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Best Smelling Flowers

Flowers are usually gifted for their visual beauty and striking features, but arranging a Bouq based off of the best smelling flowers will show how much thought you put into selecting the perfect gift for your recipient. Different flowers evoke various nostalgic memories, making them among the very best gifts.

At Bouqs, we offer a wide range of wonderfully scented bouquets. Our flowers are expertly placed to bring out the best features in each blossom while creating a beautifully crafted perfume. If you’re still having trouble picking the best smelling flowers, we’re here to help you decipher these floral smells.



Roses might be the obvious answer when you’re looking for the best flower gift. The aroma is even mentioned in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. However, the power of the sweet fragrance of roses can make all the difference in a perfectly arranged floral gift. Picking the right rose is crucial for those wanting to hone in on scent. While species and modern roses have incredible visual beauty,  garden roses are the class of roses that will provide the best perfume. At Bouqs, we have dozens of rose Bouqs to choose from. From pastel roses to the classic intoxicating red rose Bouq, these will make perfect gifts for flower lovers.


Not all lilies have a strong scent, but some varieties will fill a room with their perfume. The most powerfully scented lilies are Starfighter Lilies. These have a very sweet aroma of honey that stands alone beautifully. They smell as vibrant as their saturated pink petals look. Our Starfighter Lily Bouq, Sierra Sunset, capitalizes on this sweet smell and is arranged in a perfectly balanced way that highlights each individual blossom.

Lilies such as Sonata Lilies are perfect for those who either have allergies or a sensitive nose. These lilies have a much more delicate smell which can only be picked up when the air is wafted toward the nose. Sonata Lilies can easily be distinguished by their inner light citrus background color of their petals. Our Serenity lily Bouq pairs the best smelling lilies with their rose counterparts to create a classic and serene floral gift.


Summer is rapidly approaching which means peonies are in full bloom. Peonies grow in a wide variety of beautiful and vibrant colors, give off a fresh aroma, and are known to be one of the best smelling flowers around. The peonies at Bouqs arrive in bud form, so that the recipient can enjoy them throughout their full bloom cycle. Peonies are not only a striking gift to give a flower lover, but they also produce a fresh fragrance that has been traced back to China for its medicinal purposes.

Our Pegasus Bouq is the perfect gift for those wanting to add a bit of storybook appeal to their home. These blooms feature the best parts of peonies including their sweet smell, soothing colors, and large ruffled blooms. The mixed variety of peonies will not only fill a room with a fresh fragrance, but they will also add a wide range of dazzling colors. This Bouq is the best flower gift for anyone wanting to enjoy that early feeling of summer, and they’ll last awhile since most open a couple of days after receiving them.


At Bouqs, we want to provide you with the best gifting options for any flower lovers. Not only are our flower arrangements beautifully striking online, but they will be enjoyed even more once the floral fragrance fills your home. If you’re looking for the best gifts for flower lovers in your life, shop with us.

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