How to Make a Flower Crown

Group of people posing on outdoor stairs with flower crowns

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or running through fields with your friends, flower crowns make every occasion a bit more fun. Weddings, a girls’ day out, a summer festival…all deserve these festive headdresses.

While flower crowns might look complicated, they’re easy to make at home! You don’t need to be an expert florist…all you need is a good guide and some flowers for any occasion. Join us while we cover the steps involved in making your own flower crown and introduce you to a few tips and design ideas.

Fully constructed flower crown

Gather Your Materials

floral tools laid out including trimmers, floral wire, floral tape and twine

Before you start making your flower crown, you’ll need to round up the following materials.

  • Floral wire: 16 to 20 gauge for the crown and 24 to 26 gauge for wrapping the flowers
  • Floral tape: 1/4” to 1/2” wide in the color of your choice
  • Flowers and greenery: choose sturdy items – more on that below
  • Wire cutters: they making snipping wire easy
  • Scissors or pruning shears: for cutting flower stems

When you’re choosing flowers, you want to be strategic. Since your blooms will be sitting on your head rather than in a vase, choose flowers that will hold up out of water. Some great options include baby’s breath, roses, feverfew, strawflower, and peonies. And don’t forget about adding in greenery like eucalyptus and rosemary!

Making a flower crown and planting old bouquet flowers are some of the best ways to give a second life to a slightly dated bouquet. Alternatively, you can use dried or fake flowers rather than fresh flowers.

Form a Wire Base

Applying floral tape to a stem

As you know, your crown will need to fit atop your head. To get the right fit, loosely wrap a length of thicker floral wire around your head and mark the length. Cut the wire so it is two inches longer than the measured length.

Form the wire into a circle and twist the two ends together. This is a good time to check and make sure the crown is the right size. You want a little extra room, but you don’t want it falling off your head. It’s much easier to make adjustments now than after you’ve added your flowers. Once you complete your circular base, wrap the entire length in one layer of floral tape.

Add an Optional Clasp

While it’s easy to set a crown atop your head, you have the option of adding on a simple hook clasp. If you like this option, you won’t twist the two ends together. Instead, you’ll use each end to create a component of the clasp.

  1. To form the loop, twist one of the wire ends an inch back towards the original wire.
  2. Next, twist the end around the crown to form a one-inch-long loop.
  3. Now it’s time to make the hook.
  4. Bend the other end of the wire back half an inch to form a hook.
  5. That’s it! Now you can clasp and unclasp your crown for a perfect fit.

Prep and Arrange Your Flowers

Deconstructing a bouquet of flowers to make a floral crown

Before you start attaching your flowers to the wire base, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the finished product. If you’re working with a Bouq, separate the stems and take stock of what you have. Trim each stem so it’s one to two inches long.

Next, arrange the flowers around the crown until you come up with a style you like. Try centering big blooms near the front of the crown. You can also alternate flowers and greens for a sophisticated pattern. No matter what style you choose, remember one thing: the best style is the one you love!

Add Your First Flower

Applying floral wire to a stem

Once you’re set with your layout, it’s time to attach flowers to the wire base. When you add the flowers, ensure that they are facing outwards so everyone can see the beautiful blooms and your creative skills!

You’ll want to start at the back of your crown and work your way forwards. That way the stems will be hidden at the back of the crown.

Attach with Wire and Tape

Use one hand to hold the stem flush with the wire crown. Using your other hand, wrap the stem and crown with another piece of thin wire. Wrap four or five times until the flower is securely attached.

Once the flower is attached, secure the stem with floral tape. This will provide an extra layer of security as well as protect you from sharp ends.

Continue Adding Flowers

Applying floral twine to stems in preparation for a flower crown

Once you’ve added your first flower, it’s time to continue the process. Use the same steps outlined above to attach the remaining flowers to your crown.

When you add your second flower, place the bloom on top of the first flower’s stem. This will hide the stems and keep the appearance of a seamless circle of colorful petals and green leaves.

Continue until you cover as much of the wire crown as you like. Remember that you can cover the whole crown or simply attach a few big flowers.

Tips for Making a Flower Crown

Keep these tips in mind to simplify the process.

Group Flowers Together

While you can certainly add flowers one by one, this process can take a while. Don’t be afraid to make small clusters of flowers and then attach these to your crown. This is especially useful if you’re working with small flowers like feverfew and baby’s breath.

Check It Before You Set It

Before you wrap a new bloom onto your crown, take a minute to look and see if you’re happy with the addition. It’s much easier to make adjustments before you attach the flowers with wire. Try alternating textures and colors for an interesting floral crown.

Make It a Party

While making one flower crown is fun, making a bunch is fabulous! Gather some bouquets, invite over a few guests, and get ready for a fun and unique party.

Ideas for Flower Crowns

Just like bouquets, flower crowns can come in a wide variety of styles and evoke different emotions. Bright and playful blooms are great for a fun girls’ day out, while elegant cream flowers and delicate greenery fit with a serene wedding. Use these ideas as inspiration when you’re making your DIY flower crown.

Flower Fields

Remember when you sat outside as a kid, weaving daisies and clovers into flower crowns, necklaces, and bracelets? This flower crown brings you back to simpler times, but with a bit more grown-up feel.

Cute feverfew and button chrysanthemums in the Wildflower Bouq are perfect for this crown. Mix in a few of the sword ferns, and you’ll have a crown that looks both carefree and refined.

Bright and Beautiful

If you want a crown that screams joy and smiles, choose bright colors and a few unexpected additions. Spray roses are a great addition to any flower crown, and pink and peach-toned blooms from this rose and sunflower bouquet really liven things up.

Cheerful sunflowers make an excellent focal point, and hypericum berries bring some flare.

Simply Sweet

Some flowers are just sweet. We’re talking about blooms like the purple statice and burgundy scabiosa found in the Sweet Lavender Bouq. Form a foundation with these little blooms then weave in a bit of baby blue eucalyptus and a few lavender roses. When you’re finished you’ll have a flower crown that evokes a peaceful afternoon.

Enjoy Your Flower Crown

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to create a DIY flower crown that looks professional. Watch out, your friends may be booking your talent for their next wedding or party! If you’re looking for more fun DIY flower projects, you can try making homemade tea from flowers!

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