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Taurus Birth Flower: Poppy

Field of red poppies at sunrise

Spring is here, and Taurus birthdays are right around the corner, lasting from April 19 to May 20. Seems like two good reasons to talk about zodiac birth flowers. The connection between zodiac signs and flowers is an ancient custom, and a global one. Each zodiac sign has a primary flower and several more secondary flowers, for various reasons. 

The benefit of having more than one flower is personalization. While zodiac signs are identified by personal traits, each individual experiences those traits differently. It also allows for different aesthetic tastes, with several flowers to choose from.

What are Taurus Birth Flowers?

There are five flowers that represent Taurus’ character. The poppy is the primary Taurus birth flower. Other Taurus birth flowers are roses, daisies, lilies of the valley, and violets. These flowers all reflect the various sides of the earth sign’s nature.

Poppy Symbolism

Taurus, the bull, is known for stubbornness, but the great thing about zodiac flowers is their positive symbolism. The positive aspects of being stubborn are steadfastness and resilience, which is why poppies are the primary Taurus zodiac flower. Poppies reflect Taurus’s resilient nature, reliably growing tall and strong, and their sturdiness represents this earth sign’s grounded personality.

The poppy’s bloom is stunning, with delicate looking petals, which, atop their strong, determined stems, embody the balance of strength and beauty attributed to the down-to-earth Taurus. Poppies also represent prosperity, fertility, consolation, and eternal life. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet governs beauty, love, and money. Taureans are practical, and tend to be wise with financial matters, and this Taurus zodiac flower highlights this quality. Different colored poppies have their own meanings, for more layers of symbolism.

Red Poppies

Red Poppies symbolize eternal love, remembrance, and sacrifice. For this reason, red poppies are customary at military funerals. Red flowers are associated with romantic love. In Asian cultures, red poppies mean success, luck, and romantic love. Red poppies emphasize the strongest Taurus traits.

Pink Poppies

Pink poppies are connected with compassion, friendship, and restful sleep. Pink is a rare color for poppies.

Orange Poppies

Also called Spanish Poppies, orange poppies symbolize health, resilience, and rebirth. Their vibrant color evokes warmth, energy and vitality.

White Poppies

The color of purity, white poppies reflect Taurus’ loyalty, symbolizing faith, remembrance, and the soul’s eternal life.

Yellow Poppies

Rare yellow poppies symbolize optimism, renewal, and enthusiasm, reflecting Taurus’ resilience.

Blue Poppies

Native to the Himalayas, blue poppies are rare, and symbolize faithfulness and imagination.

Purple Poppies

Purple poppies are traditionally worn in remembrance of animals who are victims of war. This is the companion to red poppies for fallen soldiers.

Black Poppies

Poppies in colors so dark they appear black represent deep sleep, mysterious dreams, and elegance.

Poppy Varieties

There are about 250 species of poppies. Some popular varieties are listed here.

  • Flanders Poppy – scarlet flower that is the symbol of the American Legion.
  • Ladybird Poppy – bright red flowers that grow to 18”.
  • Iceland Pink Poppy – also known as the Arctic Poppy or Champagne Bubbles Pink Poppy, grows to 18”
  • California Orange Poppy – the state flower of California, and native to Mexico, California Orange is self-seeding.
  • Sissinghurst White Poppy – large, bright white blooms, named for the White Garden of Sissinghurst Castle in England.
  • Purple Poppy Mallow – also called Winecaps, Purple Poppy Mallow attracts two butterflies, the Gray Hairstreak and Painted Ladies. Individual plants spread easily to three feet or more, and are excellent ground over plants.
  • Yellow Horned Poppy – known also as the Sea Poppy, this native of North Africa and Europe never grows inland, but a long seashores.
  • Hungarian Poppy – this heirloom poppy produces blue and purple flowers with dark markings. That attract bees, and their seeds are used for baking.
  • Double Black Poppy – this poppy bears blooms with multiple rows of deep purple petals, appearing black. They attract pollinators, and are especially resilient.

Poppy History/Fun Facts

Poppies have captured hearts and imagination around the world, throughout history. Ancient Greeks were aware of the poppy’s sedating effect – something many of us learned from The Wizard of Oz. In Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of the hunt, was given poppies from the gods when her daughter Persephone was abducted, to help her sleep. From them on, poppies sprang from her feet as she walked.

Egyptians made use of the poppy’s sturdiness in less than ideal conditions, using them in crop rotations. They are connected with Osiris, the god of death and agriculture. 

Poppies are associated with the World War I battlefields of Belgium and France, known as Flanders fields. During the war, poppies became a symbol of hope. Interestingly, the bombing served to break up the soil, creating ideal conditions for poppies to thrive. Since that time, poppies have been associated with fallen soldiers and animals. 

Poppies are featured frequently in literature, art, music, and film. Most of us remember the poppies in The Wizard of Oz putting Dorothy and her friends to sleep. Shakespeare was fond of using poppies and their symbolism in his writing. Artists Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keefe famously featured poppies in their paintings.

A few fun facts about poppies:

  • Opium poppies are also used to make latex.
  • Water steeped in poppies is believed to smooth wrinkles and freshen skin.
  • Poppies are used to make food safe dyes for baked goods.
  • Poppy oil is used in cosmetics.
  • Poppy tattoos are symbolic of remembrance, often for someone serving in the military.
  • In dreams, poppies represent our deepest desires.

Other Taurus Birth Flowers

There are four more Taurus birth flowers, each uniquely representative of Taurus’ nature.


Roses reflect Taurus’ loyalty, beauty, and luxury. Their heady fragrance and delicate petals speak to Taurus’ sensual, tactile side. Roses’ connection to love and romance aligns with the earth sign’s affection and loyalty.


Taurus, an earth sign, is grounded and practical. Daisies are reflective of this aspect of Taurus’ nature. Folklore connects daisies with new beginnings and loyalty, and the simplicity of the daisy flower combined with its resilience connects with the same qualities in Taurus.

Lilies of the Valley

The Taurus born in May has a dual connection with lilies of the valley, May’s birth flower. The exquisite tiny bell flowers represent the Taurus qualities of humility and appreciation of simple pleasures. In gardens and bouquets, lilies of the valley symbolize the balance between the joys of life, and the importance of staying grounded.


Violets a symbolic of loyalty, humility, and faithfulness, representing Taurus’ best known traits. The delicate violet, with heart shaped petals in deep, saturated purples and blues, are often connected with love and affection. All of these symbolic meanings align with with Taurus’ values and character.

More About Zodiac Flowers

Taurus birthdays fall in April and May. If you have a special Taurus you’d like to celebrate with a birthday flower delivery, in addition to the information about Taurus zodiac flowers and May’s birth month flower, look at April birth month flowers as well. And if you still have Aries birthdays to celebrate, take a quick look at Aries zodiac flowers. There are flowers for every zodiac sign, with multiple options so that you can personalize that birthday bouquet and show the recipient that you really get them!

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