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Pisces Birth Flower: Water Lily

Overhead view of lily pads and a pink water lily growing atop one.

The custom of associating certain flowers with zodiac signs dates back to ancient Rome. Zodiac flowers were believed to bring protection and good fortune, and typically shared symbolism with the zodiac signs. For each zodiac sign there are at least two flowers, and some are associated with several different flowers, with one being primary. This allows for the uniqueness of the celebrant, who may have a closer connection or aesthetic appreciation for a particular flower.

Pisces, a water sign, is represented by a pair of fish, and their connection with water is reflected in such characteristics as adaptability, their tendency to go with the flow, and the fluidity of their empathetic nature. Pisces are known for being both strong and deeply sensitive, with tremendous resilience. What is Pisces birth flower? It won’t come as a surprise that the water lily is the primary Pisces birth flower. Not just because they are peacefully at home floating on the water’s surface, but the depths from which they grow are symbolic of Pisces’ deep emotional capabilities and intuition.

There are seven more Pisces birth flowers, each representing characteristics associated with Pisces: evening primrose, mugwort, iris, witch hazel, orchid, violet, and daffodil. First, let’s look at the water lily, Pisces ‘ primary zodiac flower.

Water Lily Symbolism

Water lilies grow from roots deep in the muddy floor beneath the water, emerging from that mud up to the water’s surface immaculately clean, radiant, and stunning in its fragile beauty. The water lily’s fragile appearance belies its durability, and is symbolic of resilience, reflecting Pisces’ reputation for balancing deep sensitivity and empathy with fortitude.

Pisces are known for feeling things deeply, but possessing a sturdiness just as deeply rooted, to overcome challenges. They also tend to present a calm demeanor, as serene as water lilies look floating on the water’s surface. The water lily’s symbolic meanings center around pleasure and peace. 

One of the most fascinating symbolic meanings connected with water lilies is enlightenment. Pisces’ blend of sensitivity and fortitude, and their ability to draw strength from their deep emotions, suggests great emotional intelligence. In this way Pisces embodies the water lily’s connection with enlightenment. 

Water Lily Varieties

Hardy water lilies are prized water garden plants, and bloom in white, yellow, pink, red, coral, and even purple. Most hardy water lilies produce their striking blooms from late spring until early autumn, and are perennial in zones 3-10.

Nymphaea Black Princess

A day-blooming lily with purple rounded leaves and deep red, almost black blooms. The lightly fragrant flowers are about eight inches across, with a dramatic but delicate appearance.

Nymphaea Conqueror

A day-blooming perennial with bronze leaves and large blooms that start out cup-shaped with deep red petals surrounded by white petals. In full bloom, they’re star-shaped, and the outer white petals turn pink. The showy flowers are quite fragrant and large, up to 8 inches across.

Nymphaea Gold Medal

Dark olive green leaves are the backdrop for brilliant yellow flowers with heavy, pointed petals. The flowers measure just 4 inches, but are abundant, giving a luminous, enchanting feel to water gardens.

Nymphaea Capensis

Tropical water lily with saturated blue flowers, yellow stains. Found in it’s native environment , the tropical regions of Africa, as well as Australia and Florida, this variety is unique in it drought tolerance, able to survive in dry riverbeds without rain for long periods.

Nymphaea Amazonica

The second largest water lily, native to tropical South America. Circular leaves up to 8 feet across, with upturned edges. Large white to pink flowers that have a sweet scent often likened to pineapple. The Amazon Lily only blooms at night. 

Nymphaea Marliacea Albida

Known for its large and abundant blooms, up to 8 inches across. The oval green leaves are a modest backdrop to these fragrant, double white flowers, with rounded petals and bright yellow stamens. 

Nymphaea Mexicana

Rows of bright yellow petals with stamens to match, these fragrant blooms steal the show. From spring to fall, Mexicana opens from midday to late afternoon and is well suited to small ponds and water gardens.

Nymphaea Arc en Ciel

Aptly named Arc en Ciel, or Rainbow, gets its title from the brilliantly variegated leaves, in shades of red, brown, pink, cream, and green. They provide a dramatic backdrop for star-shaped, white flowers with distinctive gold stamens. The fragrant flowers bloom from early summer to early fall.

Nymphaea Almost Black

A day blooming lily with deep red, almost black, peony-like blooms. The lightly fragrant flowers, up to 6 inches across, blooms from early summer to early fall. Almost Black is free flowing and prolific throughout the blooming season.

Water Lily History

According to a Native American legend, water lilies are stars that fell from the sky and became flowers. The water lily is a much storied flower that’s been around since the age of dinosaurs – you read that right, the Amazon Lily, world renowned because of its prehistoric appearance, is a perfect example. With gigantic flowers, thorny looking surfaces, and lily pads up to 3 feet across, it’s one of the oldest water lilies still living, and it’s easy to imagine these monster plants co-existing with dinosaurs.

Around the world, water lilies have definitely made their mark, having spiritual and artistic significance. In Buddhism and Hinduism, they are symbols of resurrection, and Buddhists tap into water lilies’ association with enlightenment, as well as divine birth, spontaneous generation, and purity.

The water lily was the chosen symbol of Upper Egypt, and paired with the papyrus flower, the symbol of Lower Egypt, represented a united country. Blue water lilies were of special significance, representing the sun and rebirth. Depiction of the graceful flowers are carved stone alters, pillars, and other parts of ancient temples.

Water lilies feature prominently in art, most famously in the works of Claude Monet. In his lifetime, Monet painted more than 250 water lilies paintings, returning to them time after time during his life. He planted his subjects, designing his Giverny garden as if it was a painting itself. Monet was one of few artists who achieved both critical and commercial success before his death, remaining captivated by water lilies as a subject. His water lilies paintings paved the way for abstract painting, a significant distinction.

More Pisces Birth Flowers

There are seven more flowers connected with Pisces, capturing aspects of Pisces’ traits and providing a garden of symbolic connection to represent the enlightened water sign.

  • Evening Primrose – captures Pisces’ creative spark, inspiring passion and conscious action. Evening primrose is ideal for connecting with the inner creative fire.
  • Mugwort – connects with Pisces’ mystical, spiritual self, tapping into their insight and inspiration. Self-realization and divinity are the gifts of mugwort flowers.
  • Iris – in Greek mythology, Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow, providing a bridge between earth and heaven, nourishing Pisces’ enlightenment and wisdom
  • Witch Hazel – represents Pisces’ sensitivity and self-transformation, connecting with their soulful depth and open mind. Hazel demonstrates the full process of manifestation and rebirth necessary to achieve enlightenment.
  • Orchid – symbol of fertility, eloquence, and feminity, honors Pisces as a feminine sign, magnetic and receptive. Pink orchids nourish the passionate joy and self expression Pisces need to thrive.
  • Violet – also February’s birth flower, and symbolizing the higher self, the third eye, violets tap into Pisces’ spiritual, insightful nature. Violets also symbolize harmony, a dynamic strongly associated with Pisces.
  • Daffodils – similar to the water lily’s symbolism, daffodils represent new beginnings, good fortune, and faithfulness, aligning with Pisces’ strength and compassion.

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