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DIY Day of the Dead Flower Crown with Paper Print-Outs

Day of the Dead Flower Crown

What’s not to love about Día de los Muertos? Sugar skulls, intricate Mexican embroidery, vibrant flowers. We love it all.

For those that don’t know, Día de los Muertos AKA Day of the Dead is a time to dress up and celebrate those that are no longer with us. Traditionally, the holiday is November 1, and lasts for a full 24 hours while “the gates of heaven remain open.” During this time, it is especially popular to dress as a Calavera Catrina, the iconic skeleton made famous by illustrator Guadalupe Posada.

Since the Calavera Catrina is often portrayed with flowers in her hair, we thought it would be fun to use the Bonfire Bouq to create a fresh Day of the Dead headdress. This Spooky Collection Bouq is filled with vibrant marigolds and purple-hued alstroemeria, which are perfect for this fall holiday!

We have also included a few print-outs for you to add to your look. Print and cut them out to include as is, or add some color using pencils or markers!


DIY Halloween Flower Crown

Simple supplies.



Bonfire Bouq

Inexpensive Drugstore Headband—look for one that is about .5” wide

Craft Wire

Floral Tape and Regular Craft Tape

Decorative Ribbons

Card Stock Printer Paper — Download our butterfly cut-outs here!


Optional: Markers/Pencils/Paint


Note: Make sure your flowers have been in water, and hydrating for a solid 24 hours before starting the project!

1.Measure your ribbons to the length of your headband plus the amount you would like them to hang down. Then cut.

2. Cut the stems of your flowers to 2 inches.

Flower Crown Supplies

Measure your ribbons and cut the flower stems.

3. Print the cutouts on a nice heavy weighted paper. Cut them out, and color-in if you wish.

You can also adhere regular paper to card stock with glue or double-sided tape after you print them out. Both of these options will give the paper more structure.

Flower Crown Artwork

Color in the printouts. We made ours into Monarchs with just three colors!

4. Measure out your craft wire to be around 6 inches, and tape the end of the wire to the back of your cutouts.

Spiral the wire and tape it to the back of the paper. This taping method will make sure the wire doesn’t slip out.

5. With the ribbons evenly laying down the distance of your headband, think about which flowers you would like where.

6. Attach the flowers to your headband and ribbons with the floral tape.

A few tips:

Bundle flowers together first with the floral tape, then attach the bundles to the headband and ribbons.

Creating crisscross pattern (think, how a button is sewn) with your floral tape will create the most secure hold.

Working from the middle of the headband outward will allow you to aesthetically balance the look as you go!

Use your craft wire if the tape is not feeling secure enough. This can be done by creating a hook with the wire. Stick the non-hooked end of your wire through the top of your marigold and pull through the bottom of the flower. The hook will then anchor into the inside of the flower. Wrap the end of the wire around your headband also with the crisscross method so it does not slide. 

Flower Crown Assembly

Wrap your flower bundles onto the headband taping the ribbons as you go.

7. Trim any bits of stem that are hanging over the back of the headband.

8. Add in your butterflies! Position them where you would like, and wrap the end of the wire either to any exposed stems or the headband itself. 

9. Style with dramatic skeleton makeup or a mask, and place that crown on your noggin.


Check out our FB Live tutorial here:

Always remember to share your photos with us. We love seeing how your DIY projects turn out! Tag your photos with #BouqLove on Twitter and Instagram, or post a picture to Facebook!

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