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What’s the Story with the Forever Rose?

Bouquet of Red Roses Behind Back to Surprise Walking Woman

For generations, the only way to preserve a bouquet of roses was to dry them. That was until the forever rose changed Valentine’s Day flowers. Roses that last a lifetime of love transform bouquets that capture each moment into keepsakes that endure.

A forever rose is cut at the ideal blooming stage and infused with secret preservatives that keep its fresh look. Each proprietary formula for preservation helps the roses hold form and freshness longer than their vase life.

The grandeur of forever roses is in the presentation as well. Popular brands of forever roses come delicately packed in luxury hat boxes. They’re basically the Gucci loafers of romantic flowers.

They may not be around forever-ever, but this flower trend is engineered to stick around for a bit.

Alternatives to a Forever Rose

The forever rose is having its moment as a gift that represents eternal love. Like romantic jewelry, these flowers are a sentimental gift and a fashionable accessory ready for the ‘Gram. That said, fresh flower bouquets turn our homes into curated art galleries of fresh flowers.

From their first bud, flowers grow and fully blossom under the shining canopy of sunlight. Like the perfect sundress, framed by amazing lighting is where they look their best.

Add a bouquet of fresh flowers in the room with the best lighting as part of how you curate your space. They glow as a central part of your decor that radiates beauty to the rest of the room. These farm-fresh flowers may keep your love blooming beyond the box.

      Red Rose Bouquets

Always the first choice for romance, red roses make a grand statement of devotion and love.

Succulent Bouquets

A plant is a living gift that grows with your affections. Succulents in our bouquets may not arrive in a pot, but they can be planted for a lasting memory.

Yellow Roses

The yellow rose is a celebration of friendship. They show heartfelt appreciation for those who are always there to lean on and lean in alongside you.

Tropical Bouquets

Tropical bouquets bring island vibes to your loves in a colorful flower arrangement. These flowers remind them that paradise is wherever you are together. No bathing suit required.

Purple Roses

Give your queen a bouquet of purple roses in this historically royal color to show them they rule your world.


Some flowers The Bouqs Co. sources are responsibly grown in the volcanic soil of Ecuador. The region is known for its lasting flowers that retain their vibrant color and vitality longer. For flowers that truly last a lifetime, send a bouquet with blooms that can be planted in a garden or pot.

Breaking Down the Forever Rose

A forever rose preserves a memory similar to how it holds the flower bouquets in a moment. Their beauty is captured and frozen in a specific memory like the top tier of a wedding cake. Forever roses are a touchstone meant to preserve the feeling that arrives with them.

Getting flowers for Valentine’s Day is an elegant, majestic expression of feelings that puts desire into action.

How the Stems Stack Up

Ultimately, we love fresh flowers because that’s just what they make us feel: loved. It’s as if every bloom in a bouquet of cut roses from farm to arrangement is created delicately with love in mind. It isn’t that forever roses don’t carry the same sentiment, but there is something special about fresh roses as you watch them reach full bloom and truly shine. If you plan to give flowers for a special occasion, make sure you know how to store your roses.

Giving flower bouquets marks any day as a milestone. Whether flowers are given for love, friendship, congratulations or just a thank you beyond words, that moment is special. Those flowers exist in that window of time associated with those feelings.

Receiving fresh flowers every month gives us something to look forward to. It creates a special event that brightens our day and lifts our spirits. Natural flower bouquets are hand-held gestures of love that symbolize a shared space in your heart.

Even after they reach their peak bloom, the sentiment that inspired their giving lives on. For many of us, holding flowers in our hand, having something tangible that we can clutch to our hearts makes them meaningful. Show the people you love that every moment you spend together is valuable by sending flower bouquets that commemorate those memories.

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