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Sharing Random Acts of Happiness with Scarlett’s Sunshine

Scarletts Sunshine Wagon Filled With Roses

#Bouqlove is all about sharing the joy of flowers with our families, friends, and YOU. This month, we are featuring a very special #Bouqlove story that honors an incredible girl who has inspired random acts of kindness around her Florida community.

Lifetime’s Military Makeover is a show hosted by Montel Williams that supports military families in various ways all across the country. The latest episode that aired on April 19 featured the Middleton family, whose father Aaron is in the Marine Corps. Aaron and his wife Holly have four beautiful children: Trott, Scarlett, Magnolia, and Kelvin.

Woman Arranging Roses in Wagon

This family has already faced many obstacles as they build their lives together. Their newborn son Kelvin has undergone many surgeries after being diagnosed with holes in his lungs. Shortly after the surgeries he was stricken with a terrible infection that he has only recently started to overcome.

Tragically, last year their five-year-old daughter Scarlett passed away suddenly after an undiagnosed illness. This terrible event has shaken the family to its core.

Scarlett loved sunshine and flowers, and as a way to honor her late daughter Holly started the Scarlett’s Sunshine charity which seeks to spreading random acts of kindness to everyone in the community, which includes handing out flowers to strangers. We are honored to contribute to their cause by sending Scarlett’s Sunshine weekly flower deliveries for a year to help support their mission of spreading love and sunshine through random acts of kindness with flowers.

The story of the Middleton family is just one of the many inspiring acts of kindness that we see in our #Bouqlove community. Visit Scarlett Sunshine’s website to see how you can donate to their cause.

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