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Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

easter flowers in peach, white and burgundy in a tin watering can next to easter eggs

No matter if you’re a toddler or an adult, there’s nothing like waking up Easter Sunday to a basket filled with some of your favorite things. While the kids may think the Easter Bunny drops these baskets off in the middle of the night, the adults know the truth: we need to put in some work to make them appear! If you’re struggling to think of ideas for the perfect Easter basket, don’t fear.

We’ve got Easter basket ideas to help you out, no matter if you’re looking to delight your too-cool teen, over-excited toddler, or caring partner. After you create your baskets, pair them with an Easter flower delivery, and your day will be off to a good start.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Thanks to their sense of joy and wonder, little ones will likely be thrilled with any Easter basket they receive. However, by spending some time thinking about their personal interests and your family’s Easter traditions, you can create a basket that will have both you and your toddler beaming.

An Ode to the Classics

If you want to give your toddler a taste of a traditional Easter basket, nothing’s wrong with that! To start, obtain a bright Easter basket and fill it with Easter grass. Next, layer in classic Easter candy like jelly beans and a chocolate bunny. Add in some plastic eggs filled with small gifts like a toy car and some fun stickers. And to top it all off, don’t forget to lead your little one on an Easter egg hunt!

Arts and Crafts

If you know a kid who would happily ditch the Easter candy for an opportunity to dye more eggs, you can’t go wrong with this basket designed with little artists in mind. Pick your favorite basket then add in a few coloring books, some new crayons, and a fresh box of sidewalk chalk. To help make memories, consider adding a craft idea that you and your toddler can do together. For example, you can include pipe cleaners to make fuzzy caterpillars or add some colored paper that’s ready to transform into paper flowers.

Big on Bunnies

Take a note from the Easter bunny and create an adorable Easter basket inspired by these furry friends. While you can find pre-made rabbit baskets, you can also make a DIY version. To start, use pipe cleaners and a bit of colored paper to add bunny ears to a classic Easter basket. Next, add a pink cotton ball for the nose, some pipe cleaners for whiskers, and some googly eyes. Once the basket is ready, fill it with some stuffed animals, the heartwarming book Guess How Much I Love You, and maybe even a white chocolate bunny.

All About Water

If your little one loves spending time in and around water, fill their Easter basket with toys and items that will make bathtime and the pool even more fun! Some great ideas include floating bath toys (these bunnies are a fun take on the classic rubber ducky), waterproof books, and foam letters. If you’re planning on spending time at the beach, you can also include a plastic pail and shovel.

Easter Baskets for Teens

While some teens might be over jelly beans and toys, don’t think they won’t appreciate an Easter basket. The trick is creating a basket that caters to their interests and growing independence. These Easter basket ideas for teens will help hit the mark.

Out to the Movies

This Easter basket leans into a popular activity for teens: watching movies! First, ditch the traditional woven basket for a large popcorn tub. Next, filled the basket with some classic movie theater snacks like candies, popcorn, and pretzels. When it comes to the movies, you have a few options. You can include tickets to a local theater, purchase a subscription to a streaming service, or fill the basket with a few physical DVDs.

Cool and Crafty

While teens won’t like crafts intended for toddlers, they may still enjoy more age-appropriate options. With houseplants being all the rage, why not pair a new plant with supplies to make a macrame plant hanger? Pick out some macrame cord and maybe some large, stylish beads. When it comes time for the plant, pick something that will look night hanging, such as a potted pothos.

Capture the Memories

Although it’s easy to use your phone to snap a digital photo, nothing quite replaces a physical print. Help your teen capture and savor life’s moments by creating a thoughtful Easter basket. An instant-print camera will let them snap and print photos and picture frames or a string of clothespins will allow them to display their memories. While most teens will appreciate this idea, it’s an especially nice gesture for those that may be moving out sometime soon.

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Who said Easter baskets are just for kids? These ideas will delight all the grown-ups in your life.

Get Ready for the Garden

If your partner, parent, or sibling can’t wait to head into the garden and get their hands in the dirt, give them an Easter basket that fights in with their love of gardening. To start, swap the traditional basket for a ceramic planter they can repurpose. Next, fill the planter with seed packets, a small trowel, and some spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils.

All About Flowers

If you’d rather ditch the candy and bunnies and head straight to the Easter flowers, you’ll love this DIY Easter basket with flowers. Start with a simple basket then cover it with layers of beautiful flowers. You can use real flowers like roses or faux blooms made from colored paper or old newspapers.
While you can fill the basket with anything you like, simple Easter eggs look nice with flowers. You can also fill plastic Easter eggs with little treats like a gift card to the local plant nursery, flower seeds, or spring bulbs.

Gifts for the Grill

Easter means summer is near…and that means the start of grilling season! Instead of filling your grilling fanatic’s basket with eggs, candy, and flowers, give them what they really want. Add some unique spice blends, a new pair of tongs, and a few bottles of barbeque or hot sauce. If you’d like to go beyond these basics, you can include a gift card for a local butcher shop.

A Trip Back to Childhood

Let’s face it, almost every adult has experienced a moment where they wish they could be a kid again. Dive into this desire by creating an Easter basket that gives your partner, sibling, or roommate a taste of their childhood. That may involve filling their basket with some of their favorite childhood candies or toys that let them have some simple fun. And whatever you do, don’t forget the bubbles and stickers!

Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas

While the word basket is in the name, there’s no limit on the vessel you use to contain your Easter goodies! If you’re looking to really mix things up this year, try out one of these unexpected ideas.

Gone Fishing

While tackle boxes are known for holding lures, hooks, and bobbers, they can also serve double-duty as an Easter basket! Filling the box with fishing supplies is an obvious idea for those who love to fish, but don’t think you’re limited to this option. You can also fill the box with beading supplies, candies, and cookie decorating supplies like sprinkles and tubes of frosting.

An Unexpected Bouquet

This Easter “basket” takes inspiration from some of the best flowers for Easter. Rather than placing your Easter treats in a basket, why not place them in a vase? First attach candy, gift cards, and whatever other goodies you like to some sticks. Next, use some tissue paper to give the gifts for a flower-like appearance. Once they’re ready, place them in a vase for a jaw-dropping arrangement.

Ready for Brunch

Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory, it’s easy to love brunch…, especially Easter brunch. So why not create a clever Easter basket based off of brunch? To start, gather a large mixing bowl or decorative serving bowl. Next, line it with some seasonal tea towels or cloth napkins, and then fill it up with biscuit mixes, jars of jam, and bags of freshly roasted coffee. If you’re lucky, you may even get invited over to enjoy the big meal!

Budget-Friendly Easter Baskets

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a heartfelt Easter basket. Here are some budget ideas that will have everyone smiling.

Bring on the Warmer Weather

Your kids are probably already excited for summer and the warmer weather that’s on the way, but this basket will help them get even more excited. Pick out a few fun yet inexpensive outdoor activities like sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, bubbles, and a softball. To top it all off, include an offer to take them to their favorite park.

Encourage a Self-Care Day

This basket is perfect for teens and adults who could use a bit of relaxation and self-care. Start by filling plastic Easter eggs with kind messages stating what you love about the person…because everyone could use a reminder of our strengths. Next, pick up some little items that encourage pampering. Think: a face mask, bath bombs, and sugar scrub. To top it all off, order the lucky recipient some spring flowers!

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