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5 Flowers to Pair with Roses to Jazz Up a Bouq

Valentine's Day Rose Pairings

Red roses have always been a fan favorite for Valentine’s Day, and we don’t blame them! They’re everything we could ever ask for in a flower – beautiful, elegant, and oh-so-romantic. Roses offer a pleasing aroma, and they have thousands of varieties and hybrids.

Roses are definitely the showstopper of every love-filled holiday, but what if we told you that they pair so well with other blooms too? Here are our 5 picks for the perfect petals that deserve to share the spotlight with a batch of classic Valentine’s Day roses:



These fluffy blooms may not exactly be what you’d expect to complement a bouquet of lovely roses, but they actually do! The pincushion flower (or scabiosa, if you want to get technical) gets its name for the way its little petals bloom like pincushions.

Paired with roses, these flowers give the bouquet a more balanced look and adds an extra pop of color with its various hues of lavender, pink and white.


Solomio flowers may be unfamiliar to a lot of you, but they pair surprisingly well with light-colored roses. Rather than overpowering a batch of pastel roses, solomios help enhance the overall look of the bouquet with an added touch of softness.

Calla Lilies

Callas have always been the elegant favorite, but who knew they would go so well with roses too? They not only a unique shape that sets them apart from the rest of the lily family, callas come in plenty of wonderful colors to accompany any classy arrangement!

A bouquet of mixed blooms including roses and callas are sure to impress anyone with refined taste.


Feeling like gifting a loved one a rose bouquet but with a little extra dimension for that “wow” factor? Snapdragons give any arrangement a bit of much-needed height and color.

If you know your recipient would absolutely love something that pops, gift them a colorful combination of roses and snapdragons!


Mums are usually everyone’s cup of tea, and you probably have seen these stems in every farmer’s market or in the floral section of your local grocery store. What can we say – chrysanthemums are a popular choice. But these round blooms also pair perfectly with roses and there’s almost no question why!

Putting some mums into the mix with a batch of roses can really bring the whole arrangement to life with all sorts of colorful combinations.

We know that buying roses is the traditional route when it comes to floral gifting on Valentine’s Day, but there are plenty of ways you can jazz up your typical rose bouquet. Next time you want to send roses online, consider flowers that pair well with roses when choosing your bouquet. You should also make sure to store your roses properly for the longest-lasting bouquets. Our newest collection for the upcoming love-filled holiday is sure to sweep any loved one off their feet with some fun takes on the classics.

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