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The Best Desserts With Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers For Cakes

If you want to step up your dessert game, using edible flowers for cakes is the way to do it. Think about it: baked goods are already fantastic as is. There is no situation that baked goods can’t improve, from office meetings to birthday parties, to Saturday nights spent on the couch with Netflix. The same sentiment goes for flowers; there is no gloomy day that a beautiful bundle of flowers can’t manage to brighten up. So it makes sense–baking with flowers will bring double the joy to any situation!

Flowers don’t just look and smell nice, many of them also have sweet and aromatic flavors that will elevate any recipe. This makes them a natural choice to add to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies! If you try baking with flowers, any one of these recipe ideas is sure to be a major hit.


Orange Blossom Madeleines

If you’ve never had the delight of trying a madeleine and aren’t sure what they are, they are little French cakes in the shape of a seashell. They look like cookies, but they have a buttery and cakey texture. Adding orange blossom water doesn’t take away from that beautiful, buttery flavor but just adds a floral aroma that elevates the cookies flavors even more. Orange blossom water is easy to find, and Baking a Moment’s orange blossom madeleine recipe is simple and easy to follow, too.

Honey Lavender Cake

Lightly sweet and floral, honey and lavender cake is a staple when it comes to baking with flowers. Honey lavender cake is pretty and pretty tasty and is the perfect cake for your fancy dinner party or even your wedding, especially if you use this honey lavender cake with vanilla German buttercream and lavender ganache drip recipe on Cloudy Kitchen.

Candied Violets

Candied violets are delicious eaten on their own, but are beautiful edible flowers for cake decorating, ice cream toppings, or any other dessert decorating you need to do. Candied violets have a sweet, floral, and crunchy taste. Are you looking for something fancy to spruce up your morning parfait? Sprinkle in some candied violets from the recipe on The Spruce Eats.

Lemon and Lavender Biscuits

There’s something special about lavender--it smells good, helps with poor sleep and anxiety, and it even tastes delicious! Lavender makes a perfect addition to any dessert because it won’t take away from the dessert’s flavor itself add will give it a deliciously lavender taste that will tickle the tastebuds. The lemon and lavender biscuits from My Tartelette are no exception and will be serving you dreamy French countryside vibes.

Persian Rose “Love Spell” Cookies

It’s no secret that giving roses to someone is romantic, but these Persian rose love spell cookies will take that romance and turn it up a hundred degrees. This recipe uses a rose loose leaf tea that will transport your taste buds to an afternoon tea party. Just like in Alice in Wonderland, you’ll be partying with the flowers with the recipe on The Chalkboard.

Bellini Popsicles with Violets

Laying out by the pool has never tasted (or looked!) as good as it does with Bellini popsicles. The Bellini is a perfect summertime drink; the peaches and prosecco perfectly compliment each other. Adding violets fresh from the flower elevates this summertime treat to the next level with the recipe from Honestly Yum.

Strawberry Rose Macarons

There really is no dessert that is more Instagrammable than the colorful Macaron. These cookies are even safe for all of your gluten-sensitive friends because they don’t require you to use any flour. Sweet strawberries and delicate rose petal flavors will just dance on your tastebuds with this recipe that Baking a Moment has up on their website.

Buy Some Bouqs for Decoration

No party is complete without gorgeous decorations, and if you’re going all out with one of these delicious desserts why not take your get-together up a notch with fresh flowers? Fortunately, we make that part easy–just browse our site, find the farm fresh flowers that speak to you, and voila! Our Bouqs, however, aren’t edible so we recommend that you keep our blooms strictly for decorative use. You’ll have gorgeous flowers to liven up your space in a matter of days (even quicker if you opt for same-day delivery!)

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