Maximalism: Pairing this Trendy Aesthetic with Flowers

Brightly decorated living room with maximalism style

The air is crackling with “more is more” energy lately – have you noticed? Maximalism is showing up everywhere, and has emerged as the latest big trend in decor. It was over 10 years ago that the minimalist aesthetic achieved cult-like status, and tidying up and decluttering literally became household words. 

While minimalism injected a valuable air of simplicity, cleanliness, and calm, after a while these minimalist spaces seemed to invite a more personal touch, as well as an infusion of warmth and personality. Our time at home has evolved, and a desire for a more personal connection to the spaces we inhabit and work in has led to a resurgence of maximalist decor. Maximalism isn’t just about having a lot of stuff, it’s actually about surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy.

Yep, you read that right. Maximalism flips the most recent tidying up rule of thumb – only keep items that bring you joy – upside down. Most of us have busy lives, with fleeting opportunities to connect with each other or even ourselves. Filling our spaces with objects that reflect our joys and passions creates a needed balance, and a connection with our best selves. In fact, the maximalist aesthetic is a natural companion to this year’s other big style sensations, Barbiecore and Mermaidcore.

Our customers definitely seem to be feeling the maximalist energy lately. Our best selling bouquets are lush and bold, representing every look and bursting with wildflowers, roses, or a vibrant variety of other blooms. Naturally, we’re interested in the spaces our flowers are destined for, which inspired a deep dive into maximalist decor and aesthetic. We’re inspired, and we think you will be, too!

What is Maximalist Decor?

Think self care meets main character energy. If you’re not a millennial, it may sound a little foreign, or even intimidating. Hear us out, though – you’re probably already doing a lot of these things, under a different heading. Main character energy just means you’re the main character in the story of you. From that point, it really is up to you how you tell that story, and to whom. So, self care plays a pretty big role here, and there really is nothing wrong with elevating self care to self indulgence now and then.

Maximalism is an aesthetic that represents your personality and lifestyle; a creative medium to tell the story of you. What it definitely isn’t, is a random collection of stuff. It’s not clutter. Rather, it’s curated, thoughtfully arranged, and uniquely personal. Far from chaotic, it’s like an intricate, infinite puzzle, and only you know which pieces fit and where. That still might sound like a lot, so where do you start? Here are some ways to add a maximalist vibe to your space.

How to Go Maximalist

There are a number of ways to achieve a maximalist look, and we have a few tips to make it easy, whether you’re new to the idea or looking to bring your bold aesthetic to the next level. The first thing to do is determine just how big you want to go. If you’re starting from scratch, take your time, and decide how much you’re comfortable with. As you’ll see, it often starts with what you already have and love. From that point, you can mix and match the following ideas, measuring what, and how much, works for you.

Accessories and Accents

Most of us have a few items proudly on display because they are connected to something personal that evokes a positive memory or feeling. Look to these items for inspiration, and add accessories and accents that tell a story, or enhance a collection. Figurines, wall art, books, and other collectibles thoughtfully placed immediately evoke a connected feel to your decor.

Accessories can be chosen purely for visual appeal as well. As you’ll see, accessories and accents can serve many purposes in maximalist decor. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you just know when something fits with your look!

Multiple Patterns, One Color Scheme

This is a signature maximalist decor look, and again, you can go big and bold, or temper it to work with your preferred level of  intensity. The key is to coordinate patterns, like floral, abstract, and geometric prints, around a central color. It’s okay to incorporate accent colors, but take care to keep one color clearly dominant to avoid a cluttered, busy feel.

Think bold mixes of pattern in fabric and hard surfaces. Walls, furniture, accent furniture pieces, and accessories should unite with an identifiable color story that you love living in. Pay attention to texture as well. Each element adds depth and cohesiveness. Add gradually to the variety of patterns to find what feels good.

Bold, Saturated Colors

Color plays a big role in maximalist decor, and no matter the shade, it should be vivid and rich. Color draws the eye and unifies the other elements of the decor. Think about the colors you’re already using. If they reflect your style and personality, play with different hues and shades in the same color family, making sure each one is clear and saturated with pigment.

As we’ve mentioned, choose the colors you use with a keen focus on how they make you feel. The whole point of going maximalist is to enhance your enjoyment of the space you inhabit.

Unique Shapes and Statement Pieces

Here’s your chance to have some fun and show the creative, bold side of your personality. Everyone has one, right? Maybe it’s an oddly shaped chair you fell in love with, or a table with a colorful pattern on the surface. Perhaps a painting that takes up most of a wall. You get the idea. 

Maybe you already own a statement piece or two, and it’s perfect timing to build on that. If not, take your time, and shop around. These beauties will stand out, now that you’re looking.


This is where we bring it all together. You can see how many avenues there are to maximalism in your decor aesthetic. Take some care in layering color, texture, size, shape, and pattern to create unity and flow to your unique look. Rather than feeling cluttered, layering creates a cozy, lived-in vibe.

 We love these on trend ways to add layers to your decor:

  • Heirlooms, collectibles, and souvenirs
  • Colorful tiles
  • Vintage statement pieces
  • Leopard or other animal prints
  • Bold wallpapers and fabrics
  • Gallery walls

Flowers and Maximalist Decor

We can’t think of a better pairing! Maximalist decor looks incorporate bouquets and plants in starring and supporting roles. The flower of the year is the exotic orchid – think of the possibilities! 

Plants feature prominently in maximalist decor. They’re eye-catching in groupings, on surfaces and in hanging planters, and evoke a feeling of calm. Punctuated with flowering plants and the occasional farm fresh bouquet in your signature color, they’ll breathe life into your maximalist look.

We’ve got all your flower decor needs covered at The Bouqs, no matter how big, small, or unique. Our subscription service makes maxing out the flower power effortless, flexible, and budget-friendly.

If part of your aesthetic includes environmental responsibility, sustainable plants that keep the air clean are a great focal theme. For maximum flower power, look for blooming plants, and sustainably sourced flower bouquets that last, and can be dried and incorporated back into your decor.

Expect to see over the top flowers at events of all sorts. From brand identity to company appreciation to celebrations of family and friends, flowers feature prominently in setting the mood. Lush, abundant flowers are the big trend for micro weddings and commitment ceremonies, with more creative ways to tell a love story than ever. And this is definitely the year for anniversary and birthday flowers. Maximize the good vibes with flowers for all this years’ occasions!

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