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Why the Number of Roses Matters

What Does The Number Of Roses Mean

Ever walked into a flower shop (or scrolled through a webpage) thinking “today I’m going to buy some beautiful roses” and once you got to the question of “how many” you had no clue how or what to choose? Rose number symbolism is not just a myth. Anybody that knows at least a little bit about flowers will be able to interpret the number of roses you are gifting.

If you don’t find yourself in that bracket, however, never fear, because here in this article we will explore what does the number of roses mean and when it is appropriate to give them. So, the next time you need rose bouquet delivery, you’ll know more than to just ask for “a bunch.”


One Rose = New Love

Give a single red rose to your “we-just-met” sweetheart. One red rose symbolizes careless love. It is usually offered on the first date to express one’s longing to meet a new person who has just walked into your life. A single red rose is the ultimate choice to give to someone to declare “love at first sight.”It also symbolizes:

  • Simplicity
  • “I’m still in love with you” (if it’s given after years of being together)
  • “You are the ONE for me” (if you consider yourself hilarious)


Two Roses = A Special Bond

Two red roses are often presented tied to each other, to express a special bond with your other half; the two flowers representing both of you. A perfect occasion to deliver two roses is an engagement proposal or an upcoming marriage. Your partner will instantly get excited and take the hint that something major is about to go down, so be careful not to just randomly buy them.


Six Roses = Crazy In Love

Six roses are for a “crazy in love” mood. Maybe it’s your most recent crush and fate brought you together or a more adult unexpected flirt (or Beyonce.) If you are madly hooked on someone then offer them six roses. A six-roses arrangement is the perfect expression of a deeply enamored and infatuated relationship. It also comes in handy when:

  • You want to tell someone you want to take your relationship to the next level
  • You are looking for a bouquet to give on a more casual occasion
  • You just want to celebrate your passionate love


10 Roses = Perfection

Ten roses mean “to me you are perfect.” Ten is a must-know on the number of roses meaning list, as it shows your SO that you believe your love is flawless. Few things make that special person in your feel more unique than ten roses, portraying your absolute devotion to them and your strong faith in your bond together.


12 Roses = Be Mine

A Twelve Rose bouquet is one of the most popular number of roses meaning, telling your special someone “Be Mine.” Offering a dozen roses is like shouting out “I just won the lottery with you,” while at the same time being one of the simplest and most honest ways to ask the love of your life to be yours. It’s the rose equivalent of one of those adorable “Be Mine” teddy bears.


13 Roses = Up for Debate?

The 13 rose number symbolism is actually disputed. Some say that when you are presented with thirteen roses it means you just got friend-zoned. That is, when a person wants to politely let you know that they like you (enough to buy you roses) but you’ll never be anything more than friends. Others think that the “baker’s dozen bouquet” means that you have a secret admirer. So, before making any moves you better read the situation carefully. Either you have a secret fan or a permanent friend that also gives you gorgeous flowers. It’s win-win, really.


25 Roses = Congrats!

Did you just graduate? Nailed a promotion? Managed to go to the gym for the first time, only three months after paying your annual subscription? Then it is likely that you deserve to receive flowers and more specifically, 25 roses. This rose number symbolism conveys congratulations. If you are the giver and looking for flowers to congratulate someone, search no more and wish them all the happiness in the world with a classic 25-rose bouquet. You won’t even need to write congrats on the card!


50 Roses = Limitless Love

A love that knows no boundaries is the love that’s worth 50 red roses. This absolutely stunning bouquet expresses your limitless love to your eternal other half. Whether you’ve spent a lifetime with them, or are aiming to, you cannot give a more fitting bouquet to express your devotion, no matter what fate brings to your relationship. The 50-rose Bouq will make a lasting impression and a special romantic memory that will remain forever in their heart.


Now that you are an expert on what does the number of roses mean, you can start giving plenty to your loved ones. By choosing the right number you’ll be able to include the lovely message you want to send and without needing too many words. You can also read up on what different colors of roses mean, such as yellow roses or what roses have the best fragrance. Once, you’ve figured out what you want, Check out our vibrant collection of rose bouquets to see what suits you.

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