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How to Pair a Bridal Bouquet to Your Dress

Bride holding a wedding bouquet of flowers

There is no doubt you’ve put a lot of time and thought into making sure your wedding day looks cohesive. From the textured napkins to the colors of the candles, you want everything to complement each other and create a seamless style.

But what about your wedding gown and bridal bouquet? Have you thought about how these two big-day details engage with each other? If this hasn’t crossed your mind, you’re not alone. Most brides pick out their attire, then choose their flowers based on the colors and types of blooms they like the most. They don’t really put much thought into how their dress and bouquet can enhance or detract from one another.

That’s why in today’s post, we’re helping you figure out this little-known wedding planning detail. Because you deserve to have all of your efforts noticed!

Keep reading to find out what kind of bride style fits you best and how you can match your bridal bouquet (and all of your event flowers) to your wedding dress and style.

Traditional Bouquets for the Classic Bride

Traditional. Timeless. Elegant. You’re wearing a classic white satin gown with a cathedral veil. Pearl-drop earrings hover over your bare collarbone. And is that the scent of Chanel no. 5? Of course it is! A French manicure graces your fingertips. And your shoes are a gorgeous pair of white satin pumps.

You want your wedding venue space (a ballroom, no doubt) to be filled with a classic color palette of white and Tiffany-blue details, an abundance of roses, votive candles, chandeliers, glassware, and gold accents. Fill your guests’ glasses with lots of bubbly and their bellies with buttercream cake.

You’re inspired by: Audrey Hepburn, satin ribbons, monogram designs, chic and simple hairstyles (think chignons), button details

Bouquets to consider: You’ll need an elegant and polished bouquet to match your couture gown and classic aesthetic. Consider full-bodied blooms, like roses (naturally!) and peonies that are rounded and arranged into clusters. Avoid oversized bouquets or those with lots of loose greenery, as this can take away from the refined look you’re aiming for.

Our collections of classic wedding flowers are perfect for traditionally inspired brides. You can mix and match from our various named collections to create the perfect blend of flowers to work with your entire theme. Hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, orchids, ranunculus, and anemones are also great for classic bridal bouquets. Finish it off with a piece of lace or satin ribbon wrapped around the stems.

Pretty Petals for the Romantic Bride

Ooh la la! You are oh-so romantic in your flowing chiffon ballgown, your hair in loose tendrils and topped with a tiara. You’ve painted your nails in a beautiful blush color and picked out the perfect pair of Cinderella heels.

When you think about your dream wedding, you envision spaces that give off serious fairytale vibes. Think secret gardens, old castles, and French chateaus. You opt for the demure and delicate details, a soft color palette, and any reason to add flowers. Your venue space, whether indoors or outdoors, will be full of floral elements, from hanging installations and petal-strewn floors to blooming centerpieces and cakes topped with fresh flowers.

And don’t forget to illuminate your space with loads of flickering candles. As if you could!

You’re inspired by: Marie Antoinette, butterflies, light and airy photos, The Secret Garden, poetry

Bouquets to consider: As a romantic bride, flowers will be a huge part of your big day. From your bridesmaid bouquets to your reception space, consider incorporating ethereal blooms in soft colors like pastels, light pinks, blush, and cream. As for types of flowers to include in your bridal bouquet, you’ll want the blossom that symbolizes romance itself – the rose.

Consider the blooms offered in our romantic wedding flower collections. These blooms are curated to highlight the romance. Match the bouquet to your fairytale gown by adding lush peonies and cascading greenery. Don’t be afraid to add whimsical elements, colorful accents, and trailing vines. A ballgown’s fullness can compliment such abundance.

Cool and Contemporary Flowers for the Modern Bride

Less is more is your motto because you know how the little details can make a big impact. Your wedding dress will be simple but striking. And it might not even be a dress at all. Bridal separates, sleek slip dresses, and any outfit with elegant, clean lines gives you heart eyes. And although you’ll deck yourself out in all-white attire, you’re not afraid to add in pops of dramatic color and geometric accessories.

For your big day, you’ll love tying the knot at an art museum, industrial complex, or on a city rooftop. Chic lounge spaces in monochrome colors will invite guests to mingle. You’ll serve signature cocktails (with the recipe printed on the napkins) and hire the hottest DJ to usher guests into the evening. Contemporary design will keep everything cool and clean – just like you like it.

You’re inspired by: Lucite, typography, minimalism, gallery walks, geometric patterns

Bouquets to consider: Sleek, simple, sophisticated, and full of fresh greenery. That’s your vibe. And like your wedding dress (or pantsuit, separates, etc.), you’ll want a bridal bouquet that’s structured with a bit of edge.

Something like an asymmetrical bouquet featuring a mix of roses, anemones, carnations, and branches. Or create a subtle statement by carrying a bouquet of vivid yellow or bold orange blooms. Or add a contemporary twist to classic pieces (like roses) by mixing in leaves, ferns, and palms. Our collections inspired by contemporary trends are perfect for any bride seeking modern wedding flowers for her special day.

Bygone Blooms for the Vintage Bride

No matter what decade you’re hearkening back to for your wedding style, one thing is for sure – you have an affinity for the past. You’re likely eying something in ivory lace, drop-flare dress styles, crystal embellishments, buttons, and brooches. And maybe a birdcage veil.

How your wedding will look will depend on which era you choose. Maybe you’re dreaming of a 1920s art deco theme, complete with plush lounge spaces and Gatsby-style entertainment. Or maybe you’re into a more retro 50’s look with dried floral centerpieces in muted color palettes. Or you might just want to give the space an overall vintage vibe by decorating with heirloom pieces like clocks, books, and teacups you find at the thrift store.

You’re inspired by: Black and white photographs, flea markets, Polaroid cameras, lace doilies, skeleton keys, family albums

Bouquets to consider: Again, you’ll want to consider the era you’re invoking before you choose your blooms. But as a general guide, look to rosebuds for an overall antique feel. Bridal bouquets with ranunculus and loose greenery are lovely for 20’s-inspired brides. A colorful mix of dahlias, roses, and ranunculus are beautiful against a tea-length retro wedding gown. And a bouquet of loosely gathered sunflowers pairs nicely with a long, lace 70’s-style dress. Our vintage wedding flower collections are perfect for any bride looking for retro styles.

Wild and Free Flowers for the Boho Bride

As a bohemian bride, you love the idea of having an outdoor wedding – whether it’s in woodland surrounded by towering trees or in a colorful wildflower meadow. You see yourself wearing a layered lace dress with bell sleeves and flowers in your hair. And if not flowers, an epic rimmed hat. You’ll keep your accessories minimal, and wear a pair of flat sandals.

The big day will be as beautiful and free-spirited as you are with lots of flickering tea lights, twinkle lights strung through trees, macrame table runners, and a statement-making color palette, like peach and turquoise. And whether your venue happens to be inside or out, you’ll want a big, decorative rug at the ceremony space. Go ahead and throw in a few more (plus some pillows and dreamcatchers) around the cocktail area for good luck.

You’re inspired by: Nature, Stevie Nicks, crystals, dream dictionaries, alfresco dining (preferably by moonlight), Moroccan lanterns

Bouquets to consider: Boho wedding gowns pair perfectly with bridal bouquets that have distinctive shapes. Think succulents, long stems, overflowing wildflowers, herbs, rosehips, and alliums. You can also add in non-traditional elements like pinecones, feathers, and berries. Check out our series of boho wedding flowers for a variety of options.

Seaside Bouquets for the Beach Bride

Calling all sea sirens! Your style is casual but glamorous, windswept and sunny. You’ll be rocking a tan and a lightweight wedding gown in a mermaid silhouette. You’ll have your hair in loose waves, forget the veil…and the shoes. Because you’ll be walking down a sandy aisle while an acoustic guitarist plays you to the altar.

After the ceremony, everyone will head to the beach bar for sunset cocktails and an ocean-to-table dinner. Clean, white linens will cover the tables, along with flickering candles, seashells, and pampas grass centerpieces. The steel drum band will have everyone out of their seats and dancing underneath the sea of stars in no time.

You’re inspired by: The ocean, coconut-scented candles, windchimes, sunsets, island hopping

Bouquets to consider: Bold colors and classical tropical blooms are your best bet when pairing bridal bouquets with a beach bride wedding gown. Any arrangement featuring hibiscus, orchids, palm leaves, freesia, lilies, and Birds of Paradise will look beach chic alongside your look.

Statement Making Arrangements for the Alternative Bride

When it comes to your wedding day, there are no rules. And if there were, you’d be prepared to break them. As an alternative bride, you’re donning a dress in a non-traditional color, or going for a bridal separate in a black and white color-blocking style. You’ll deck yourself out in a pair of beaded kitten heels, and to top off the look? Whatever suits your fancy, whether it’s a veil, crown, feathers, or flowers.

Your wedding could take place just about anywhere, but you’re feeling the warehouse vibe because you know it’s a blank canvas waiting to be turned into an artistic masterpiece. You’re thinking jewel tones, velvet couches, clusters of candles, neon signs, and late-night food trucks.

You’re inspired by: Leather jackets, improv poetry, record players, photobooths, pink hair

Bouquets to consider: Although you’ll want to look at unique bridal bouquets that turn heads, you won’t want anything that overshadows your own bold beauty. Opt for statement bouquets that compliment your non-traditional wedding gown, like those that feature bright color schemes and oversized blooms. Look to protea, succulents, anemone, gladiolas, and orchids to fill out your bouquets. Add in feather and jewel accents for a glam twist.

Charming Flower Bouquets for the Rustic Bride

There’s no other place you’d rather be than far outside the city. So you can’t imagine having your biggest day ever any other place than in the country. You’ll gather your closest family and friends for an intimate affair set against a backdrop of mountains or rolling hills, a grassy field beneath your boots. And they’ll watch as you walk to the altar in your lacy, hi-low dress. No veil for you. You’ve opted to weave little flowers into your hair.

You’ll meet your guests in the barn for a sit-down dinner, drinks, and dancing. You’ve even hired the cutest pair of mini donkeys to serve guests during the cocktail hour. But the part you’re loving the most is the handcrafted trellis-turned swing that your dad made for you and your partner. You’ve adorned the ropes with greenery and know it will make a beautiful prop for those couple portraits.

You’re inspired by: Autumn, country walks, fireside chats, Southern Bride, heirlooms, farm stays

Bouquets to consider: Keep it compact or go big and blooming! Whether you’re wearing a hi-low dress or a long, flowing lacy number, think about pairing your gown with a bouquet that reflects your earthy style. A small arrangement of daisies and delphinium gives off prairie vibes while an unstructured arrangement of sunflowers, snapdragons, and gypsophila says rustic with a side of boho.

With so many different styles of everything, including dresses and flowers, we know it can be difficult to choose a look that truly reflects your personality and wedding style. But we’ve done our best to make picking (and ordering) your wedding flowers as easy as strolling through a sunlit garden.

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