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A Starter’s Guide to Living Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Living

Fortunately for Mother Nature, more and more people are realizing the benefits of transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only are we being mindful of the products we use, we’re also giving back to the earth by preventing any unnecessary waste from accumulating.

If you’re just starting the switch to sustainable living, you’d know that it isn’t the easiest thing to give up some of the things we were so accustomed to having in our daily lives: who could’ve guessed that the little things like plastic straws could be harmful to the environment? However, you’re not alone; we believe that any lifestyle change should be a collaborative effort, which is why we want to help!

So here it is – our guide on how to start an eco-friendly lifestyle for those who are a fan of going green:



You’ve seen them around your neighborhood and even notice them becoming a go-to place for millennials – you guessed it, thrift stores! It’s hard to believe that shopping at second-hand stores can make a difference on the environment, but the act alone does more than you’d think. According to Green And Prosperous, thrift shopping keep clothes and fabrics out of the landfill, lowers the amount of energy used by clothing manufacturers, reduces demand for factory-produced clothes, and even encourages us to recycle.

Better yet, you may even snatch some lucky finds at your local secondhand clothing store. If you’re into classic vintage pieces such as polos, college sweatshirts, and denim jackets, Goodwill might be the place for you. If you’re all about shopping online, then we recommend apps like Depop or Poshmark to find secondhand clothing from well-known brands – shipped directly from people just like you. These apps are perfect for those who are looking into trendier additions to their wardrobe without breaking the bank!

Reusable Canvas Bags

Let’s face it – plastic bags aren’t exactly the most ideal carriers for our groceries. We know that they’re probably more convenient for us than anything; they’re lightweight, free, and available everywhere. However, there’s no doubt that they bring more harm than good. According to Livestrong.com, most plastic bags are made from crude oil and natural gas which are nonrenewable energy sources. Plus, the bags are non-biodegradable, which creates even more unwanted waste in landfills (yikes!)

Lucky for us, there’s a greener alternative: canvas bags. Thankfully, more and more groceries store are making reusable bags available for shoppers everywhere, encouraging us to make that switch from plastic to canvas. If you just can’t seem to avoid plastic bag usage, then why not opt for recycling the ones that you end up collecting over time? Not only will you be reducing waste, you might just find old plastic bags handy for lining small trash bins or organizing items in storage. Don’t be afraid to get nifty with it!

Water Tumblers

This might be a no-brainer for some of us, but you’d be surprised by how much plastic water bottles make a negative impact on the environment. We hear you – they’re just convenient to grab from the nearest mart during those post-hike mornings, and they’re just not as much commitment since you can easily dispose of them whenever you feel the need to. However, if you’re looking to show a little love to Mother Nature, we definitely suggest investing in a reusable water bottle (especially the insulated ones so you can keep your drinks cool throughout the rest of your day!)

Also, take that extra step and skip the plastic straws while you’re at it!

Buying Sustainable Flowers

We know you might be asking yourself, “how can flowers not be eco-friendly?” The answer lies within the way they’re grown and distributed; it might surprise some of you that most flower farms can act as flower-growing factories with the way they use harmful pesticides and rely on unethical labor practices. But fortunately, more and more flower farms (just like us!) are starting to use sustainable growing practices, guaranteeing the freshest petals around.

Here at The Bouqs, we want to make sure that we give back to the earth by growing our blooms responsibly – so every bud has the happiest vase life! Not only are our farm partners committed to eco-friendly and sustainable farm practices, we go above and beyond our support for the green lifestyle by ensuring that our supply chain eliminates roughly 90% of waste created by the average flower delivery business. Our arrangements also have reduced refrigeration needs by up to 70% so we preserve energy. Go us!

So why wait until Earth Day to start going green? It’s always time to celebrate Mother Nature! Our guide will help you get started on a lifestyle that’s not only rewarding to yourself but our environment as well!

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