How To Personalize Your Wedding

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Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be unique & special, but what is the best way to accomplish that goal? It’s all in the details! We had the opportunity to chat with Kimberly Richards, Editor and Trends Expert at WeddingWire and she gave us the scoop on different ways to personalize your wedding.

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What’s the most unique wedding element that you’ve encountered?

We recently featured a Florida wedding that was flamingo-themed. It was definitely over-the-top in many ways, but everything matched the theme and it all felt very cohesive. Even the bride’s printed gown matched the bright color scheme.

What are couples doing these days to personalize their wedding?

One of the most distinct ways that weddings have changed in the past few decades is the rise of personalization. Weddings used to be pretty cookie-cutter and looked generally the same. Nowadays, no two weddings are alike and couples are infusing their events with lots of personal details. A real symbol of the rise of personalization is the monogram. We’re seeing couples create their own unique monogram using the WeddingWire Monogram Generator and use it in a variety of ways throughout the wedding. The wedding hashtag is another example of this—nearly 50% of couples are creating their own wedding hashtag and using it throughout their engagement and during the actual wedding, too! The WeddingWire Hashtag Generator is a great place to get your own personalized hashtag.

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We’re also seeing couples infuse their own personal style, interests, and hobbies into their wedding—from naming tables after places where they’ve traveled, to including pets into the big day. We also love how couples are including signage throughout their wedding to display favorite quotes, both sweet and silly.

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What kinds of items can you monogram?

We’re seeing couples get super-creative with their monograms. In fact, we compiled a list of 20 ways to include monograms in your wedding. Some of our favorites include embroidering a monogram on attire, printing on napkins and other paper goods, displaying it on favors like cookies and sunglasses, creating floral monograms, and featuring it on the cake as well! Using your monogram throughout the wedding really helps “brand” your wedding and gives it a cohesive feel.

Monogram Napkins

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Besides floral monograms, what other types of floral arrangements give a wedding a special touch?

At wedding receptions, we’re seeing flowers moving beyond the tables onto walls and even hanging from the ceiling! Of course, we all remember the floral backdrop at Kim and Kanye’s wedding—and now we’re seeing floral walls pop up all the time. Just like at Kimye’s wedding, they make a great backdrop for all of those selfies! And the idea of greenery and flowers being hung from the ceiling, particularly on chandeliers, is a creative way to draw guests’ eyes to different parts of the reception décor.

Floral Wall

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Of course, flower crowns are popular at more boho-chic style weddings. They truly add a touch of whimsy to a bride’s look.

Wedding Flower Headpiece

What’s the best way to go about finding vendors that are willing to customize?

The best first step is reading reviews of wedding vendors on a site like WeddingWire. You’ll be able to read first-hand accounts of how vendors worked with other engaged couples. Look for reviews that really show specific, concrete examples of how the vendor customized or added personal touches to a couple’s big day. And looking at photos of a vendor’s work is super important as well.

What can brides do to make their bouquet stand out?

It’s really all about personal taste! Some people prefer more loose arrangements; others want more structured styles. I personally love to see bouquets that feature a wide range of flowers and hues—not sticking too closely to one defined color scheme. We’re seeing a lot of very large, lush arrangements with lots of greenery these days, and those bouquets are real showstoppers. Of course, including unique elements like succulents or scabiosa pods or bold, rarely-seen flowers like protea are nice touches. The Bouqs’ “Wild About U”, (appropriately named!) “Showstopper,” and “Sangria” arrangements are really great examples of this style.

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Where can couples go to find ideas that will help set their wedding apart?

Shameless plug, but we recommend visiting WeddingWire, particularly our real weddings section and our Pinterest boards. You’ll be able to find lots of great inspiration and by mixing and matching, you can create an event that’s truly your own.

As I mentioned earlier, choosing the right wedding vendors from the start and trusting them is essential. Wedding vendors want to make your wedding feel personal and unique, and their job is to make your dreams reality.

What can brides and grooms do to make to make their wedding truly special for each other?

Sure, there are ideas like giving each other special gifts on the morning of the wedding, writing your own vows, or even giving a special toast or surprise performance during the reception. But I think the most special part of a wedding can be the quiet moments that a couple spends just the two of them. Whether that’s taking a few private moments after the ceremony to celebrate together, having an extended portrait session where you can take incredible photos together, or stealing away during the reception to watch the event from afar, couples should try to take some private time during the wedding just for them. Of course, it’s important to celebrate with (and thank!) your guests, but the day goes by so quickly, don’t forget to take it all in.


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