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Christmas Gifts for the Flower-Lover in Your Life

Gifts for Gardeners

The lead up to Christmas is a gift buying frenzy. Choosing the right gift for each of the special people on your list can take some time. You have to think about what each person truly loves and then match a gift to that list of likes. For those who love flowers the choice may seem obvious, but there are some more subtle choices that are sure to be a hit too.

Obviously, a stunning bundle of blooms will always be well received by a flower lover, but if you’re looking for something to go with your pretty bouquet you’ll have to broaden your thinking a little. There are plenty of impressive gifts for flower lovers and gifts for gardeners. You just have to widen your thinking about flowers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Floral Wristlet

A delicate wristlet with some pretty blooms embroidered on it will allow the recipient to show off her love of flowers whenever she’s out and about. It can be tailored to suit her personality too. If she’s a gentle soul, opt for a dainty print, but if she’s daring and adventurous, go with some type of bold floral pattern.

An Elegant Teacup

Teacups have long been adorned with flower motifs that are sure to please the flower lover in your life. They also make great gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts. Those with an inviting backyard garden usually love to sit outside and enjoy a warm cup of tea in nature.

An Indoor Planting Kit

Gardening season only lasts so long. It’s certainly not a Christmastime activity, so if you’re looking for gifts for gardeners then an indoor planting kit makes a wonderful option. You can find herb kits and flower kits, so you can get the one that seems best suited to your recipient. It’s sure to get them get through the winter until they have the chance to get their hands back in that outdoor soil again.

Seed Starter Kit

On a similar note, another idea for those looking for gifts for gardeners is a seed starter kit. Those who love to garden are always either gardening or planning next year’s garden. With that in mind, a seed starter kit helps the gardener in your life get a jump start on the next season’s plants.


Among gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts and flower lovers, this is a good one. People who love flowers often love being in the beauty of the outdoors. A hammock hung in the the perfect spot is an ideal way to appreciate nature in all its glory.

Copper Watering Can

Whether you’re looking for gifts for gardening enthusiasts or flower lovers, this gift works well. Copper watering cans are not only useful, they’re also chic. When they’re not in use for watering purposes they’re so pretty they can be put on on display. They even make gorgeous vases for stunning bouquets.


Wreaths are big over the holidays, but they don’t have to be the traditional greenery with a big red bow kind. There are all kinds of artistic and playful wreaths to be found and many of them would make wonderful gifts for flower lovers and plant enthusiasts.   There are numerous ways to get impressive gifts for flower lovers.

Of course, if you’d rather stick with what you know is sure to dazzle then why not go big? The Bouqs Co. makes it easy to give the gift of stunning blooms. Our artisan crafted Bouqs are farm-fresh, so they arrive as fresh as can be and there’s absolutely no waste. Even better, you can set up a subscription and have fresh Bouqs delivered on whatever schedule you’d like for the ultimate floral gift that keeps on giving.

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