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How to Select Unique Mother’s Day Flowers

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Are you tired of sending mom the same flowers year after year? Gone to the supermarket and realized the flowers are the same ones you always see? This year, don’t send the same flowers, try something new. Here are our recommendations for some fresh flower ideas for Mom in 2021.

Choosing Special Flowers for Mother’s Day

Like flowers, moms are ultra special and no two are exactly alike. That’s why, when you’re thinking about how to select unique Mother’s Day flowers for your one-of-a-kind mama, you need to think out of the box. Here are a few of our top selections for your consideration.

  • Lilacs
  • Herbs
  • Sunflowers
  • Air Plants
  • Magnolias
  • Hydrangeas
  • Bluebells
  • Azaleas
  • Mixed Bouquets

However, even with a list of unique Mother’s Day flowers in hand, it’s tough to know which to choose. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you hanging. Read on to discover more about what makes some of these picks a stand-out option for your outstanding mom.


Lilacs are commonly associated with spring and summer, but are not often given as a gift for Mother’s Day. If you want to give something fragrant and filled with charm, then lilacs are a wonderful choice. Creating a layered lilac arrangement is a stunning way to celebrate the season and your one-of-a-kind mom. The soft, lush blooms create an impressive arrangement with very few stems required and they quickly fill any room with their sweet, distinctive scent.


Another unexpected Mother’s Day choice is herbs. People often overlook herbs for bouquets and other flower arrangements, but the fact is that herbs are unique and beautiful just like mom. They also work well when arranged alongside flowers. Each herb has its own distinct color, shape, and often scent so they add an uncommon facet to arrangements. Particularly if you have a foodie mom, an arrangement that includes some herbs is a quirky, fun choice.


There’s not much that’s as cheerful as a big, bold sunflower, except a whole bundle of lively sunflowers. Imagine presenting your bubbly, upbeat mom with a big bundle of sunshine. These beauties work well presented as a singular bloom, grouped together, or added in with other flowers. They give an extra shot of happiness to any space they’re in.

Air Plants

Moms are multi-talented, but not every mom has a green thumb. If your mom loves greenery but doesn’t have a lot of luck with flowers and other plants, then air plants are a wonderful gift option. Air plants require very little care and are awe-inspiring both on their own or incorporated into your unique Mother’s Day flowers. Even once the rest of the bouquet has wilted away, the air plants can be kept as an ongoing gift.


Another wonderful choice for unique Mother’s Day flowers is magnolias. These sizable stunners look incredible presented as a single bloom or bundled with other flowers. While magnolias look rather delicate, they’re actually quite resilient—just like moms. It’s no wonder that this flower is seen as a symbol of endurance, eternity, and long life.


Imagine presenting mom with an armful of big, billowy puffs of bliss. Hydrangeas come in a range of soft, stunning shades and it doesn’t take a lot of them to make an impact. Even better, among the many meanings associated with hydrangeas are gratitude, thanks to someone else, and heartfelt emotion. What could be better for your caring mom on Mother’s Day?


If your mom has always been a calming presence in your life then a bunch of bluebells might be the right gift for you to give. Their sweet, delicate look is just right for a gentle mom. Said to symbolize constancy and humility, they’re perfect for moms who are always doing for others.


Azaleas come packed with Mother’s Day significance from all over the world. The Azalea represents womanhood in China and femininity in Southern Africa. They’ve grown to represent a mother’s love with their surprising diversity of colors in their blooms. Did you know the same azalea plant can have flowers that blossom in three different colors? If you’re looking for some azalea inspiration check out the Nezu Shrine’s Azalea Festival in Tokyo!

Tropical Flowers

Without the ability to travel, 2021 is a great year to bring the tropics to your mom’s home. Tropical bouquets can remind mom of her favorite vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas. Sending a tropical bouquet is like sending a slice of a tropical paradise to let her know how much you appreciate everything she’s done.

Mixed Bouquets

Okay, you got us. We admit this hedges our bets. But mixed bouquets keep growing in popularity in recent years. If your mom likes sunflowers and roses, don’t make it an either-or, just get a bouquet with both! Choosing a bouquet that includes all your mom’s favorite blooms will make 2021 a memorable Mother’s Day for all the right reasons.

If you need some more ideas, you can read our tips on picking the right floral color scheme for your mom or the color choices for Mother’s Day roses. We’re here to help you let Mom know how much you appreciate all she’s done.

No matter which unique bloom you choose for your one-in-a-million mom, be sure to browse our special collection of Mother’s Day flowers. We’re all about uniqueness—no cookie-cutter arrangements here. We also cut to order so your Bouqs arrive as fresh as can be and there are absolutely no wasted blooms. Talk about a win-win situation.

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