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Holiday Gifts for Co-workers

White Lilies in a Bouquet with Orange Sugarfina Champagne Bears in a Clear Box Gifts for Co-Workers

Finding just the right holiday gifts for co-workers presents a unique challenge that you can solve with one simple solution. Having one place to find gifts that fit any personality is invaluable around the holidays. It’s the thought that counts and these gift pairings are truly thoughtful.

Holiday gift-giving to work friends can show appreciation with a gesture. It makes a statement that says you value their work and dedication. Before you send that gorgeous winter bouquet, you might want to read some considerations to giving flowers in the office to be aware of.

Memorable Gifts for Co-Workers

Giving flowers your office pals will love is so much easier with our bouquet bundles. Our collections of super-easy gift sets for co-workers helps you find perfect pairings with everything from skincare to boozy candy. We’ve assembled super sweet sets with some of our most popular flowers that include hot name products that everyone wants this season. This gift guide for co-workers samples some of the highlights.

Just Deserts

Does your top collaborator have an aspiring green thumb? Maybe they love succulents but their collection is too big for their desk. Cactus and succulents are just the size to turn their workspace into a desert garden. Each comes in its own adorable pot-sized for desktops and is likely to survive many a weekend without water.

Sugarfina Champagne Bears with Pink, Purple and White TulipsThe Champagne of Bears

There’s something universally appealing about this combination of subtly boozy gummy bears and a beautiful tulip bouquet. For your colleagues waiting to toast everything from a well-organized spreadsheet to get the last donut, this flower gift set will sweeten their workday.

Anyone on your office gift list from gal pal champagne aficionados to a tulip lover’s holiday surprise, won’t be disappointed by our flower gift sets. Sugarfina candy bears are infused with Dom Perignon champagne and are paired with a gorgeous bouquet of pink, white and purple tulips for a holiday-themed arrangement guaranteed to deliver your appreciation.

The Gift of Inner Strength

Send lasting strength to co-workers who could use some support with this Gorjana power gemstone bracelet paired with a stunning flower arrangement. Help someone special feel empowered throughout their workday with The Strong One a bouquet of blooming alstroemeria, eucalyptus, and succulents paired with a pyrite power bracelet. Holidays can be stressful, but you can help anyone weather winter storms or tough days at the office with this succulent bouquet set.

A Smooth Operator

If you’re looking for a holiday gift that’s replenishing and rejuvenating, how about this beautiful bouquet of white tulips, spray roses, and mums paired with a raw shea butter blend? This gift box of moisturizing shea butter blends includes rose, jasmine, lavender as well as “Woodland Fog”, a combination of cedarwood and bergamot essential oils. Shea All Day is a soothing seasonal gift that will certainly make anyone feel more comfortable in the office.

Burning the Midnight Oil

The flowers are wonderfully fragrant on their own, but add a Paddywax Dickens candle to this gift set and you’ll really put the “scent” in present. Candle With Care has notes of citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. Paired with a lily bouquet bursting with holiday colors, your gift will be just the thing to brighten everyone’s desk.

Red and Orange Roses on a Meeting Table in a Business OfficeA Gift that Keeps on Delivering

For those special co-workers who are always there to help, bring communal treats or make time for an after-work hang to vent, we offer the gift that keeps on delivering. A flower subscription delivers bouquets right to their desk on a regular schedule. It’s a holiday gift that reminds them of your collaboration and subscriptions are one of the most popular gifts for co-workers this year.

A Coworker You Can Depend On is a Gift

Holidays are the perfect time to buy gifts that remind your coworkers you appreciate the dedication they bring to your team. A year’s worth of “thank you”s just isn’t enough for the people you depend on most. Everyone likes to feel valued, send a thank you gift or a holiday gift bouquet to your favorite office fam that brightens their desk and their day.

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