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Capricorn Birth Flower: Pansy

Violet and yellow pansy flowers growing in a field

Stalwart, humble Capricorns are the first of the winter babies, born in the weeks following winter solstice, between December 22 and January 19. Though their birthdays fall amidst a flurry of big holidays, quiet Capricorns would rather keep the celebrations low key. Capricorns are possibly the most serious and determined of the zodiac signs, and pansies, symbolic of perseverance, are the primary Capricorn birth flowers. Just like Capricorns, pansies strive through the coldest days of winter with a combination of patience and tenacity to thrive as the days get longer and sunnier.

Zodiac signs have been connected with flowers for centuries, a natural pairing since flowers have always held deep symbolic significance for cultures around the world. There are typically more than one zodiac flower for each sign, representing the full range of each sign’s common traits. Along with pansies, holly, carnations, jasmine, and asters are also known as Capricorn zodiac flowers. Each has its own significance and symbolism connecting it to this ambitious, loyal, sensitive earth sign.

Capricorn’s zodiac colors are black and indigo, and there are many pansy varieties with black markings and shades of blue and purple. Digging deeper into symbolic meanings, you’ll find each flower’s color adds another layer of symbolism, so giving a Capricorn birth flower bouquet or plant can send a thoughtful and personal message. Capricorns may not enjoy being the star of the show, but they’ll definitely appreciate a gift of flowers chosen so uniquely for them!

Pansy Symbolism

The pansy is one of the few flowers that not only bloom in fall and spring, but in some climates will bloom throughout the winter. For that reason, they’re symbolic of perseverance, and reflect Capricorn’s loyalty and their tenacious, even stubborn nature. Pansies are connected to Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, and is strongly associated with discipline and responsibility. But they don’t just represent Capricorn’s serious side. 

Pansy gets its name from the french word, pensee, which means thought, connecting it to Capricorn’s thoughtful, wise, and open-minded nature. Capricorns tend to think things all the way through, and when they set a goal, they’re likely to achieve it. They’re loyal friends, partners, and lovers, taking all their commitments seriously. 

Capricorns have a sensitive side, too. They’re caring and honest, and these qualities are captured in pansies’ association with positive energy, sentiment, remembrance. As with most flowers, this Capricorn birth flower takes on added symbolism depending on its color:

  • Blue pansies – loyalty, devotion, truthfulness
  • Purple pansies – royalty, esteem, beauty
  • Red pansies – love, passion, romance
  • Yellow pansies – positive energy, joy, exuberance
  • White pansies – purity, virtue, faith

Pansy History/Fun Facts

The pansy’s history is intertwined with its ancestor, the viola, which was common in Greece in the 4th century BC, and had its origins on continental Europe. Sometime after the 4th century, a larger flower similar to the viola was discovered and given the name wild pansy.

Both violas and pansies were cultivated and cross-bred in Europe, but the flower we now know as pansy was cultivated in England in the early 19th century, by a curious Lord Gambier and his gardener, William Thompson. By the mid 19th century, there were many pansy varieties throughout Europe, and they made their way into American gardens in the late 1800s. Hybridization made the hardy plant even more resilient, and produced the myriad of desired markings and colors we see in Capricorn’s birth flower today.

Pansies are edible, and the enchanting petals are often used as decorations for cakes and other sweets. Some varieties have a peppery flavor that is favored in salads. Pansies are beloved by many creatives for their beauty and symbolism. Georgia O’Keefe created two famous paintings, Black Violet in 1926, and in the following year, White Violet. 

Guitarist Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance is nicknamed Pansy, and named his prized white Epiphone Elitist Les Paul customized guitar Pansy as well. And who can forget the chorus of singing pansies in Alice in Wonderland? In just about every creative niche, pansies have secured their place as a favorite subject.

Pansy Varieties

It’s speculated that there may be thousands of pansy varieties in a myriad of saturated colors and markings. New varieties are quite common because of the Capricorn birth flower’s resilience. They’re good candidates for hybridizing, and easy to grow from seeds. Most any variety you choose is likely to thrive in your garden. A few of our favorites might inspire you:

Blue Skies

This trailing pansy is ideal for hanging baskets or groundcover, and yields three bountiful seasons of violet blooms with yellow centers. They will spread 24-30 inches, and grow six to eight inches tall.

Frizzle Sizzle Mix

Producing a riot of colors, blotch faces and delicate whiskers, some of the pansies in this mix are solid, and some are bicolored. This variety is compact, spreading about eight to ten inches, and growing six to eight inches high, with large ruffled blooms that span three to four inches.


Pale blue-grey petals reflect this pansy’s name, and its delicate dark markings resemble whiskers, giving its face a feline appearance. Frost is one of the plants in the Plentifall series, pansies that spread readily and are winter hardy, producing 18-24 inch cascades of one-and-a-half to two inch blooms.

Majestic Giants Mix

These beauties live up to their name, with blooms that measure four inches in diameter in bold hues of blue, cherry red, scarlet, royal purple, yellow, orange, pink, and bright white. With a mix of blotch and clear-faced blooms, these pansies are truly majestic, making a big impact with a compact plant that spreads just eight to ten inches and grows eight inches tall.

Neon Violet

The vivid purple blooms with dark center markings is a member of the Delta series, a dwarf variety that grows just four inches high and spreads six to eight inches. This compact pansy plant makes a big impact in borders and containers, and is especially winter hardy.

More Capricorn Birth Flowers

Zodiac signs are associated with more than one flower, encompassing different traits with a diverse collection of representative plants. Capricorns are multifaceted, and each Capricorn zodiac flower reflects a significant part of their personality.


Holly is often considered to be representative of December Capricorns because of its association with Christmas, but its symbolism resonates with a lot of Capricorns regardless of their birth month. Their thorny, shiny dark green leaves reflect Capricorn’s calculating nature, which is often mistaken for a cold, or prickly, exterior, guarding the lovely, caring side they reveal once they’ve gotten to know you. Holly is also symbolic of peace, and speaks to the quiet, steadfast side most Capricorns possess.


Intoxicating jasmine blooms at night, earning its designation as a symbol of modesty and discretion. Capricorns are known for avoiding an audience, and tend to do their best work under the radar. Like the covertly stunning jasmine flower, if you’re lucky enough to witness the Capricorn in action, you’ll be captivated by their brilliant energy!


Symbols of wisdom. Asters are a natural choice to represent the wise, pragmatic Capricorn. Often the one others consult for advice, Capricorns are thoughtful and fair. Not likely to impose their opinions or make rash decisions, they are much like the Greek star goddess Astraea, the wise, graceful goddess whose tears sprouted asters, thus connecting the two.


Though not a flower, ivy is associated with Capricorn for its hardiness and sheer tenacity. Often thought of as impossible to kill, it symbolizes Capricorn’s determination and stubbornness. Ivy grabs hold anywhere it grows and will not let go. Similarly, Capricorns won’t abandon something they want for themselves or their loved ones until they accomplish it. 

More About Zodiac Flowers

Flowers are especially welcomed during the dark winter months, breathing life and color into winter birthday celebrations. If you have winter birthdays to honor, there are a few ways to choose the perfect bouquet for those special birthday flower deliveries. Choose from December birth flowers, and along with the Capricorn zodiac flowers here, you might be interested in Sagittarius birth flowers too. There are flowers for every zodiac sign, and for every month of the year, so you can personalize birthday flowers in a variety of ways. 

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