Unique Wedding Bouquets for the Big Day

bride walking down the aisle holding a bouquet with yellow and red and white flowers

Think of all the weddings you’ve attended over the years—how many bridal bouquets can you remember? With the amount of time and effort most brides put into carefully selecting stunning flowers to carry down the aisle, few will have a bouquet that people talk about for years to come. That doesn’t mean that the flowers aren’t gorgeous and impressive on the big day; they’re just not extraordinary enough to create a lasting impact. There’s certainly nothing wrong with using classic flowers for your wedding bouquet. They’re sure to be stunning and add to the overall ambiance. Those who want something over-the-top, though, might have to think outside the box! Below, check out some of our suggestions for a unique bridal bouquet:


Beer lovers rejoice! If you’re a laid-back bride who’d choose a frosty brewski over a glass of chardonnay any day, then hops may be your perfect wedding bouquet addition. They’re not just a necessary ingredient in your favorite pint of draft – they’re also eye-catching vines. If you and your groom love beer and are planning to add some beer elements to your nuptials, hops are the ideal unique wedding flowers. They make adorable boutonnieres and stunning garlands, too!


Succulents are becoming more and more common in flower arrangements, but they still make for some unique bridal bouquets. You may choose to incorporate a few succulents among some other traditional blooms. For something really stand-out, though, you could opt to have your entire wedding bouquet done in succulents. Another selling point is that succulents are incredibly sturdy, so they’ll look great all day and night.

Dried Lavender

You may have seen fresh lavender used in bouquets before, but for something a little Old-World, try a dried lavender bouquet. Not only will it smell amazing, but it will also add a lovely rustic element. Even better, your Bouq will already be dried, so you can easily turn it into a keepsake afterward.

Air Plants

You may never have considered air plants for your big day, but the truth is that these wispy beauties make for some totally unique bridal bouquets. Air plants are available year-round, won’t wilt, and add an eye-catching sculptural vibe.

King Protea

If you really want to make a statement with your bouquet, then the King Protea is the bloom for you. As the name suggests, this flower is giant, spiky, fuzzy, and stately. In fact, it’s so spectacular, it works well nestled in just a bit of greenery and nothing else. It can also be incorporated in a more elaborate arrangement.


You typically see these bright, cheerful blooms growing at the back of someone’s garden, but in a completely different setting, they grab a lot of attention. Sunflowers are unique wedding flowers that add an extra punch of joy to the big day. They’re also said to be good luck! Used on their own, they make an ultra cheery bundle; juxtaposed against some traditional blooms, they offer an unexpected pop.


Spiky thistles don’t immediately come to mind when you’re planning your wedding flowers, which, if you think about it, makes them the perfect choice. Thistles add texture and tons of visual interest to a wedding bouquet. They can also provide your ‘something blue’ to carry down the aisle.


Speaking of thistles, you’ve probably never considered this well-known thistle (or even realized that it is one!) for your bridal bouquet. Yes, the delectable artichoke is actually a thistle, and is quite stunning to look at, too. Its rustic colors and sculptural texture make it the ideal addition to any eye-catching bouquet. Foodies should be especially attracted to this unusual choice.


1. Filler Flowers

Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquet

Filler flowers deserve some time in the spotlight too! A wedding bouquet comprised of just filler flowers can be the hidden floral gem we have all been searching for.

We suggest using baby’s breath, delphinium, or feverfew daisies for your rustic wedding Bouq!

2. Greenery

Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Sometimes, flowers aren’t always the way to go. But no worries, we just want to show some of our favorite greenery some love too! If you absolutely love earthy tones, then you should definitely look into eucalyptus, rosemary, succulents, kale (yes, like the produce) or lamb’s ear.

3. Dried Flowers

Dried Lavender Wedding Bouquet

It’s every bride’s dream to want to make their wedding bouquet last forever, and they totally could! Dried flowers are a great way to make your floral arrangement look beautifully rustic and long-lasting. Some of our favorites are dried lavender, hydrangeas, and roses!

4. Black Blooms

Black Wedding Bouquet

Okay, hear us out. Black may not be the most traditional color for the happiest moment of your life, but for the ones who just can’t enough of the gothic look, black flowers are perfect addition to your wedding!

5. Tropical Bouquet

Tropical Wedding Bouquet

Planning for a beach wedding? What better way to match the ocean backdrop than with a bouquet of tropical flowers and greenery in your arms! Pineapples, ginger, and orchids make up the perfect tropical bouquet for you Big Day.

6. Cotton Arrangement

Cotton Wedding Bouquet

They say you feel like you’re on Cloud 9 on your wedding day, so who says your wedding bouquet can’t reflect that same sentiment? Putting together a few stems of cloud-like cotton can very-well be the perfect wedding arrangement!

7. Sheet Music Flowers

Sheet Music Wedding Flowers

Paper flowers are all the rage nowadays, and if you’re a big music fan, then you should definitely bring out your crafty side for a sheet music flower bouquet!


Your Big Day should be one for the books, which is why we think a one-of-a-king bride should have a one-of-a-kind wedding Bouq!

Our wedding team at The Bouqs Co. is all about bringing your perfect visions to life. Our pre-arranged and DIY package options are sure to wow any happy couple and guests alike. And don’t forget to check out our collaboration with Monique Lhuillier for even more perfectly curated floral arrangements!

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