Feeling Groovy: DIY Tie-Dye Flowers

Tie-Dye Flowers

Everyone’s favorite hippie craft is making a comeback. That’s right – pull out your tie-dye kits, because tie-dyeing is coming back onto the scene! Tie-dye clothes and accessories are a fun way to represent your inner hippie or psychedelic rock star, but what if that’s not your style? That’s okay… you can still get in on the fun with tie-dye flowers!

That’s right, not only can you tie-dye an old t-shirt to make it new again, but you can also tie-dye flowers. Dyeing flowers is a flower craft project that’s so easy to do, even the kiddos can get involved. Are you looking to teach your kids a little bit more about nature? Dyeing flowers is an educational way to show how flowers drink their food to stay alive!

So whether you are looking for a project to do with your kids so you all can get down and dirty with mother nature, or you are just looking to spice your space up with some psychedelic vibes, it’s time to tie-dye flowers!


Materials Needed for Dyeing Flowers

  • White flowers (Carnations, roses, daisies, or chrysanthemums work well as long as they are white)
  • Food coloring
  • Small cups or jars to dye the flowers in
  • A sharp knife or blade
  • A cutting board 


  1. Prep your dyeing station: The first step in this flower craft project is to get your water ready for dyeing flowers. This is a good step of the process to have the kids do! Grab your jars or cups and fill each of them an inch or two high with water. Next, add food coloring. The reason this step is great for your kids is that you truly can’t go too crazy with the food coloring. The more food coloring you use, the more saturated it the flower will become when it drinks the water. Use at least 20 drops of food coloring in each jar or cup.
  2. Trim those stems: This step is for adults or older kids who are okay to use sharp knives. Take your knife and cutting board and trim the edges of the stems off. Doing this ensures the flowers will be able to drink the water properly (and therefore soak up the dye along with it!). Next, you will slice down the center of the stem. Be sure to leave a few inches unsliced directly below the flower so it’s able to stand up (leave a little more if the flower is particularly heavy).
  3. Add your white flowers: The next step in dyeing flowers is to take the jars or cups that you are using and line them up very closely to each other. Add the flowers – each half-stem should be in a different cup or jar so every flower gets dyed two different colors.
  4. Watch the flowers soak up the color: The final step is waiting for the flowers to drink up the food coloring and water. This step will take patience! Some colors get soaked up much more quickly than others, so you should see some coloring in about an hour. In about 24 hours, the flowers should be fully dyed. The longer they stay in the food coloring and water, the more saturated the color will be in the flower.


Once your flowers are sufficiently tie-dyed to your liking, this flower craft project is ready to show off! Remove the flowers from the food coloring and the water and arrange them in a vase with fresh water. Enjoy the peace, love, and rock and roll vibes these bad boys will be giving off!

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