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Coastal Grandma Decor

From fashion to interior design, the coastal grandmother look is THE hot style heading into the summer of 2022 – and it just may be here to stay. What is coastal grandma decor? Do you have to be a grandmother living on the coast to enjoy this trend? How can you participate in this viral trend? Here’s what you need to know about the coastal grandmother trend.

What Is a Coastal Grandmother?

According to the TikTok influencer who coined the term, Lex Nicoleta, coastal grandmother means anyone who “loves Nancy Meyers movies; coastal vibes, recipes, and cooking; Ina Garten; and cozy interiors.” You don’t need to be a middle-aged white woman with a home in the Hamptons to enjoy this look – the coastal grandmother style is more about an aspirational way of living than a Diane Keaton character, which is why the trend may last longer than most. The coastal grandmother look is about marrying luxury and comfort – flowy linen pants and white slipcovered sofas rather than power suits and stiff leather furniture.

What Is Coastal Grandma Style?

Coastal grandmother style is a blend of neutral colors with blue or green accents, cable-knit cardigans, airy linen clothing, farmer’s market produce, and a neverending supply of fresh flowers to top off the look. In short, imagine a woman in her 40s or 50s living in a well-manicured, perfectly decorated oceanfront home and living a life of leisure.

Is Coastal Grandma Style for Homes or Humans?

Both! You can decorate your home in light neutral tones, nautical themes, blue or green accents, comfortable luxury, and fresh flowers to capture the coastal grandmother aesthetic at home. Or, you can dress in pale linens, floppy straw hats, lightweight sweaters, and oversized sunglasses to take the look outside.

Things Coastal Grandmas Do

  • Young in years or young at heart, here are some examples of things coastal grandmothers may do:
  • Spend time maintaining their flower or vegetable garden
  • Wear their partner’s button-down shirt with worn-in jeans
  • Throw on a large straw hat every time they step outside
  • Take leisurely walks on the beach, with or without a dog
  • Wear lots of gold jewelry accumulated from flea markets
  • Sip wine while reading a mystery novel on a white chaise
  • Decorate their homes with shades of white, tan, and brown with pops of blue or green
  • Listen to oldies and soft jazz
  • Invite friends over for dinner or tea at least once a week
  • Cook Ina Garten recipes with produce bought at a farmer’s market
  • Coastal grandmas also adore giving their loved ones stunning flower arrangements and learning how to store roses before gifting so their thoughtful gift looks its best.

Coastal Grandmother Decor

Here are some coastal grandmother decor items you should consider bringing into your own home to hop onto this trend.

Fresh Flowers

No coastal grandmother’s home is complete without at least one bouquet complementing the neutral tones. However, it’s best to have a separate arrangement in each room – as a centerpiece, on side tables, or sitting in the window – to bring a pop of color and freshly scented air throughout your home. When you need fresh flowers for your coastal grandmother’s home, rely on The Bouqs Co. for fabulous floral arrangements.


Whether you have room for a single indoor tower garden, a few window boxes, or a half-acre dirt plot, a garden is a crucial part of coastal grandma decor. Work with the space you have to grow fresh lettuce, delicious herbs, or gorgeous flowers. Did you know you may not need seeds or bulbs to grow flowers? That’s right – you may be able to plant your old bouquet for a head start!

White Twill Sofa Slipcover

If you can’t afford to replace your furniture right now, you can get the coastal grandmother look in your living room by purchasing white slipcovers for your sofa, loveseat, and chairs. A white twill sofa slipcover will instantly transform your home into coastal grandma chic. It’s hard to go wrong with a white slipcover, anyway. Want to change your look in a year or two? Simply swapping out the throw pillows – or changing their covers – can change the look of the entire room.

Blue Throw Pillow Covers

Add a pop of color to your neutral-toned coastal grandma decor with blue throw pillow covers. They add sky or water elements to brighten up the earthiness of white, tan, or brown furniture. Whether you toss the pillows on your couch or your bed, they’ll brighten up the space without taking away from the nautical theme.

Harbor House Crystal Beach Comforter Set

Bring the coastal look into your bedroom with the Harbor House Crystal Beach Comforter Set. Between the seafoam green bed skirt and white cotton seashell motif shams and comforter, this set is the perfect bed starter for the coastal grandmother look. Pair it with pale blue or green sheets and accent pillows for the ultimate style.

Heberling 17.5″ Ocean Blue Table Lamp

The textured light blue glass of the Heberling 17.5″ Ocean Blue Table Lamp perfectly resembles ocean tides and coastal breezes, while the lampshade is made of white linen – the core staple fabric of the coastal grandmother. This lamp is the perfect accent piece in a mostly white bedroom or living room.

White Washed Wicker Dining Chair

Nothing says “coastal” and “grandmother” quite like a white-washed wicker chair. The neutral tones of these beachy chairs will add an air of comfortable sophistication to your dining room. You can make them pop by adding blue or green seat cushions.

Ibiza Collection Leather Trim Raffia Basket Bag

Every coastal grandma needs a tote to take to the farmer’s market. The Ibiza Collection Leather Trim Raffia Basket Bag – with a cotton lining, leather double shoulder straps, and a weaved palm outer layer – is the perfect goes-with-everything tote that will look as good on a hook in your living room as it does on your shoulder.

Cabana Melamine 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

Whether you choose turquoise, stone, or mix and match the two, the Cabana Melamine 12-Piece Dinnerware Set is an excellent way to bring coastal grandma decor into your kitchen. Made of shatter-resistant melamine, this dinnerware set is dishwasher safe and adds a touch of elegance to the table.

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