Mother's Day

5 Flower Color Schemes for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers

Moms deserve more than just one holiday a year to celebrate all that they do for us. Without moms, none of us would even be here! Moms can be a teacher, a gourmet chef, a chauffeur, and a best friend and that is just one day of motherhood. Moms deserve whatever they want for Mother’s Day, whether it’s just to take a long nap and watch movies or go to a four-course brunch. If you want your mom to celebrate Mother’s Day for weeks to come, though, why not get her mother’s day flowers in one of these five fresh color schemes?

Bold Yellows

Do you have a show-stopping momma bear? Maybe your mom brings a little bit of light into everyone’s day when she walks into a room. If this sounds like your mom, maybe she would like a Mother’s Day flower arrangement with a bold yellow color scheme contrasted by luscious lavenders and purples. Think sunflowers and lavender, a color scheme that would bring some light back into her life. Yellow flowers are symbolic of friendship and happiness, so if you want to thank your mom for the friendship and support she’s provided you throughout the years, this is the color scheme for her Mother’s Day bouquet.

Power Pinks

If your mom were a crystal, she would be rose quartz; compassionate and filled with unconditional love for everyone around her. If this sounds like your mom, she’d probably love a monochromatic power pink color scheme for her Mother’s Day flowers. Think of peonies, pink roses, and carnations. Pink flowers symbolize gentleness, happiness, and love and pink, in general, has a feminine and youthful glow to it. If your mom is a born caretaker with an open heart, this is a great color scheme for her Mother’s Day flower arrangements.


Does your mom spend a lot of time gardening? Does life seem to grow and thrive around her? Does she love nature and hiking and always somehow have a color-coordinated outfit on? Your mom would probably like a pastel color scheme. Think light pinks, blues, and purples with lots of green leaves. Green is symbolic of nature and growth, so if your mom is naturally a beauty and loves mother nature, a pastel color scheme with pops of green would be a good color scheme for her Mother’s Day flowers.

Royal Purples

Let’s face it; your mom is royalty. The queen of the family deserves to be treated as such every day, but more than ever on Mother’s Day. Does she heal all physical and mental wounds in your life? She would probably like a royal purple color scheme, like an amethyst crystal. Amethyst crystals are used for their healing powers and stunning beauty. Think lilies, violets, and lavender. Purple flowers symbolize success, dignity, and admiration. If you want to let your mom know that you look up to and admire her, send her a Mother’s Day Bouq with a royal purple color scheme.

Warm Oranges

If your mom is like coming home to a warm, cozy hug, you should give her a little warmth back with a warm orange color scheme. If your mom is like sunshine in a person, your mom would probably like a Mother’s Day flower arrangement with warm oranges, light blues, light greens, and light pinks. After all, orange flowers are symbolic of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Want some more ideas? Check out our post on unique flowers for Mother’ Day. Staying home this year? We can help with some ideas for a virtual Mother’s Day.

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