetic, bold, and generous, and tend to be natural leaders. Carnations, symbolic of distinction, speak to their stand-out personality, uniqueness, and firm resolve. They tend to have a wandering nature, often preferring to travel alone, following their inspiration, connecting sagittarius with the carnation’s association with fascination. 

To go a little deeper into carnation symbolism, let’s explore the flower’s role in floriography, the Victorian language of flowers that’s enjoying newfound popularity. Pink carnations express gratitude, white ones symbolize purity and innocence, and red mean love and affection. Yellow carnations mean disappointment and rejection, so in messaging terms, probably not good birthday flowers. On the other hand, purple carnations symbolize capriciousness, which may resonate with an unpredictable, up-for-anything Sagittarius.

Carnation Varieties

There are three main categories of carnations. Large blooms with long stems are the type most people think of when talking about carnations. Dwarf carnations are the smallest type, and spray carnations, as the name indicates, produce several blooms from one stem. 

Dianthus Caryophyllus – Carnation

This type is most commonly associated with the tem “carnation,” blooming in shades of pink, red, salmon, and white. Over 2,000 years old in origin and native to the Mediterranean, they do well in sunny, humid climates.

  • Laced Romeo -tall carnations with white-fringed red petals
  • Grenadin King of the Blacks – deep purplish red, often appearing black
  • Vienna Mix – blooms in a variety of colors, primarily red, pink, and yellow

Dianthus Barbatus – Sweet William

Sweet William carnations blossom in clusters of pink, salmon, red or white flowers, which are edible. Bees, birds, and butterflies love their intense fragrance. This type is extremely resilient and can grow in any environment.

  • Pinnochio – dwarf variety with red, white, pink, or bicolor flowers
  • Heart Attack – reddish-black flowers grow up to twelve inches
  • Scarlett Beauty – vivid red flowers with an exceptional fragrance

Dianthus Deltoides – Maiden Pinks

Maiden Pinks have loosely tufted blooms and can be used as a ground cover, blooming in summer months.

  • Confetti White  – bright white blooms that appear to sparkle against deep green foliage
  • Arctic Fire – white blooms with pink centers outlined in vivid red.
  • Flashing Light – Fast bloomers with deep red blooms

Dianthus Grataiapolitensis – Cheddar Pinks

These perennials grow very densely, and are popular ground cover plants. The flowers are a beautiful rose pink hue, and are very fragrant.

Dianthus Chinensis – Hardy Annual Dianthus

Preferring cool climates, Hardy Annuals produce single flowers or clusters that are usually red, pink, or white.

Dianthus Plumarius

A very common carnation, this type grows two feet tall, and flowers have five pink petals with fringed edges.

Dianthus Armeria

Simple five-petaled flowers in bright red and pink atop 12 inch stems, Dianthus Armeria is native to Europe, and a popular ornamental flower.

Dianthus Pavonius

The leaves of this variety are blue-green, with deep magenta flowers with brown or blue centers. Growing to about 10 inches, they are very eye-catching.

Dianthus Seguieri

Growing to two feet, the petals are extremely wide and give the illusion of one large, single petal in saturated pink with purple markings in the center.

Dianthus Superbus

This delicate looking carnation can have regular or fringed petals in red, white, or purple with green centers. They have a sweet scent, and are edible.

Carnation History/Fun Facts

Wild carnations are native to Greece and other Mediterranean countries, and have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. In Greek mythology, carnations sprouted from the remains of a shepherd who spurned the goddess Diana, who fell in love with him. When he rejected her, she removed his eyes, throwing him to the ground. Carnations became a chosen ceremonial flower used in garlands and crowns. 

Carnations are the most popular flower for weddings in China, and the official first wedding flower. They also represent January as the birth month flowers. Carnations were in heavy rotation during the Victorian Era, used in intricate notes expressed in flower language, or floriography, expressing everything from love and passion to rejection and displeasure. In a more unconventional flower tradition, students at Oxford University wear carnations during exams, sporting white for the first exam, for good luck, pink for the rest, until the final exam, for which they wear a red carnation.

More Sagittarius Zodiac Flowers

Zodiac profiles are multifaceted, and so is the impulsive, unpredictable Sagittarius, so it’s a good idea to know your options when gifting flowers for this birthday. Chrysanthemums are as attention-getting as any extroverted Sagittarius, earning them the title of zodiac flower. Mums always leave a lasting impression, but a mix of red and orange mums captures the fire sign’s joyous independence and lust for life.

Liatris’ spiky, deep.purple blooms grow tall, willing to tower boldly above other plants, again reflecting Sagittarius’ flair for naturally attracting attention and feeling right at home. In similar fashion, crocus are also Sagittarius birth flowers, for their pioneer spirit, emerging in bold purple, yellow, and white blooms while snow is still on the ground, often flourishing where other flowers don’t. Their resilience mirrors Sagittarius’ gutsy, independent wanderings, and small as they are, they’re impossible to miss, just like a Sagittarius!

More About Zodiac Flowers

Hopefully you found all the inspiration you need to surprise your favorite Sagittarius with a birthday flower delivery that captures their unique brand of bold. If you’re still catching up on November birthdays, you can find similar crash courses in Scorpio birth flowers and November birth flowers. No matter how you choose your blooms, The Bouqs will deliver the freshest, longest lasting blooms sustainably wherever you need to send them, straight from the farm to their door. There are flowers for every zodiac sign, so if you’re that person who has lots of special folks in your life to celebrate, we have a subscription service for that! Come see how many ways we can help you celebrate with flowers!

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