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Five Charitable Ways to Donate Event Bouquets

Bouquet Donation

Re-purpose, Re-Gift and Reap Some Smiles

It seems like such a shame to throw something as beautiful and alive as wedding flowers right into the dumpster. All of the work involved in selecting the perfect arrangements and centerpieces goes right down the drain. You would literally be throwing away money! estimates that the average amount spent on wedding flowers is about $5,000, and we are here to inform you that bouquet donation is totally a thing. Nothing beats putting a smile on someone else’s face, and the only thing it will cost you is your time. Bonus: your donation might even be tax-deductible!


Give Back, Give Blooms!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to give back to your community, there are many local organizations right in your own neighborhood that could really benefit from your bouquets, especially since the presence of flowers has been shown to improve mental and emotional health. So gather up those blooms and head over to the following places that would happily accept your charitable donation of flowers:

Your Local Hospital

Give your community hospital a call to find out how and when they accept donations. Many patients are very ill and may be going through treatments that leave them stuck in a hospital bed for extended periods of time. Being unable to get up and go outside to look at nature can leave anyone feeling pretty down! Your blooms are the perfect special treat to brighten up their stay!

Senior Living Homes

Senior living or assisted care homes seem to have everything one could possibly think of to make someone feel at home and comfortable–the only thing missing is a vase of flowers on their table. On the other hand, something that many of our elderly loved ones can suffer from is Alzheimer’s. This scientific study  shows how flowers can improve cognitive brainpower. This makes your simple donation more impactful than you could ever imagine. Consider taking your centerpieces to a retirement home to add that special touch to a senior citizen’s day.

Women’s Shelters

There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t love the gift of flowers! Our sisters over at the women’s shelter are certainly no exception! When thinking of where to make your bouquet donation, consider contacting your local shelter to schedule a drop-off. We think choosing this route is a truly special choice that you will feel great about!


Choose a Charitable Organization

There are hundreds of different charities that exist just for the sake of taking your bouquets and centerpieces off of your hands. The nationwide company Repeat Roses takes all the work of bouquet donation off your hands for you. They will take your leftover flowers and repurpose them into arrangements that they deliver to hospitals and nursing homes. Even better? They return to pick up the blooms once they are used and compost them. This is a gift given back to Mother Nature as it keeps them out of landfills. So your charitable donation just pulled double duty in the long run.

For our girls in Florida, check out the organization Petals With Purpose. These guys pick up from any event location. So if you have leftover flowers from your ten-year reunion, just give them a call and they will be there. Once they have your bouquet donation, they repurpose the blooms and take them to sick children, the elderly, and the disabled. And they stay at the drop off location for a special one on one visit to the recipient.

Another noteworthy cause that we absolutely adore is Random Acts of Flowers, a company founded in 2007 after their founder Larsen Jay was in a near-fatal accident. He attributes much of his recovery to the support of the many flowers he received. This organization has now been around for over a decade! Just take a look at the impact that they have had. They are hard at work all over the nation spreading joy through flowers. We thought we should mention: they are looking for more people to keep up the kindness movement!


Consider Sharing the Joy

If you are looking for something a little more personal with your donation, look locally! You have the option of visiting your local fire department, police headquarters, and post office. Celebrate your local heroes by showing them you appreciate their hard work with flowers! You can even drop some off to public workers that are rarely, if ever thanked, like those at the DMV, waste management and utility companies.

Here’s another novel idea! What about the barista who makes your double mocha latte every morning, just perfectly, every single time? You heard us right, walk right in and present her (or him!) with some lovely blossoms, just because! And what about that neighbor who always brings your trash bins up for you after trash day? We are sure a flower delivery from yours truly would be both unexpected yet truly appreciated. If you are the kind of person who likes to think outside the box, you could walk around town and pass out flowers to random strangers to give them some smiles. It’s also a fun way to meet new friends or, even a new romantic interest for your sister.


Send Them to a Good Home

Let’s be honest here: without your guests there to attend, your event would not have been much of a celebration at all! You definitely want to show your friends and loved ones that you appreciate everything they have done for you. Why not send those centerpieces and arrangements home with your guests?  Not only does it give your guest a special memento of you, it adds a delightful touch to their homes. You have the choice of raffling off the bigger arrangements at the end or having guests select the one they would like to have. Either way, it’s out of your hair, and into a new home where those blooms get an extended chance at life.


Turn Your Blooms into Beads

We all wished that the magic of our special day would never end. Well, it doesn’t have to! A more creative way to extend the life of your bouquet (that also benefits the environment) is to turn your blossoms into custom jewelry. You can then give the jewelry to your family and friends as a keepsake. We came across Blossoms and Memories which is a company online that will do exactly that for you. They will take your flowers and transform them into necklaces, rosaries, bookmarks, and even belt buckles for dad!  So there is no environmental waste and you have something that lasts forever!


Flowers have all the power when it comes to igniting those feel-good vibes. So why not take the opportunity to give some away today? Whatever you choose, remember that you are doing so much good for humanity.  Just showing someone you see their worth with a gift like a bouquet of beautiful blooms can trigger some real pay-it-forward magic. And don’t forget–you’re giving a gift back to nature by keeping them out of landfills. When you need flowers delivery online, The Bouqs is your reliable, sustainable source.

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