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To Do or Not to Do: Buying Flowers for Your Boyfriend

Flower For Boyfriend

When you think about sending flowers to someone, who comes to mind? Your best friend? Your mom? Your hilarious co-worker who helps pass the workday with stories of her Tinder fails? Your boyfriend or husband is probably not at the top of your list, or even on the list at all. Have you ever stopped to question why that is?

Seriously, why does practically no one consider buying flowers for boyfriends? Men can surely see the beauty in flowers as easily as women can. What’s more, many studies have shown the mood-lifting capacity of flowers, and the results aren’t gender-specific. Besides, a lot of men these days are becoming more in touch with their feminine side.

Maybe your guy regularly borrows your face cream or joins you for a couple’s manicure and massage. Even if he doesn’t, there’s something empowering about shaking up the conventional gender roles from time to time. There’s absolutely no reason why flowers for boyfriends, husbands, or male friends shouldn’t be socially acceptable. So, whether they’re apology flowers for your boyfriend or a gesture to show how much he means to you, here are some things to consider when buying flowers for guys.


Be Aware of the Setting

Unless your floral recipient is ultra-secure in his manhood, you may want to think about where he’ll receive the delivery. If he works in an office setting with a mix of men and women, he likely won’t have to endure much teasing about the lovely floral display on his desk. Plus, he’ll have a desk to put them on.

If however, he works in a predominantly male setting (think a mechanic shop or construction site), you may want to surprise him with his bundle of blooms when he gets home. Be especially careful if you’re sending apology flowers for boyfriend troubles. If you have them delivered to a sensitive location, you may end up with more issues than you started with.


Give Some Thought to the Arrangement

While the male/female stereotypes have lessened over the years, the fact is that some flowers have a definite ‘girly’ vibe. In fact, there are some that are so feminine that you’d probably only consider giving them to your most pink-loving girlfriend.

Be sure that you either take some time to choose something dude-appropriate yourself or be clear with whoever will be selecting the flowers that the arrangement is for a man. Flowers in strong colors and with a more structured shape make great choices for guys. Save the perfectly pink posy pot for your best friend’s bachelorette party. In fact, you might want to think about an arrangement that’s composed mainly of greenery or incorporates some succulents, accented by a few bright blooms.


Consider Some Masculine Add-Ins

Particularly if the flowers for your boyfriend or husband are meant as a celebration gift (like for a birthday, promotion, or anniversary), you can dude-ify the bouquet yourself. For instance, if the recipient loves craft beer, you could tuck a bottle or two among the buds. If he’s a serious sports fan, slip a couple of tickets in alongside the blossoms. Even just a funny greeting card hidden in the arrangement can make a big difference in how the delivery is received by that special guy in your life.


Nothing Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Like Flowers

Guys often bring flowers to make up for something they said during a disagreement. So, why shouldn’t things work in reverse? Not only are apology flowers for boyfriend issues an icebreaker, but they also add a bit of sincerity to your sentiment. If nothing else, the thought of him being sent apology flowers for boyfriend problems may make him laugh and help relieve some of the tension.

So, if you’re feeling like sending flowers online for your boyfriend, husband, or even just a friend, then you should explore the options at The Bouqs Co. Just like your guy, we’re completely unique. We’re artisan florists who handcraft each order and guarantee your happiness. Ordering is simple, and there are no surprises (like hidden fees or upselling). If only relationships could be this straightforward!

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