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Valentine’s Day is on the way, and that means it’s time to lean into roses, love, and candy hearts. While the following are iconic symbols of this holiday, have you ever thought about how much you really know about this love-filled day? No matter if you consider yourself Cupid’s sidekick or run away upon hearing the magic four-letter L word, we’ve got a quiz to test your Valentine’s Day knowledge.

So grab some friends (and maybe a bottle of wine) and get ready to test your understanding of roses, heart-shaped chocolates, rom-coms, and more. And don’t worry—you don’t have to achieve an A to order farm-fresh Valentine’s Day flowers.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

1) When were Valentine’s cards first sent?

A) 18th century
B) 1920s
C) 12th century
D) 1950s

2) Why do red roses symbolize love?

A) Because human hearts are red
B) Because the red rose was created by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love
C) Marketers made it up in the 1950s to sell roses for Valentine’s Day
D) Red symbolizes the blood that makes the heartbeat

3) What Greek figure did the modern-day Cupid originate from?

A) Aphrodite, the goddess of love
B) Hera, queen of the gods and the goddess of women
C) Eros, the god of love and attraction
D) Uranus, the god of the heavens

4) Roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. Approximately how many roses are grown for the holiday each year?

A) 500,000
B) 1,000,000
C) 2,000,000
D) 225,000,000

5) What chocolate company is credited with producing the first heart-shaped box of chocolates?

A) Hershey
B) Cadbury
C) Mars
D) Nestle

6) Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in Brach’s conversation hearts?

A) Corn starch
B) Corn syrup
C) Sugar
D) Gelatin

7) Approximately how many marriage proposals occur each year on Valentine’s Day?

A) 150,000
B) 220,000
C) 300,000
D) 510,000

8) Which actor was initially offered the role of Harry in ‘Harry Met Sally’ before Billy Crystal was hired?

A) Kevin Bacon
B) Kevin Costner
C) Bruce Willis
D) Tom Hanks

9) Who declared the feast of St. Valentine an official holiday?

A) King George
B) Edward the Elder
C) Pope Gelasius I
D) Alfred the Great

10) Approximately how many greeting cards are sent in the United States on Valentine’s Day?

A) one million
B) 140 million
C) 145 million
D) two million

Don’t Forget Gifts!

Now that you’ve gotten in the holiday spirit by testing your knowledge, it’s time to get ready to celebrate the big day! No matter if you’re looking for surprise gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or a classic bouquet of red roses, The Bouqs Co. has you covered. If you love Valentine’s Day trivia, you can also learn more about Valentine’s Day history.

Answers to Valentine’s Trivia

1) A
2) B
3) C
4) C
5) B
6) A
7) B
8) D
9) C
10) C

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