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Holiday Decoration Ideas with Flowers

red and white flower arrangement next to a wrapped secret Santa package, greenery and Chrismas treats in front of a window.

Decorating your home for the holidays is essential. But after years of pulling out the same old decorations, decking the halls can feel like a bit of a chore. If you’re looking for some creative holiday decorating ideas, we’ve got the answer for you. Flowers!

Incorporating fresh and dried flowers into your holiday decor is the perfect way to freshen things up. And with holiday bouquets only a few clicks away, decorating has never been easier. No matter if you’re going for classic decor or aiming for a modern twist, you’ll be able to find an idea and bouquet that suits your tastes.

Tips for Incorporating Flowers Into Holiday Decor

Before we jump into floral decor ideas, we’re going to cover some basic tips. When you’re adding flowers to your home this holiday, keep this advice in mind.

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Fresh Flowers vs Dried Flowers for the Holidays

When you think of flowers, you’re probably envisioning fresh-cut bouquets sitting in a water-filled vase or maybe a potted poinsettia. While these flowers surely add appeal to any home, they’re not the only option.

Dried flowers provide plenty of floral beauty without the expiration date of fresh flowers. That means no watering and no wilting! Not all flowers dry well, so you might have to take a step away from tried and true favorites. But once you find some dried flowers you love, you can use them over and over.

Consider Ordering Ahead

If you’re one of those people who waits until the last minute to shop for gifts and order flowers, we‘re not here to judge. But, we will say you might want to think about ordering ahead! By scheduling a flower delivery in advance, you can relax knowing you’ll have fresh flowers to spruce up your home for the holidays.

While we’re on the topic of gifts, don’t forget that you can also schedule a surprise delivery ahead of time. A holiday bouquet will make your loved one’s day and a flower subscription is a perfect gift.

Watch the Temperature and Light

While dried flowers can withstand most conditions, fresh flowers are a bit pickier. To help your flowers last as long as possible, keep them away from bright light as well as hot and cold drafts. That means tucking them away from poorly-insulated windows as well as that crackling fireplace and scorching radiator.

Another way to help your flower last as long as possible is by watching their water. Replacing the water every day is the best practice, but the most important thing is that your flowers never run out of water.

Floral Design Ideas for the Holiday

While you can’t go wrong with adding flowers anywhere in your holiday home, sometimes you need a bit of guidance. Try out one or more of the following ideas to add some floral appeal to this holiday season.

beautiful Christmas floral arrangement in a hat box in shades of red, burgundy and green

Dress Up Your Wreath or Garland with Flowers

Is it even the winter holiday if you don’t have any fresh greenery in your home? Fresh pine and fir fill your home with a snow-kissed forest scent and bring some of the outdoors in. But don’t think you’re limited to classic pine! Wreaths made from olive branches and magnolia garland add a modern touch.

Once you’ve got your greenery set, it’s time to dress it up with winter treats. Dried flowers are a great choice since they hold up well over time. Try weaving a few dried stems into your wreath or garland. Hypericum berries, pinecones, and dried citrus slices also hold up well.

Before you add fresh flowers, be aware that they will fade over time. If you’d like to add fresh roses, lilies, or mums, it’s best to wait until a day or two before your big event. That way, your flowers will still be looking fresh when your guests arrive.

An alternative is to tuck some small vases into your garland or vase. This will keep flowers looking fresh for more than a few days; you’ll just need to remember to keep the vases filled with water.

A Simple Yet Sweet Bouquet

An easy way to add some flowers to your home is with a simple yet beautiful bouquet! While there are all sorts of winter flower ideas, you can always stick with classic red, white, and green arrangements. Don’t miss out on holiday favorites such as red alstroemeria, hypericum berries, and white roses.

If you’d like to add some extra holiday flair to your flowers, play with the vase. A hollowed-out log provides space for a water-filled vase while adding a rustic touch. Alternatively, you can use a gold or silver vase if you’re aiming for a more glamorous style. One more option is to cut a hole in the top of an old Christmas ornament and use it as a vase.

A Flower Tree

Looking to add a twist to a classic Christmas tree? Make a tree out of flowers!

To start, you’ll need a block of floral foam. Cut this foam into a small cone that resembles the shape of a Christmas tree. Once the shape is set, it’s time to add flowers.

Before you add the flowers, trim the stems so they’re an inch or two long. Gently insert the stems into the foam until it’s covered with flowers. While this tree is beautiful enough on its own, you can dress it up even more with lights and tinsel.

Fill Your Windows with Sparkling Stems

Whether you’re gathering around a twinkling Christmas tree or flickering menorah, sharing light with loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Not only do lights make your home feel warm and cozy, but they also bring smiles to people walking or driving by.

For a warm and beautiful window display, combine flowers and lights. To start, lay a strand of white string lights along your windowsill. Next, find a few clear vases — you can stick with one style or mix and match — and place them along the length of your windowsill. Fill each vase with a few inches of water and a single flower stem.

When it comes time to choose flowers, you’ll have lots of options. Red roses or mums add a warm style while white lilies add an elegant touch. Of course, you’re not limited to fresh flowers. Dried flowers will add just as much beauty while looking great year after year. Just make sure to skip the water if you opt for dried flowers.

If you want to add an extra sparkle to your flowers, spray them with a bit of silver or gold spray paint. As the light hits, the flowers will send shimmer indoors and out.

Bring the Getaway to You

When you think of holiday flowers, you might imagine poinsettias or classic red roses. While these traditional blooms add some festivity to any home, they’re not the only option.

Our selection of winter flower bouquets also includes some tropical options! If you’re wishing you could skip away to a balmy island for the winter, these bouquets are for you. We can’t promise these flowers will heat up your home, the ginger flowers and tropical greens will add a warm feel.

Mix up some cocktails or mocktails, break out your little umbrellas, and settle into a world that feels like it’s miles away. And the best news is you don’t even need to leave your home!

Add Flowers to Your Food

If you’re looking to make holiday meals extra special, consider adding some edible flowers. Since edible flowers have various flavors, you can work them into salads, sweets, and savory dishes.

Try topping salads with chive blossoms or nasturtiums and browsing through ideas for floral-themed pies.

Incorporate Living Plants

Red and white Amaryllis on table, Christmas tree on background

You may not associate the holidays with blooming flowers, but a few types of flowers warm the cold air with beautiful blooms. By planning ahead a few weeks, you can bring a plant into your home that will bloom throughout the holiday season.

Amaryllis produce large, trumpet-shaped flowers from a bulb. While they typically bloom in the spring or summer, humans have figured out how to force bulbs into dormancy to allow holiday blooms. If you buy an amaryllis bulb and plant it indoors in the fall, you can expect it to bloom four to six weeks later. And since the flowers will last for over seven weeks, you can count on them to fill your home with beauty all season long.

If you’d like to add some flowers to your porch or patio, pansies are your friends. While people sometimes use the word pansy as an insult, these flowers are quite tough! They can withstand light frosts and keep blooming through dustings of snow.

Send the Farm Fresh Flowers This Holiday

Whether you’re ordering flowers for yourself or sending someone a Christmas flower delivery, take a moment to browse the bouquets and greenery available from The Bouqs Co. We source our materials from sustainable farms so you receive flowers that look fresh and feel good.

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