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How to Make Your Fresh Holiday Wreaths Last

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One of the many things we love about the winter season is the crisp, fragrant air outdoors and all the wonderful scents associated with the colder months, like peppermint bark. Whether you prefer cozying up inside or taking a brisk stroll through a snow-coated forest, there’s no denying that we all have a mutual favorite winter pastime: decorating! Whether you opt for festive winter flowers or new potted plants for winter, we’re here to help you beautify your home for the holidays.

From mini holiday trees, wreath delivery, garlands for winter weddings (and other occasions), there are just so many options when it comes to sprucing up your holiday season. We know that greenery is everyone’s go-to for the holidays, especially the ones that bring in all the rustic smells of fresh pine, cedar, and magnolia. That’s why you’re probably curious about how you can keep your wreaths and garlands as fresh as they were when you first brought them home.

You know what they say: ask, and you shall receive. We have some helpful tips when it comes to making your fresh front door wreaths last as long as possible!

Choose Wisely

When you’re bringing home a fresh wreath or garland, there is a good amount of care needed to make sure your greens aren’t wilting within the following few days. If you’re buying your fresh greenery from a local vendor or a farmers’ market, you might be tempted to snag the ones that are heavily decorated with bows and little ornaments, but it’s important that you consider how fresh these greens actually are.

Is the foliage remaining intact? Are the leaves well-saturated or are they looking brittle? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when you’re looking at the selection.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You might think that bringing home the freshest greenery you could find at the nursery wouldn’t require any immediate care, but they actually do!

If you have a large enough container place your wreath or garland inside – make sure the container is large enough to fit everything inside, no stray leaves or branches poking out! Then fill the bin, bath tub, kiddie pool, what-have-you with enough water to cover the entire live greenery. Let them soak for the time being, but if you want optimal results, your wreath and garland should be left in the water for a full day.

Spray Treatment

We all know that winters can be quite dry, and sadly, we’re not the only ones affected by this – our fresh greens are too! In order to help our front door wreaths and indoor garlands retain as much moisture possible, you can stop by your local nursery and purchase an anti-desiccant spray. Spritzing your fresh greenery with this helps them retain moisture by sealing the pores on the foliage – the more you know!

Climate Control

If you decide to hang your fresh wreath or garland indoors, keep in mind that they probably won’t last as long because they require a colder climate to thrive. Since a lot of us end up turning on our indoor heaters at full blast during the winter season, our greenery will probably dry out faster than usual.

However, you can still maintain them by misting the foliage every day. You can also place humidifiers nearby the greenery so they won’t dry out too quickly!

Here Comes the Sun

It can be tempting to place our wreaths and garlands in spots where they’re drinking up plenty of sunlight. All life needs sunlight to survive, after all. But you know the drill: direct light can dry out your fresh greenery, whether you’ve placed them indoors or outdoors!

We suggest placing them in slightly shaded areas of your home. You can hang sheer curtains over your windows to prevent any sunlight from landing directly on your indoor greenery. If your front door is usually exposed to partial shade, then you’re safe to adorn it with your holiday wreath!

Also, another last-minute tip about lights: if you’re planning on decorating your wreath and garland with string lights, make sure you’re using ones with low-heat lighting (like LED lights). They won’t dry out your greenery as quickly, leaving you with fresh and festive decorations that last throughout the holidays!


Whether your holiday greenery is made of fresh pine, cedar, or magnolias, there are always ways to keep them jazzing up your home for weeks and weeks!

The Bouqs provides the freshest holiday floral arrangements and door wreaths that are sure to give the best welcome to any guest you decide to have over. Let us help put some warmth back in the winter season, and shop from our winter flower collection today!

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