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‘Tis the Season: Live Christmas Tree Care Tips

Real Christmas Tree

Almost everyone’s favorite holiday pastime is beautifying their homes with bright lights, making piping hot peppermint-flavored drinks, turning on their favorite winter tunes, and of course, decorating a tree for that final festive touch!

With Christmas and some other winter holidays right around the corner, bringing home a fresh-cut Christmas tree is a must for a lot of us. Not only does it usher in the refreshing, crisp fragrances from the great outdoors, a real Christmas tree gives your home a seasonal atmosphere appropriate for the holidays!

Taking care of a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be difficult, not when you have some handy tips on how you can make one last all season long!


Settling In

You may not know this, but trees can get stressed too! When it comes to bringing a live Christmas tree into your home, it’s not as easy as just putting it on a stand for display right away. In fact, you should have your newest green some time to adapt, especially to the sudden climate change. These potted friends are used to colder temperatures, so going from one stable climate to another can stress them out so much that they can turn dry and start losing more of their foliage – yikes!

An easy way to help your live tree adjust is to put it in a cooler area of your home for a few days – maybe your garage or even your basement. When you think your greenery is ready to venture into the great indoors, recut the tree stump by one or two inches to help it absorb water more readily. And remember: keep your true greens away from radiators, fireplaces, stoves, or anywhere that emits a lot of heat!

Drink Up

It doesn’t come as a surprise that water goes a long way for your live tree, but you also have to be careful with how you hydrate it. First and foremost: the stand should always be filled with water. An easy trick to making sure the soil is always left moist is to put a few trays of ice into the pot. This will prevent any rotting since the roots will slowly absorb the liquid as the ice melts.

If your tree is left dehydrated, the dried sap can actually seal the cut stump to prevent any further absorption of water. No worries, though. You can always cut some of the trunk’s bottom to allow your tree to stay as hydrated as ever!

Handle with Care

There’s no denying that decorating a tree is the best part of bringing one into your living space, but you have to be careful when it comes to the trinkets you hang on your live Christmas tree! It’s easy for small children and pets to knock over some ornaments or get tangled up in the string lights.

If you want to avoid any potential mishaps, we recommend hanging ornaments in the deeper parts of the tree or even higher up so they’re more of a reach. Wrap your tree with lights that don’t emit much heat – any UL-approved lighting is typically safe. Also, stay away from artificial snow sprays as well! They can cause some lung irritation if inhaled, and they can potentially damage the foliage.


Real Christmas trees sadly don’t do so well indoors for a long period of time. After about a week of freshening up your home, you should put it in a place where the temperatures are as cool as the wintry outdoors. If they spend too much time in the warmth, they’re more likely to dry out much quicker.

Be sure to repot your tree when you notice that the foliage is drying out or the plant itself isn’t growing at all. Use pruning shears to cut a few inches of the root ball before moving your fresh greens into a new shelter.


We love that more and more people are celebrating the holidays with fresh-cut Christmas trees in their homes! Taking care of one and getting it to last you all season doesn’t have to be so strenuous as long as you have a little help along the way. With our care tips, you’re soon bound to be a holiday greenery expert!

The Bouqs Co. wants to be a part of every festivity, whether it’s decorating a tree or hosting a close-knit gathering with all your loved ones. We don’t just offer a fresh Christmas tree to grace your home; we also have flower bouquets specifically curated for the holiday season. If you’re not convinced enough to buy one for yourself, gift one to someone in your life today and help spruce up their holiday-themed home!

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