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How to Store Roses Before Gifting

How To Store Roses

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As Oscar Wilde once said: “a flower blossoms for its own joy”. That’s great for flowers, but what about all the questions their blossoming creates? Like how long will flowers last in a cold car? Or how to store roses so they don’t wilt before you have a chance to hand the beautiful Bouq to your significant other?

Everybody knows that gifting roses is always a good idea, whether you indulge that passion a little or a lot. After all, a hand-crafted Bouq will make people happier and fill a room with a marvelous spectrum of colors. But you also want to make sure you’re storing them right and keeping them safe. You probably have a ton of questions, because who actually knows how to store roses the right way, anyways?

To try and answer some of the many questions our customers have about keeping flowers in great shape, we’ve gathered a few effective tips on how to store, transport, and preserve your delicate Bouq of roses.


Will Flowers Last In a Cold Car?

You’ve planned it all perfectly; you’ve placed your order and collected the blossoming beauties yourself. The most difficult part starts with how you’re going to store the precious Bouq inside your car and make sure it survives the long journey to its recipient.

Tip #1. Make sure you’ve prepared a bucket filled with a small amount of tap water (about two inches to avoid spilling water all over your car) in advance. Lift up the wrapping that surrounds and covers the stems of the Bouq and gently place the flowers inside the bucket in an upright position.

Tip #2. If you failed to plan ahead, don’t worry! A wet towel wrapped around the end of the stems can work about as well as a bucket with water if you’re in a pinch. In this case, though, you should gently place your Bouq in a cardboard box for safe-keeping, so it’s held upright and stable instead of flying around the car with every turn. Keep in mind that this solution won’t last for long. It’ll only work for up to about three hours, though this should be plenty of time to find a more reliable water source.

Tip #3. Your flowers should also be kept out of the trunk and off the dashboard of your car, even if these might seem like the most logical places. Your flowers can last in a warm or cold car, as long as they’re not receiving direct sun or being subjected to freezing temperatures. Thus, the back seat or passenger seat are the best places for them.


How to Store Roses (& Other Kinds of Flowers, Too)

Tip #4. It has been proven that most flowers do well in the cold and that keeping them in the cold can actually prolong their life. Here’s why: cool temperatures assist the absorption of nutrients and keep roses staying fresh and vivid. Although this is true, keep in mind that very low temperatures may damage the blooms by accelerating their wilting and causing a loss of scent and color. Ideal temperatures fluctuate between 34° to 37°F, though take care to avoid temperatures dropping below 32°, as they will suffer frostbite. You can store the vase and roses overnight inside the refrigerator, though be mindful to keep fruits and veggies away and remember to take them out first thing in the morning.

Tip #5. Refresh the water in the vase regularly to prevent bacterial buildup and mist the petals too, as all flowers absorb water from their petals. Also, remove any wilting buds and pull off all dead leaves to prevent them from dropping into the water and fostering bacterial growth.


Roses from The Bouqs Co. are perfect for every occasion; birthdays or anniversaries, visiting a friend, a work party, celebrating important life events, or even just because. Continue reading our blog to find the perfect flowers to pair with roses or learn the story of the “forever rose.” Although it might seem difficult to keep flowers vivid and alive, following these simple guidelines on how to store roses can make all the difference. Next time you need to order roses for delivery from an online florist, visit The Bouqs and find a farm-fresh bouquet perfect for your next occasion.

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