Top Wedding Trends for 2021

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They say hindsight is 20/20. The good news is now we can look forward to 2021 with new wedding trends! We see a spike in intimate celebrations, creative venues like rental homes, and making it a world-wide event with live streaming. No matter what year, one never forgets the biggest day of their lives.

2021 is a year of new beginnings. Celebrate the first step in your journey as a married couple by taking inspiration from some of these popular trends or create your own path by setting a new trend. Looking for flowers for your big day? We invite you to browse through our stunning collections of wedding flowers.

Wedding Trends for Gatherings

We all know how 2020 changed all gatherings. Weddings felt a major impact on how receptions and ceremonies were conducted. Expect some of those trends to continue into 2021. Also, expect some newer trends to develop.

Dining room table with wedding floral centerpiece in peach, ivory and green.

Intimate Weddings and Micro Weddings Are In

Remember those heady days when 300+ person weddings were all the rage? That’s not the trend for 2021. Even with things opening up and an end to isolation in sight, intimate weddings and micro weddings are still very much a thing for 2021. There’s even a new name in the wedding industry for it: minimonies.

Along with intimate weddings, we are seeing a lot of weddings with smaller dining tables and unconventional seating. No more tables of 12 singles that don’t know each other. Pod tables are a thing and asymmetrical seating can be harmonious.

Socially distanced spatial design has thrived. Similar to landscape design or feng shui, spaces have taken into account negative space and separation and helped create beautiful venues that tell a story.

Leave the Buffet in Margaritaville: Self-Serve Is Out

Buffets have lost their glamor, no doubt about it. While we can see a future where buffets make a return in a big way, 2021 is not that year. Expect more creative ways of serving food: think self-contained hors d’oeurves and pre-bottled cocktails. Plated menus and suggested wine pairings have now replaced the carving stations and mashed potato bars of the late 2010s.

Food trucks aren’t new, they were trendy several years ago, but they are a big hit in 2021 with their ability to serve portions with a side of social distance.

Flight Risk: Destination Weddings Are Out

This should come as no surprise but people simply cannot travel the way they could in years past. Hear that sound? It’s your guests breathing a sigh of relief since they don’t have to book an expensive ticket to a tropical island for their friends and family.

Stay-Locations Are the new Staycations: Outdoor Venues Are In

Many couples have discovered that you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to bask in the beauty of the great outdoors. Local outdoor locations are in. From beautiful scenic vistas to exploring local wineries, brides and grooms found that the local outdoors can be just as exciting without excessive travel time. Beach weddings have been extremely popular so forget those 3-inch stilettos and think about a ceremony barefoot in the sand at sunset.

At-home venues have also grown in popularity, especially for intimate weddings. Don’t have a family home suitable for a wedding? Our tip: rent one. Rental homes have been incredibly popular in the last few months.

Broadcast Your Love: Live Streaming Weddings Is In

This was an emerging trend even before 2020 but live streaming weddings for friends and family who live afar and cannot make the trip has simply exploded in popularity. Many couples never imagined that grandma and grandpa could learn to Zoom but in 2020 we learned that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Gone Green: Sustainability Is In

Sustainability has been fashionable for a few years now. But farm-fresh, locally sourced food is all the rage in 2021. No need to worry about delays with imported Maine lobster when you can use fresh local Pacific salmon or catfish. Looking for wedding flowers? Forget the foam and plan for a low centerpiece that facilitates table conversation and plays well with the environment.

Wedding Trends in Decor

A Secret Garden: the English Garden Vibe Is In

Think The Crown and Bridgerton. These immensely popular shows have set the tone for a lot of themes we are seeing for weddings going into 2021. Teeming garden installations that would make Full Bloom contestants blush. With indoor weddings heavily limited, brides and grooms have turned to the gardens for inspiration. After all, what’s better than a vibrant, lush setting?

White Out Over New Traditions

For the past few years, brides and grooms have been trying out new color combinations rather than sticking with the traditional all-white. Warm hues are in. Consider burnt orange or deep purple. Include your favorite color and make it pop!

Back to the Future: Nostalgia and Vintage

Perhaps it’s all the time spent on Zoom, but creating a sense of drama through nostalgic and vintage motifs is surging in 2021. No matter what your theme, from rustic farmhouse to boho chic, vintage elements can add that touch of flair to really make your wedding memories photographic.

Fresh Wedding Floral Trends

Flower arrangements set the tone for the wedding. Why limit yourself when you can customize your romantic vision with majestic blooms from around the world. Create an ambiance that reflects your unique story as a couple. You might not be able to travel to a volcano in Ecuador for your wedding but you can bring the sumptuous volcanic blooms to you!

Pink and white floral arrangement with roses, accents, and greenery.


Whether you’re going for a French countryside wedding or putting the chic into modern industrial, adding greenery is a great way to emphasize the outdoors and refresh the mind and spirit.

Dried Flowers

One trend that really took off in 2020 was the inclusion of dried flowers. With so many changing dates, many couples adopted an approach of incorporating dried floral arrangements into their centerpieces and decor. With dried flowers, you don’t have to worry about a last-minute change of date wilting your wonderful displays.

Multicolored Flowers

Couples have been trending towards warm hues rather than the traditional all-white. When looking for colors that pop. If you want that wow factor, browse through some simple wedding ideas that have that wow factor you’re looking for.

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