Easter Centerpiece & Tablescape Ideas

Centerpiece of flowers and bunny statues for Easter

When Easter time rolls around, everyone is ready to break out their colorful clothes and gather with friends and family to celebrate. Even if cold and dreary weather is still looming, this holiday reminds us that spring is on the way. And spring means flowers!

So why not take a note from spring flowers and use them to decorate for Easter? By combining colorful blooms and lively greenery with classic Easter decor items like eggs and baskets, you can create some stunning Easter centerpieces and tablescapes. Don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry—we’re going to introduce you to a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Flower Centerpieces and Tablescapes for Easter

Creating a warm and inviting Easter centerpiece may seem as difficult as finding eggs hidden in a grassy field. But if you take notes of a few tips and tricks, the process becomes much easier!

First, recognize that part of the appeal of DIY decorations is their imperfections. Rather than viewing a few misplaced stems or mismatched Easter eggs as ugly, go ahead and think of them as charming! Once you toss aside this fear of imperfection, creating an Easter centerpiece or tablescape will become much easier.

After you’ve developed the proper creative mindset, it’s time to turn to the world around you for inspiration. A stroll through your neighborhood’s gardens, the local garden center, or The Bouqs bouquet selection can all provide you with ideas of where to get started. You can also think about iconic Easter decorations—bunnies, baskets, chicks, and Easter grass are all fair game.

But don’t just think about your creative materials! You should also consider the space you’ll be placing your decorations. If you’re working with a small square table for four, you probably want to opt for a small or tall centerpiece. But if you’re putting extra leaves in your table and inviting a crowd of twelve over for dinner, you probably want to decorate with more than a single vase of tulips.

While creating your own Easter centerpiece can be rewarding, sometimes you want to skip the work that comes with DIY projects. If you live in Beverly Hills, Chicago, or New York City, you can do just that! That’s because The Bouqs retail stores will be offering custom Easter centerpieces for you to enjoy.

But if you want to stick with the DIY option, use the following ideas as inspiration!

Use Eggs as a Vase Base

A vase filled with Easter eggs as the base and white tulips

What says Easter more than eggs and spring blooming flowers like tulips and daffodils? Not much! That’s why combining these two classic items can create a stunning simple seasonal centerpiece that’s perfect for a small table.

Start with a pot filled with spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths. You can purchase already blooming bulbs at a store or plant your own bulbs about a month before you’d like them to bloom. Next, find a large clear vase that will hold the pot—your goal is to have a few inches of space between the exteriors of the pot and the vase. 

Nestle the pot into the vase and then get to work filling the empty space with eggs. You can use real eggs as pictured above (unwashed eggs will keep better than washed eggs), artistic Ukrainian eggs, or colorful plastic eggs.

Create an Easter Egg Tree

Small tree branches protruding from white vase with Easter eggs hanging from the branches

Not only is springtime filled with bulb flowers, but it’s also when many trees begin to bloom! Redbuds, dogwoods, peaches, and cherries fill the air with welcome flowers and bring in buzzing bees. Fortunately, it’s easy to cut a branch from one of these trees to add some spring cheer to your home!

To make this flowering branch even more appropriate for your Easter celebration, add some small eggs to the sturdy wood branches. Lightweight eggs are best but don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to fit the rest of your decor scheme.

Hollow Out Eggs to Make Super Cute Vases

Hollowed-out easter eggs with pink flowers coming out the top

If you know you want to order a flower arrangement for Easter, don’t think you need to limit yourself to the standard glass vase. While nothing is wrong with sticking to the classics, we think these lil’ egg vases add a super cute touch to any Easter table.

As you might have guessed, you’ll need to start with some eggs. Use a knife to carefully chip away a small piece of shell on one side of the egg then keep removing pieces of shell until the hole is as large as you’d like. Drain the yolk and white—don’t forget to save them for tasty Easter cakes or breakfast casseroles! Once you let the interiors of the eggs dry, they’re ready to fill!

Since eggs are notorious for wanting to topple over, you’ll need to get a bit creative in how you stabilize them. You can glue some velcro to the bottom of the egg and then use this to attach the egg to your desired surface, glue the eggs directly to their final destination, or nestle them in small cups. Once the eggs are secure, fill each one with a bit of water and then place a few flowers in each vase.

While you can arrange the eggs however you’d like, we like the idea of decorating each place setting with a flower-filled egg.

Fill Your Easter Basket with Flowers

Easter basket centerpiece with flowers and a bunny statue

Don’t think you have to be a kid to enjoy an Easter basket! A great decor idea is to start with a classic basket and then fill it with moss, flowers, and an elegant Easter rabbit.

You can purchase fresh flowers, nestle them in vases, and then tuck the vases into the basket. Or you can mix dried flowers in amongst the eggs, rabbits, chicks, and all things spring.

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