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Color Schemes for Mother’s Day

Pastel pink flower bouquet with a pastel pink background

It’s hard to sum up motherhood with one feeling or color. There are the bright yellow days when moms feel like superheroes, gracefully juggling after-school appointments, birthday parties, and homework. And there are the tender pink moments where moms wrap their children in a hug to let them know that they’re there for them, no matter what the world brings. Other times motherhood feels a bit like periwinkle, as moms practice patience and calmness amidst chaos and confusion.

While motherhood encompasses all kinds of moments and colors, one thing’s for sure: moms deserve to be celebrated. Whether you’re ordering Mother’s Day flowers for your mom or planning a festive brunch, keep these Mother’s Day color palettes in mind.

Bright Yellows

Even in dark moments, moms bring brightness and light.

Remember that time you were scared of a big game or recital? Your mom was there to pick you up and remind you of your capabilities. How about that time you did less than stellar on your test? Mom lifted you up, helped you develop a study plan, and stood by you as you worked to do better next time.

To capture the light and energy Mom brings to the world, opt for bright yellow colors paired with some supporting hues. Pairing yellows with pale pinks and purples let your mom know you recognize her strength as well as her gentleness. And combining yellow flowers with bright orange and hot pink blooms sends the message that your mom is powerful, no matter what life throws at her.

If you or Mom are staying home this year, send her some yellow flowers, and then check out our ideas for a virtual Mother’s Day.

Pretty Pinks

If your mom were a crystal, she would be rose quartz: compassionate and filled with unconditional love for everyone around her, while also strong and unwilling to bend what she believes in. If this sounds like your mom, she’d probably love a pink color scheme for her Mother’s Day flowers.
That said, not all pink flowers are the same. Plus, pairing them with different colors can impact your bouquet’s overall vibe.

Pale Pinks, Peaches, and Purples

While some people think pastel colors are weak, we know that’s not true. Instead, they’re tender, caring, and supportive…just like Mom.

Combine light pink, purple, and peach for the ultimate soft color scheme. Fortunately, we have Mother’s Day Bouqs that are perfect for this scheme, so you won’t have to do much searching to find fitting flowers. Once you’ve ordered your mom her bouquet,

Hot Pink

If you know your mom is as powerful as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (and what mom isn’t), she may enjoy a hot pink color scheme that matches her bold personality.

Even if you know your mom will love bright pink flowers, it can be a bit more difficult deciding what type of blooms to order! Some popular options include tulips, ranunculus, and roses. However, one of our favorite options is the aptly named Stargazer lily. Not only is the pink and white color scheme stunning, but the blooms’ dramatic shapes also remind us of Mom’s power.

A Blend of Greens

All it takes is a walk through a park, garden, or forest to remind us of green’s calming and restorative nature. That’s why green is the perfect Mother’s Day color for a mom that could use a bit of relaxation.

However, green isn’t only for stressed-out moms. It’s also a great choice for moms who love spending time in the natural world as well as those focused on growth and improvement.

Houseplants and Cut Greenery

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but plants are a must-have if you’re going with a green scheme. If your mom has a natural green thumb, don’t hesitate to give her a new houseplant as a Mother’s Day gift. While you may already know a specific plant that’s on her wish list, we’ve got some recommendations as well.

Pothos are relatively easy to take care of, and it’s a joy to watch them grow into cascading statement pieces. And since they come in a number of different varieties, you can choose from multiple patterns and colors. And if your mom is looking for a plant that can handle some serious shade and neglect, consider a ZZ plant.

Of course, some moms don’t want to play caregiver to anything else. If that’s the case, you can skip the houseplants and show her how much you care with some cut greenery like eucalyptus and monstera leaves. Use this greenery as a foundation and feel free to add in a few colorful flowers.

Inspired By Spring

Along with using one color as inspiration for your Mother’s Day color palette, you can also use spring itself!

First, start with light greens present in newly emerging buds and leaves. Once you’ve got your greens covered, turn to spring flowers to round out the colors. Use bright yellows to replicate daffodils, dark purples for crocuses, and pinks for tulips.

Once you’ve got your colors set, whip up some floral treats! Edible flowers like violets and calendula make pretty toppings for cupcakes and pies. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can sugar the flowers before adding them to your sweets.

Finally, give your mom one of the best symbols of spring: flowers! While any type of bouquet will let your mom know you care, a bouquet of freshly cut tulips screams spring.

Royal Purple

Let’s face it; your mom is royalty. The queen of the family deserves to be treated as such every day, but more than ever on Mother’s Day. And no color says royalty like purple!
While deep purple is the traditional color of royalty due to its once rare and expensive nature, don’t be afraid to add a modern spin by opting for a lighter lavender shade. And feel free to mix different shades.

No matter what shade of purple you opt for, start the celebrations by ordering Mom some purple flowers like roses, tulips, or stock. Once you’ve taken care of the must-have flowers, it’s time to prepare for a celebration fit for your Mom. To keep with the purple and royal theme, mix up a pitcher of lavender-scented lemonade.

Next, keep Mom feeling like the queen she is with an at-home spa day! Pick up some facial masks, offer to paint her nails, treat her to a foot soak, and send her home with some new bath bombs.

Sunny and Warm

Nothing is quite like a mother’s love and the warm feeling it brings. So why not use this warmth as inspiration for your Mother’s Day color scheme?
Start by picking out flowers in a blend of orange, yellow, and peach hues. After you’ve got your flowers, get to work creating an inviting environment for Mom’s big day. Slice up some oranges and grapefruit (sugar and broil them for something extra special), set the mood with some fun yet relaxing tea lights, and give Mom a place to relax today and every day with a new hammock or lounge chair.

To top the day off, write her a note or card recognizing all the moments she’s made you feel special to let her know all the care she shows the world doesn’t go unnoticed. And don’t hesitate to get your siblings in on the action as well.

White and Pastels

While there’s no doubt in your mind that your mom is the best, not all of her hard work goes recognized and appreciated. One moment she’s cooking up a meal to drop off a sick co-worker and the next moment she’s picking up a birthday card to send to her out of state friend. And in between it all, she’s caring for her family and trying to find a moment to herself.

To recognize Mom’s stunning yet understated contributions and talents, go with a color palette that highlights whites and light pastels. This color scheme is fun yet relaxing, and perfect for a warm spring day.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of gorgeous white flowers you can choose from. Ranunculus provides layers of delicate petals, lilies offer a show-stopping shape, and daisies remind us of simpler days. And when it comes time to add a pop of pastel color, you can choose from just about any flower imaginable, including some unique flowers for Mother’s Day.

Get Ready to Celebrate Mother’s Day

No matter which color scheme you go with, The Bouqs Co. has tons of gorgeous farm-fresh flower arrangements to match. Our flowers are sourced from sustainable farms and cut to order, meaning your mom will be served up the freshest flowers possible.

Plus, we’re willing to work with all sorts of schedules. If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, you can order your Mother’s Day flowers weeks in advance. And if you waited until the very last minute, we’ve got you covered with flowers for same-day delivery.

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