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Easy Fall DIY: Halloween Pumpkin Vases

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Vases

We are still mourning the loss of summer over here at The Bouqs Co. Fall means allergies and runny noses! But, it also means cozy sweaters, hibernation eating, and Halloween!


We have lots of fun seasonal Bouqs in our new Halloween collection, that are, in all honesty, not that spooky. These flowers are perfect for gifts and parties, and even better for a good fall DIY project.

We created vases out of pumpkins to add extra oomph to the Halloween theme!  Use smaller pumpkins for a table arrangement or create a fun floral pop with bigger pumpkins on your doorstep.

Measure your flowers to the pumpkin size

Cut a vase-sized hole and clean out your pumpkins. Measure your flowers to the pumpkin size 


Pumpkins. The assortment of size and color is up to you!

Fresh Bouqs. We used Boo-quet and Bouq-O-Lantern

Small cylindrical vases or jars. (Plastic freezer bags and thumb tacks can also be used in a pinch.)

Pumpkin carving kit. Or, knife and spoon—no judgment

White acrylic paint (optional)

Freehand designs with white acrylic paint

Freehand designs with white acrylic paint


1. Cut a vase-sized hole at the top of your pumpkin.

If you want the top hole to be small, cut a larger hole in the bottom of the pumpkin. You can scrape out the insides from the bottom as well. If you have a limited number of flowers this will probably be the best approach.

2. Clean out the inside of your pumpkin.

3. Optional: Carve a face, or add a design with acrylic paint directly onto the clean surface of your pumpkin. 

4. Fill your vase halfway with water, and add in flower food. Then, place the vase into your pumpkin.

Or, if you do not have the right sized vase,  tack in a plastic freezer bag and fill it with water once it is secure.

5. Arrange your flowers in the vase until you receive the desired effect!

And there you have it, easy as pumpkin pie. If you try this DIY, share your pictures with us using hashtag #BouqLove on Instagram and Twitter. We want to see how yours turn out!

Orange Ranunculus DIY Pumpkin

The ranunculus in the Boo-Quet Bouq are the perfect pop!

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