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Best Summer Plants for Any Home or Garden

Best Summer Plants

Summer fun is all about soaking in the sun, and we want to give the spotlight to our favorite sun-loving plants!

While the season is popular for backyard pool parties and beach trips, we want to make sure we’re accompanied by some greens to freshen up any indoor or outdoor space. Check out our list of the absolute best summer plants to have in your home or garden!


Potted Lavender Summer

It definitely goes without saying that lavender is probably one of the most wonderfully fragrant additions anyone can have in their indoor or outdoor space. Not only are they quite the beauties, you can find yourself making some good use of these plants as well!

Lamb’s Ear

Lamb's Ear Summer

They may not seem like it at first, but lamb’s ear plants are actually big ol’ softies – literally! They make perfect summer plants not just because they absolutely love soaking in the sun but because they can tolerate almost any climate, including dry spells.


Catmint Summer

Don’t be fooled by the catmint’s appearance – it doesn’t take much to get them to look as captivating as they usually are! These beauties bloom in late spring or early summer, just in time to keep your outdoor garden looking fresh for the hottest season of the year.

Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fan Palm Summer

If you’re all about those summery vibes, then you probably love beaches and the palm trees that line the shores. And luckily, you can bring some of the coastal scenery home with your very own Chinese fan palm! These droopy greens are the perfect summer plant because they just love soaking in some vitamin D like the rest of us.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa Summer

You can’t leave a monstera deliciosa out of the mix when it comes to plants fit for the summer. Also known as the swiss cheese plant, these greens are becoming a popular indoor plant due to their tropical look. Monsteras are perfect for any indoor space since they thrive on lots of sunlight but not too much!


Potted Succulents Summer

Needless to say, succulents are just the best houseplant anyone could ever have. They fit any kind of aesthetic you’re going for, and they’re super low-maintenance! Because they thrive in drier, warmer climates, summer is the perfect season to have them in your space.

And that’s a wrap on some of our favorite plant friends that are perfect for the summer season! If you’re looking to turn your home into a complete urban jungle or you just feel like adding some new greens for your patio life, there’s a plant for everyone’s tastes.

Check out our very own plant collection – all grown sustainably and shipped straight from our farms! We have some pretty rockin’ greens that sure to fit any season of the year. If you want to add a burst of color, check out our picks for blue blooms for summer, and when you’re ready to freshen up your living space check out our summer flower collection.

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