Valentine's Day

Survival Guide: Single on Valentine’s Day

How To Survive Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be a blast…that is, if you have someone a partner to share it with. Romantic walks through the park, cuddling by a cozy fire, and heading out for an elegant meal are just a few of the ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. If you’re single on the big day though, how do you survive the excessive mushiness going on all around you?

Even the most secure people can become a little intimidated on Valentine’s Day. The whole build up is so intense with cupids and hearts everywhere, but even if you can ignore the commercial push, it’s hard to block out all the couples on V-Day itself.

Of course, for those who are single on Valentine’s Day, not all is lost. There are plenty of ways to have an enjoyable (or even spectacular) time on Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner. So how do you have a Valentine’s Day celebration for one? Here are a few ideas for how to survive Valentine’s Day single.


Galentine’s Day

A popular idea in recent years is Galentine’s Day. The intent here is to celebrate all the wonderful friendships you have in your life. While some of your friends may have traditional Valentine plans, if you can round up one, two, or several single gals in your life then you have the basis for an amazing Galentine’s Day. The plan from there is pretty much up to you. Head out for a delectable dinner and surprise your pals with a stunning bouquet of blooms for each of them. Stay in and watch cheesy movies that boyfriends always hate. The type of activity doesn’t matter as much as spending time together and having fun.

Boyfriend Bonfire

If your single status is relatively new and you have some feelings to work through, then a boyfriend bonfire might be in order. Gather up some other singletons and have everyone get together a pile of relationship mementos that need to go. You don’t need an actual bonfire; any fireplace will do. One by one, toss that bad juju on the flames and out of your life forever. Afterwards, celebrate your reborn selves with some champagne and a sumptuous chocolate fondue.

Try Something New

If there’s an activity you’ve been dying to try or place you’ve been wanting to explore, use this as your opportunity. Rather than sitting around wallowing in self-pity over being single on Valentine’s Day, go on an adventure. This Valentine’s Day celebration can be on your own or with another single friend. Take a cooking class, try your hand at some life drawing, or get out to hear a local band. On the way home, pick up a stunning bouquet of flowers for yourself just because you deserve it.


There’s nothing like getting out and helping the less fortunate to put thoughts about your own life back on track. Volunteering on Valentine’s Day may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but there are people who need help every day. Besides, you can’t help but feel good about yourself when you’re making someone else’s day brighter.

Be a Secret Gifter

If you know several other singles, why not spread some love? Spend a bit of time picking out a few gifts for the other singles in your life and then send them anonymously. You don’t have to send anything expensive—just something that will make them smile to know that somebody’s thinking of them. After you’re done, go out and treat yourself to a little something special.

Get Empowered

Another great tip on how to survive Valentine’s Day single is to become more at one with your relationship status. You don’t have to head out for a big Valentine’s Day celebration. Instead, order your favorite take-out and settle in to watch a solo person empowering movie such as How To Be Single.


There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day and tons of them require no partner at all. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a blast, you just have to widen your thoughts on love. If you want to send an extra boost of happiness to yourself or another single, is here to help. We offer spectacular Valentine’s Day flowers all at the click of a button. Go ahead, treat yourself!

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